Monday, April 2, 2018

Sneak Preview from You, Me, Us, Them – Fours a Crowd

Once Missi loosened her grip, Dee Cee commanded Niccolo to, "Put your dick in the hole. I got a trick for you."
Dee Cee catwalked to the other side of the partition as Niccolo took his time sliding himself through the hole.
Every man took a chance with the glory hole. They didn't know who was on the other side sucking them off. The risk reward was the thrill. The thrill of not knowing who serviced them on the other side as long as the blow job was A-1.
Niccolo felt the tip of a tongue feathering the slit of his helmet. He jumped from the tickling. Feeling himself grow from hugs and kisses of the mouth.
Dee Cee used no hands. Her tongue massaged every vein of his dilsnick. She serviced him like a vacuum with the twist of a car wash. Tongue-washing and rinsing him off with lines of spit slurped in her mouth.
She dried him off the more she sucked with no hands. Then Missi joined in. She knelt next to Dee Cee and sucked his balls while his dick was occupied.
Niccolo didn't know what had hit him.
"Ooooooooh." His toes curled. His eyes rolled in the back of his head. He shivered from the linguistic gymnastics of the dynamic duo.
Nikki looked on in wonder. Unsure of what to do. Debating to join. Figuring out her place in the debauchery.
Watching her girlfriends bless Niccolo with the head of life pushed her to break the ice. She maneuvered between Nikki and Dee Cee and gently grabbed him. She licked the shaft. Slowly. Carefully. Finding her rhythm until she got the hang of sharing him with Dee Cee.
She licked the right of the shaft. Dee Cee worked the left. They shared the stick like the last of a rainbow popsicle while Missi juggled his nuts in her mouth like a magician.
They rotated in a three-woman weave. Playing musical chairs between the bat and balls. They turned him out. Then inside out. And later floated him to the highest degree where he died living.
Heaven on earth.
The women sloppily kissed each other between the oral ménage. Pops from their lips smacked across the room. Dee Cee sucked a ball sack while Missi slurped the other as Nikki jerked him orally.
Teamwork's the dream work...
...and that did him in.
They felt him enlarging and pulsating as pre-cum leaked from the tip. They stopped lip locking and huddled around him. Missi jerked him off until he rattled out cum. And he came. He came a lot. He splashed their faces as they excitedly shared him.
Lip gloss had nothing on him.
Niccolo took three steps back to catch his breath. He shook his dick to leak the last of the nut. Still erect. Still amped to go. The three amigas possessed his soul to the point where he wanted round 2.
He skipped to the other side of the partition ass naked and saw the women stripped down to their birthday suits. They were ready after wiping their faces free of cum with a towel. He grabbed the waist of the closest fox standing in front of him.
That fox was Dee Cee.

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