Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Clown Shit is Dead

“There used to be a time, we'd see someone like you singin', clownin', yassuh-bossin'... and we wouldn't do anything. Folks liked that. You were good. Homey kind of nigger. When they needed somebody to mistreat, call a name or two, they paraded you. Reminded them of the good old days. Not no more. The day of the Geechee is gone, boy. And you're going with it.” Sergeant Waters from the classic movie, A Soldier’s Story

Terrell “T.O.” Owens got dropped from the Seattle Seahawks the other day, and Chad “I’m Confused About My Last Name” got cut on national television (HBO's Hard Knocks).

And you know what, I don’t feel sorry for these dudes. They had the world in the palm of their hands and they fucked it up.

T.O destroyed locker rooms, and broke my heart when he spazzed out on Donovan McNabb while playing for the Eagles. You don’t criticize your teammate in public. You handle that shit behind closed doors, pa.

So what if Donovan got nervous and vomited in the huddle during the Super Bowl…you step up and help out your guy during the game so he could snap out of that shit.

If you’re good to the game, the game will be good to you…point blank

As far as Chad…well…besides my thinking that he’s a clown ass nigga (who the hell calls a commissioner "Dad"?), it’s his fault that he wifed up a chick that's known for poppin’ off drama

Then again, this is the same dude who smashed Kat Stacks


You should NEVER wife a chick that has nothing to lose when you’re a man of means…I don’t give a damn how good she looks or how bomb the pussy is…you date people who are on your level

That philosophy also goes for women out there choosing a mate

Chad actually helped out Evelyn by giving her wifey status (which validates herself as a “Basketball Wife”) and giving her more publicity in the media

Chad thought he came up on a hot mami, but in actuality…HE was the come up as her meal ticket...Evelyn used that fool for her gain
because drama is what she lives for…THAT'S how she gets paid!

The head butt (allegedly) helped HER out if anything


She needed someone to fall back on just in case that reality show money dried up…she played Chess while Chad played Chest

I don’t wanna beat up on these brothas too much…that’s for the media to do…I WILL say that nothing good lasts forever, and if you wanna keep up the audience’s attention, switch it up and give them something fresh…even the most extravagant person can bore the public with the same ol same ol

So the next time you decide to entertain the media to build a buzz, ask yourself…

Are they laughing with me, or are they laughing AT me?

Aight ya’ll…I’m out



Friday, August 24, 2012

Facebook Spammers

It’s been a hot minute since I blessed ya’ll with a post

I’ve been traveling…shaking hands and kissing babies #NoPedo


...which leads us to Facebook Spammers

Aaaaaaah yes…those pesky self promoters who want you to buy everything they have to offer

I rarely post about my books on Facebook or anywhere else on cyber space except for when I’m:


A) Throwing an event


B) Appearing as a guest on a radio show


Most of my Facebook friends already have my books or know I write for a living…posting links about my books is a waste of time…I’ll rather use that energy to talk about other things to create a demand for what I'm cooking up

There’s nothing like the good ol fashion way of marketing and promoting like hitting the streets…making a personal connection with readers is priceless…you’ll starve to death relying on the internet to eat…not saying you won’t make money, but don’t count your chickens before they hatch by putting all your eggs in one basket

I ignore shameless self promoters like dudes begging me for change when they’re rocking fresh Jordans…get the fuck outta my face with that shit, son!

To keep it funky with you, people are more likely to buy your product when OTHER PEOPLE talk about it…word of mouth works when the next man or woman big you up…NOT when you big yourself up

That’s why It’s important to tell your supporters to post, or at least talk about what you’re offering to the public to bring you more fans…the more people who “LIKE” the links, pictures or statuses they post about what you’re doing, the more people (who’s not on your friends list) will see your work

I got book sales that way…let other people do the dirty work for you…it sure beats annoying the hell outta people by dickriding your own shit

Aight, ya’ll…I’m out


Nah’Sun the Great

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Once Upon a Time When I Used to Rhyme...PART 1

Once upon a time when I used to rhyme...

A throwback joint of 100 percent PURE DOPENESS with
Blue kickin' it off and Drastic following up with heat...directed by Mills Miller

We shot this joint in the Spring of 2008 in downtown Brooklyn...cold as hell that day...and we STILL did the damn thang

Oh yeah...I'm the handsome guy who raps last


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Team Gator Bus Ride/Day Party to Club 40/40 Atlantic City

Abracadabra, my people

The good folks @ Team Gator are throwing a bus ride to Club 40/40 Atlantic City...the trip is $60 per ticket...you get $20 cash back to get your gamble on at the Trump Casino...which means you get 20 dollars back once you get on the bus

$60 is due Friday, August 10th

Hit up Peoples @ 646-208-3334 or Bryant @ 917-204-7047 for ticket info

CLICK HERE to check out my review of the Mayweather/Cotto fight at a mansion party Team Gator had hosted in Connecticut a few months back

Promo video for the Day Party is below the flyer

Love...Peace...and SOOOOOOOOOOUL!!!

Nah'Sun the Griz-zate

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Book Clubs Are Liars


Book clubs flip on me for some reason…I got the WORST luck when it comes to book clubs either inviting me for a meeting to discuss my books, or them following up when they say they will

It got to a point where whenever a book club member say to me, “I’m gonna contact you after I finish the book” I automatically assume they’re full of shit

They NEVER contact me…9 out of 10 times this is AFTER they claim they enjoyed the book…so I doubt it has anything to do with the content 

Damn...do I need to shoot a nigga to get someone's attention?...Shit...LOL

I guess this is the way of the industry *shrugs*

I remember at a book signing in Newark, New Jersey 3 years ago this lady who was part of a book club was interested in buying a book…our interaction took a wrong turn on Weird driving on Awkward boulevard after awhile…this is how the last part of the convo had went:


ME: Feel free to flip through the pages to see if you like it enough to buy it

HER: It looks real interesting. I think I’m gonna buy your book (she says as she flips through pages)

3 minutes later

HER: Okay, I gotta go. Bye

ME: (looks dumfounded as she leaves without buying a book)


Me and my homegirl (my assistant at the time) looked at each other like “what the fuck?”…we actually thought we had a sale…that’s how interested she was…LOL…shit was mad bizarre…she just bounced.

Til this day that’s the WEIRDEST interaction I’ve gotten from a perspective buyer…it just so happen to be a person from a book club

I’m not gonna go on a crusade against book clubs…some of them have been VERY supportive when it comes to buying books…it just bugs me out how they never hit me up when they say they will…especially when they give a SPECIFIC time period of them hitting me up

You might say, "maybe you should make the first step"...I don't think I should have to do that when someone cracks open the pandora's box of a light promise...If someone is REALLY interested in a person, place or thing, they'll go out their way to get it...simple as that

It’s like people’s word nowadays aren’t their bond…then again, I am dealing with industry folk

This older brother once said:

"My word is my bond, and my bond is life, and I will give my life before my word shall fail."

And when you deal with any industry, it’s like people are walking around dead when it comes to their word

Anyway…back to writing I go…I’m out


Nah’Sun the Great

Lampin in Miami with a supporter from a book club