Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Book Clubs Are Liars


Book clubs flip on me for some reason…I got the WORST luck when it comes to book clubs either inviting me for a meeting to discuss my books, or them following up when they say they will

It got to a point where whenever a book club member say to me, “I’m gonna contact you after I finish the book” I automatically assume they’re full of shit

They NEVER contact me…9 out of 10 times this is AFTER they claim they enjoyed the book…so I doubt it has anything to do with the content I need to shoot a nigga to get someone's attention?...Shit...LOL

I guess this is the way of the industry *shrugs*

I remember at a book signing in Newark, New Jersey 3 years ago this lady who was part of a book club was interested in buying a book…our interaction took a wrong turn on Weird driving on Awkward boulevard after awhile…this is how the last part of the convo had went:


ME: Feel free to flip through the pages to see if you like it enough to buy it

HER: It looks real interesting. I think I’m gonna buy your book (she says as she flips through pages)

3 minutes later

HER: Okay, I gotta go. Bye

ME: (looks dumfounded as she leaves without buying a book)


Me and my homegirl (my assistant at the time) looked at each other like “what the fuck?”…we actually thought we had a sale…that’s how interested she was…LOL…shit was mad bizarre…she just bounced.

Til this day that’s the WEIRDEST interaction I’ve gotten from a perspective buyer…it just so happen to be a person from a book club

I’m not gonna go on a crusade against book clubs…some of them have been VERY supportive when it comes to buying books…it just bugs me out how they never hit me up when they say they will…especially when they give a SPECIFIC time period of them hitting me up

You might say, "maybe you should make the first step"...I don't think I should have to do that when someone cracks open the pandora's box of a light promise...If someone is REALLY interested in a person, place or thing, they'll go out their way to get it...simple as that

It’s like people’s word nowadays aren’t their bond…then again, I am dealing with industry folk

This older brother once said:

"My word is my bond, and my bond is life, and I will give my life before my word shall fail."

And when you deal with any industry, it’s like people are walking around dead when it comes to their word

Anyway…back to writing I go…I’m out


Nah’Sun the Great

Lampin in Miami with a supporter from a book club


  1. Well, to be honest, your writing sucks. And you personality is not to be desired. In short, your a lame using book tours to possibly smash a woman and I wouldn't be surprised if you smash men too. So maybe that's why no one is interested in having you at their book club. Think about it.

  2. Gay men don't find me that erases my homosexual experiences

    And correction, I use book SIGNINGS, not tours, to smash women...signings, NOT tours

    Big difference

    I think I suck at writing and got a shitty attitude, I guess we agree on those parts

    God bless, and don't do anything I would do


    Nah'Sun the Great