Monday, March 19, 2018

Sneak Preview from You, Me, Us, Them – Bowling for Concubines

"Are you having an after party after bowling?" she asked.
Preacher and Niccolo looked at each other like I don't know.
Preacher took the lead while Niccolo fell back from the conversation. "No after party was planned, but we can get shit crackin' anytime, any day, anywhere."
"Oh really?" Evelyn's nipples hardened from Preacher's assertion. "Are you a man of your word?"
Preacher abruptly left Evelyn and Butterfly to whisper in the ears of various group members who weren't bowling. Evelyn looked in wonder. Trying to figure out what Preacher was up to. She saw a group of folks form a wall around them as Preacher dropped to his knees between her legs.
"Do you mind?" he asked while pulling down her panties.
Evelyn gave it a hard count and hesitated with a, "Sure."
She was with the shits after putting 2 and 2 together once she saw people standing around them.
Niccolo wasn't a part of the human wall. He wasn't trying to either. He just fell back and saw Preacher get his eat on at an event that was supposed to have been non-sexual.
Preacher played with Evelyn's vertical clit hood piercing. Sliding the piercing back and forth by licking the ends. Gently sucking on the clit between licking and breathing through the nostrils to inhale her shower fresh scent.
She mentally blocked out everyone surrounding them the same way the music muffled her yelps and moans. She enjoyed how he licked the clit. Not too hard or soft. Just right as he licked her counter-clockwise with the occasional sucking that induced leakage to the point where she squirted on his face.
He didn't mind as he kept licking.
She pressed his face closer to her. Rubbing her clit on his face and twirling her hips like she was riding cowgirl. Licking her lips and pressing her 40H cups together as she grew sensitive. She gyrated faster to rush out the nut and cum in his mouth. When adrenaline flushed her body from the pit of her stomach to the knot waiting to burst from her pelvic, she yelled...
...and pushed his face away to frantically play with herself to squirt all over him.

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Sneak Preview from You, Me, Us, Them – Cuckolding

Niccolo chuckled. "I never knew you were into cuckolding. I guess this calls for a celebration."
The animal in him shaped itself to a wolf that played chicken in the hen house to get what he wanted. He knew she was half baked from the red in her eyes. Fried in the brain to give up the nookie and cheat on the pig with a wolf that saw her husband as pork chop. She led herself to the slaughter. Riding her little pink hood cowgirl style for him to blow down a house that was divided. Best believe if hubby found out, she'd be shitting bricks for sure.
Niccolo gripped her ass cheeks and slapped it six times in a row. Leaving a blush red-handed print on her butt. Marking his territory before taking off his belt and tying her arms together behind her back.
He bent her over on the chestnut table and pulled down his pants. He spat on his hands and lubricated his erection before sliding inside her. She immediately felt the hardness with the wow look because of its thickness.
He ripped open his button up dress shirt like the Hulk and saw her ass make waves against his abs from the doggy. He knew she couldn't take the girth and length of his meat as he pounded her out until her knees buckled. He loosened the belt on her wrists and flipped her over after she dropped to the floor from her knees weakening. She laid flat on her back and got fucked on the exact spot where Mason had purposely spilled his drink.
Niccolo got more enjoyment from the idea of getting it on with Mason's wife than the actual feeling of the wet-n-wild. The feelings were mutual. Niccolo's status, popularity, and negative standing with her husband triggered multiple orgasms to the point where she asked him...
"I'm giving you a gentleman's choice: Cum in my mouth or cum in my pussy."
Mind you, Niccolo had slipped a condom on before bending her over and spreading her ass cheeks apart.
Niccolo thought long and hard. Pun intended. He waited for the nut to build up before making his decision. He waited until he couldn't hold his cum any longer and pulled the condom off.
Cumming inside her...
...pushing himself balls deep for no cum to go to waste.

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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Mo'Nique vs Netflix

 What's woody wood, grasshoppers?

I'm not gonna use this time and space to beat up on Mo'Nique, so I'ma keep this short and sweet

Was Mo'Nique's public complaint about Netflix supposedly short-charging her not the right thing to do?

Hell yeah


...She could use that misstep to her advantage

"But how, Nah'Sun?"

The answer is simple

Mo'Nique has enough comedic material to use the Netflix controversy to independently set-up her own stand-up comedy special to ATTRACT stream and cable networks to kiss her ass

Supply and demand, baby

And once the big-wigs see that she's able to draw a large audience to make them money, they'll knock on her door with the quickness

You can't cry and beg your way to the top

You gotta show and prove

So it's up to Mo'Nique to use her Girl Power and Black Girl Magic to bust ass on stage

And I don't mean literally

Aight, I'm Audi 5 stacks

Peace and Afro Grease

Nah'Sun the Great @

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Tupac Was White

What's woody wood, grasshoppers?

Off the heels of Lil Xan dissing a legend and the Bruno Mars debate about cultural appropriation (which is silly), I want to discuss the whiteness of Tupac Amaru Shakur

You see, 2pac was the son of a Black Panther Party infamous political organization that brought forth social awareness to not only the US, but the world...Pac received his views about the world from his mother, Afeni Shakur, which had manifested itself in his first album, 2pacalypse Now

But here's the thing...
...that album flopped

That album was a biiiiiig whomp whomp

While 2Pacalypse Now was politically charged with tracks like Trapped, Soulja's Story, and Words of Wisdom, the album lacked a strong single

Brenda's Got a Baby was a dope song, but it failed to move the needle

And that brings us to this...

Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z was Pac's breakthrough album...hands down...he needed strong singles to push him to the forefront, and he got them...courtesy of Keep Ya Head Up and I Get Around

Not only those tracks had pushed him to the forefront...
...but they also brought him closer to suburban America

The demographic that moves albums past gold (500,000 copies sold)

No longer the politically charged eMCee like he was on 2Pacalypse Now, he repped THUG acronym for The Hate U Gave Little Infants Fucks Everyone...a concoction of the street mentality and social consciousness that he'd expressed on his first album...not only he needed the backpacker support, but he also needed credibility

Street credibility

Then came the tats, the outlandish public behavior, and the bad ass rebel image that he portrayed to the public

Pac was pretty much acting like the stereotypical nigga that America either loved to hate, or loved to see as a form of entertainment before the tragedy like a Shakespeare play

And tragedy came closer to my favorite 2pac album, Me Against the World...

This album shows the growth and maturity of 2pac...he wasn't as thugged out like his last album, as cautionary tales like Young Nigga, If I Die 2nite, and Death Around the Corner shows a different side of Pac other than the tough, braggadocious style of rhyme...Pac was on his way to striking a perfect balance between the negative and positive forces that govern people until a sex abuse charge had handed him a prison sentence for damn near a year

A prison sentence that was cut short with the help of Suge Knight, CEO of Death Row Records

All Eyes On Me had catapulted 2pac into full fledged whiteness; commercial acceptance...because the so-called real Hip-Hop headz didn't support him earlier in his career, Pac had to find other ways to market himself as a media giant...the album was a celebration as a new artist on Death Row...full of sex, drugs and rock n roll

Gone was the cautionary tales and political rhymes of past albums that fizzled faster than the cases of champagne he gulped

Don't get it twisted tho...
...he still managed to call out Bill ClintonC. Delores Tucker, and Bob Dole in How Do You Want It, a club track with Jodeci members K-Ci and JoJo

The political side was still there (kinda), but not like the past, which meant that the album was for suburbia to listen to without worrying about the revolution knocking on their front door (in contrast to his first two albums)

The double album was about partying and a good way tho...but a far cry from the socio-political content he was previously known for as the album had went on to sell 5 million copies

A bonafied best seller

He traded in his Black Panther card as America's Nightmare to live the American Dream; mansions, yachts, cars, clothes, fine baby dolls, and countless nights of turn ups with weed and Hennessy

The same way Ice Cube had went from the Nigga You Love to Hate and AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted to America's lovable dad in the film Are We There Yet? for middle America (white folks) to easily digest and accept

So much for Burn Hollywood Burn

No longer the social activist we'd hope for, 2pac was all rock n roll months leading up to his untimely, youthful demise...
...the James Dean of Hip-Hop

And the sad thing is, before he was able to break out of the drug induced haze that clouded his thinking after he'd bailed out from Clinton Correctional Facility in upstate New York, his life was cut short from a hail of bullets after a Mike Tyson fight in Vegas

Only for him to resurrect as Elvis Presley once people had crazily thought he'd faked his death and moved to Cuba

Aight ya'll, I'm Audi 5 stacks

Peace and Afro Grease

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Friday, March 16, 2018

Jay-Z and Beyonce's Outrageous Concert Ticket Prices

What's woody wood, grasshoppers?

A lot of people are up and arms about the On the Run II concert tickets...specifically the prices that cost $900-$1000...and while it's assumed that there aren't any cheaper ticket prices to buy, people are also guessing that the working class are spending their rent money and income tax returns to cop concert tickets

Why do people assume it's "rent" money or some other "shouldn't be spent" fund to get the tickets? Some people have SAVINGS ACCOUNTS...Yep, some of us actually have a stash so when things like this come up, we're in there like swim wear

I'll buy the tickets that's around $150...that's my max... and it's not coming from my rent money...I'm not skipping my cable or electric bill so I won't have to eat ramen noodles for a week afterwards

I even peeped some $90 tickets in the nose bleeds...they have the same ticket prices on the lower level...people buy those nose bleed section tickets and resale them for a higher price

This is the price before people start buying and reselling them at astronomical prices

So let's not blame Jay-Z and Beyonce for the thousand dollar tickets...there's no illuminati conspiracy to post tour dates during tax's the resellers that are selling the tickets at those outrageous prices

A hustle at the consumers' expense

And on that note, I'm Audi 5k

Peace and Afro Grease

Nah'Sun the Great @

Monday, March 12, 2018

Sneak Preview from You, Me, Us, Them – Double Penetration

"Follow me, boys." Katt led them inside the guest house that already had a huge oval bed in the middle of the living room.
Rose petals led them from the door to the bed. Candlelights dimmed the room a shade away from complete darkness as the twins grabbed each side of her sleeves to undress her. The fishnet body suit was collar-less; exposing her shoulder and cleavage for easy access to take off. The twins grabbed a breast for themselves and sucked them until she got wet.
She palmed their heads while feeling chills simmer up and down her spine. Her toes tingled. Her wetness desired them. She backed away and pulled down their boxer drawers one-by-one. Breathing deep while fantasizing about taking them both. Dropping to her knees with both hands holding their dicks to slob back and forth. Fondling one of their balls while tongue wagging the other and flawlessly sucking the tip without teeth. She damn near made them cum from head.
One of the twins backed off.
"What's wrong? Too much?" She smiled and stood from her knees to crawl on the bed like a kitten.
Damien had spread her legs wide to eat the pussy while Dominick took turns with sucking her titties. Her senses pulled her in all directions. She was delirious. Melting from multiple hands feeling her up and down. Leaving no inch of her body untouched. Pampered by the fantasy of playing with twins ever since she laid eyes on them at a previous party. She finally got her wish and then some.
She got up and told one of the twins to, "Lean back."
She opened a pack of condoms and placed one inside her pussy. She gripped the condom and hopped on top of his stiffness. Rolling the latex down his cock without hands as he lied under her.
"Wow. Now that's talent." The twin couldn't believe his eyes while the brother below her was speechless.
"Come here, big boy." She beckoned the twin who made the comment over to them.
She gave him a blow job while riding his brother. She enjoyed the thick of his dick tapping her jaw while deep throating him. That wasn't enough to satisfy her freak-o-meter. She yearned for more. She spat his dick out her mouth and ordered him to, "Grab the lube and condom. I want you to fuck me in my ass. I'm feeling adventurous tonight."
The twin jumped off the bed and fished through his shorts to grab a condom. He enjoyed the sight of her riding his brother as he lubricated the latex. He hopped back on the bed and told her to "bend over," for him to slide in the asshole as she rode his brother wild.
He spat on her asshole and squeezed the tip of his dick. Wiggling his way in her starfish. Slow, steady, and gentle. Taking his time as her muscles relaxed from him not rushing to enter. He jerked in and out halfway inside so she could get used to him. Once her asshole molded itself to his size, he slipped all the way in the north star and matched his brother's rhythm.
As he thrust forward...
...his brother thrust upward.
"Oh wow." Her mouth widened from the sensation of them in both holes.
She got turned on from her body sandwiched between them. A never-ending euphoria that flipped the switch of sensitivity. Their sweat pressed against hers. Painting an aphrodisiac masterpiece on the flesh. She came on the strength of the twins manhandling the holes between her legs. Yelling for them to fuck her harder.
"You better not stop, you fucking bastard. Fuck me, motherfucker. Fuck me until you cum. If you don't, I'm telling everybody you can't fuck.!" She taunted the twins as she wished a third partner was there to shut her up with a dick in her mouth.
The twin on top repeatedly slapped her ass and grunted from the goodness that squeezed him virgin-tight. He spread her ass cheeks apart and lifted off his knees. Mounting over her froggystyle for deeper penetration while his brother below grabbed her waist to hold her still. Rabbit fucking her at the same rate as his brother.
She spoke in tongues with no control over her body.

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Friday, March 9, 2018

The Best eMCee from each Borough

What's woody wood, grasshoppers?

I made a list of the best eMCee from each borough in NYC...a borough is a part of NY...kinda like your ward, district, etc.

And NYC is made of 5 boroughs: Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island, and the Bronx

I added Long Island for good measure

By the way, Long Island is not really an island unless you count Brooklyn and Queens (which is connected to Long Island)

Anywho, sit back, relax, and peep my list


The Bronx - KRS One

 Classic Albums:

Criminal Minded
By Any Means Necessary

Harlem (Manhattan) - Big L

 Classic Albums:

Lifestyles of the Poor and Dangerous

Brooklyn - Jay Z

 Classic Albums:

Reasonable Doubt

Queens - Nas

 Classic Albums:

It Was Written

Staten Island - The Genius/GZA

 Classic Albums:

Liquid Swords

Long Island - Rakim

Classic Albums:

Paid in Full
Follow the Leader
Let the Rhythm Hit 'Em

Aight, ya'll, I'm Audi 5 stacks


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Happy Anniversary to the passing of the Notorious one...


Thursday, March 8, 2018

Rest In Power - AD The General

What's woody wood, grasshoppers?

I want to give a 21 gunz salute to a very dear associate, A.D. the General

She passed away last weekend during the Nor'easter that hit NYC

CLICK HERE to read the article

A.D. had hosted the Elegant Hoodness music showcases in NYC and other parts of the country, and was one of the many promoters who showed me love in my eMCee days

...I used to rap

I performed at a few of her shows in The Bronx and Brooklyn...very cool and supportive of my endeavors...we haven't spoken since I stepped away from the music biz in 2008, but her vibe and spirit will be missed

One love Anaida Duran

Aight ya'll, I'm Audi 5 stacks 

Peace and Afro Grease

Nah'Sun the Great @


Copastetic is one of my favorite words because of A.D.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

SURE SHOT! Troy Ave - 2 Legit 2 Quit

What's woody wood, grasshoppers?

I don't rock with today's rap music for various reasons, but I fucks with Troy Ave's new banga 2 Legit 2 Quit

The track is pretty much about the infamous shooting that happened at Irving Plaza in NYC two years ago...the comic strip in the video is a dope concept...he also lick shots at TaxstoneJoe Budden, Mysonne, Cassanova 2X, and his ex BSB homies

If you're unfamiliar with the unfortunate event @ Irving Plaza, CLICK HERE and read

In the meanwhile, CLICK HERE to listen to the song that I have on repeat, or peep the video below


Aight, I'm Audi 5 stacks

Peace and Afro Grease

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Monday, March 5, 2018

Sneak Preview from You, Me, Us, Them – Turn Out to Turn Up

Then suddenly, Katt stepped to Sofia and kissed her. Straight out the blue. A bold move that surprised the wet out of her. Sofia caught her breath and touched her chest like Wow.
"Wasn't expecting that." Sofia got herself together, and saw Katt hold her hand to lead her up the long staircase.
Niccolo followed them.
Once they got to the top of the second-floor, Katt and Sofia held each other and tongue kissed until their nipples hardened. The chemistry between them was off the charts. Their kisses melted them together like souls mixing into one. Sofia really wasn't into women, but vibes took over, and she'd let herself go. She savored the smooth touches from a woman that reminded her why silk was her favorite fabric to wear.
Katt released her embrace from Sofia. She spun Sofia around and lifted her dress. She pulled the G-string aside and probed her tongue on the clit. Sofia jumped from the licks like she was shocked. Niccolo kneeled next to Katt and slurped on the phat of the lipps. Overwhelming Sofia to the point where she shook from two tongues working her weak spots at the same time.
They took turns licking her clockwise and cross ways. He slithered his tongue in circles while she bobbed her head up and down, left and right on the clit and in the pink. X and O style; the love to lust for the pussy. Playing tic-tac-toe to see who connected with her the most to make her cum in 3's.
"Oh my God oh my God oh My God. You gonna make me cum again." Sofia held the banister for dear life as she braced herself for an orgasm.
But she didn't cum.
"No no no! Keep going. Why you stop?" Sofia looked over her shoulder and pouted.
"Shut the fuck up and turn back around." Niccolo grabbed a condom from Katt, strapped up, and lifted one of Sofia's legs on the banister to stroke her from behind.
He pulled her string to the side and dipped slowly in the V that leaked like a half turned faucet. As he palmed her breasts and tapped that ass, Katt kneeled under Niccolo and licked his balls as he stood over her. Catching his nuts swinging back and forth along with Sofia drizzling on her face from squirting.
"Oh God. You gonna make me cum again. Right there. Right....there!" Sofia's eyes rolled in the back of her head with her mouth wide open.
She wanted to scream so bad but couldn't. He fucked the sound out of her. Turned her to a mute. Boning her as if she was his last piece of ass.
Her sugar walls pulsated around his dick. Gripping him like best friends. Massaging him as she arched her back to feel him go deep. She felt another orgasm tingling its way up from her toes. "Wow." She never got fucked so intensely as he continued to hammer away with no end in sight.
"I want you to cum. Cum for me. Please." Sofia couldn't take him much longer.
Niccolo lifted her leg off the banister and spread her legs apart. He spat on his dick and pounded away. So ruthless. So savage. He showed no mercy as he felt his dick growing longer and harder from cum build-up.
"I'm about to cum in your mouth. Get on your knees." He took the condom off while she turned to give him what the both of them wanted.
He fucked her face until he came in her mouth. "Swallow that shit. Yeah, swallow."
Sofia opened her mouth like "aaaaaah" and wagged her tongue. Showing him that no child was left behind. She flawlessly swallowed him and juggled his balls at the same time.

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Friday, March 2, 2018

The 7 Levels of Disrespect by Tariq Nasheed

What's woody wood, grasshopper?

Peep game

1. Combativeness - Level 1

This is when your "lady" starts being combative just for the sake of being difficult.

For example, if you say "I want us to go eat Italian food tonight," she'll say, "I want to eat Chinese food!" or if you say, "I want us to watch a action movie tonight," she’ll say, "I want to watch a comedy!"

2. Slick comments - Level 2

This is when your "lady" says random slick comments when you two have a normal conversation 

For example, if you say something like, "I'm thinking of writing a book", she'll say, "yeah, right. Like you could do that." Or "I'm thinking of starting my own business," she'll say, "yeah, right. With your dead end job, how are you going to do that?"

3. Insults - Level 3

This is when your "lady" starts attacking your manhood and go for the gusto. 

For example, she'll say, "you're a little bitch," or "you're not a man, you're a pussy," "you're an idiot," etc. 

She'll say those things with a playful demeanor and a smile on her face, but the more you let this go unchecked her demeanor becomes less and less playful. She'll test you to see how far she can push the envelope.

4. Public Embarrassment - Level 4

This is when your "lady" will create a drama scene in front of a lot of people at a restaurant, in front of her family, and any social spot; at times she might even hit/slap you because most of the time the law will side with the female. It's considered somewhat politically incorrect to check a female in public.

5. Slander - Level 5

This is when your "lady" throws dirt and salt on your name by saying malicious, false, and defamatory reports, or even slander against your good name with her friends and family (and even YOUR family). 

For example, she'll say something like, "he's terrible at sex. He's such a bitch. I cheat on him and he has no idea." Or "he treats me like he's my fucking mother." (When she's treating you like a son.)

6. Infidelity - Level 6

This is when your "lady" becomes so bold with her disrespect that she'll start to have multiple sex partners. At times she'
ll sit there and talk with her "friend" on the phone in front of you so she can get her weak ego boosted. And at times she might even bring her "friend" around you while you and her fuck biddy share the same vibe in the same room. 

7. Set-up for Robbery/Murder - Level 7

This is the most dangerous of them all.

By now the guy has no clue of what's going on, unless he's the biggest simp in the world. This is when your "lady" becomes influenced by the guy(s) or gal(s) she's having sex with and starts to plot for your downfall.

At times she'll have you set up to be jumped and robbed by her fuck buddies or his friends. It can get so crucial that she might even plot for your demise. TV shows like Forensic Files have stories like churchgoing housewives caught trying to hire a hitman to kill their husband to cash in on the insurance money.

CLICK HERE to watch/listen to the show

Aight, I'm Audi

Peace and Afro Grease

Nah'Sun the Great @