Monday, March 5, 2018

Sneak Preview from You, Me, Us, Them – Turn Out to Turn Up

Then suddenly, Katt stepped to Sofia and kissed her. Straight out the blue. A bold move that surprised the wet out of her. Sofia caught her breath and touched her chest like Wow.
"Wasn't expecting that." Sofia got herself together, and saw Katt hold her hand to lead her up the long staircase.
Niccolo followed them.
Once they got to the top of the second-floor, Katt and Sofia held each other and tongue kissed until their nipples hardened. The chemistry between them was off the charts. Their kisses melted them together like souls mixing into one. Sofia really wasn't into women, but vibes took over, and she'd let herself go. She savored the smooth touches from a woman that reminded her why silk was her favorite fabric to wear.
Katt released her embrace from Sofia. She spun Sofia around and lifted her dress. She pulled the G-string aside and probed her tongue on the clit. Sofia jumped from the licks like she was shocked. Niccolo kneeled next to Katt and slurped on the phat of the lipps. Overwhelming Sofia to the point where she shook from two tongues working her weak spots at the same time.
They took turns licking her clockwise and cross ways. He slithered his tongue in circles while she bobbed her head up and down, left and right on the clit and in the pink. X and O style; the love to lust for the pussy. Playing tic-tac-toe to see who connected with her the most to make her cum in 3's.
"Oh my God oh my God oh My God. You gonna make me cum again." Sofia held the banister for dear life as she braced herself for an orgasm.
But she didn't cum.
"No no no! Keep going. Why you stop?" Sofia looked over her shoulder and pouted.
"Shut the fuck up and turn back around." Niccolo grabbed a condom from Katt, strapped up, and lifted one of Sofia's legs on the banister to stroke her from behind.
He pulled her string to the side and dipped slowly in the V that leaked like a half turned faucet. As he palmed her breasts and tapped that ass, Katt kneeled under Niccolo and licked his balls as he stood over her. Catching his nuts swinging back and forth along with Sofia drizzling on her face from squirting.
"Oh God. You gonna make me cum again. Right there. Right....there!" Sofia's eyes rolled in the back of her head with her mouth wide open.
She wanted to scream so bad but couldn't. He fucked the sound out of her. Turned her to a mute. Boning her as if she was his last piece of ass.
Her sugar walls pulsated around his dick. Gripping him like best friends. Massaging him as she arched her back to feel him go deep. She felt another orgasm tingling its way up from her toes. "Wow." She never got fucked so intensely as he continued to hammer away with no end in sight.
"I want you to cum. Cum for me. Please." Sofia couldn't take him much longer.
Niccolo lifted her leg off the banister and spread her legs apart. He spat on his dick and pounded away. So ruthless. So savage. He showed no mercy as he felt his dick growing longer and harder from cum build-up.
"I'm about to cum in your mouth. Get on your knees." He took the condom off while she turned to give him what the both of them wanted.
He fucked her face until he came in her mouth. "Swallow that shit. Yeah, swallow."
Sofia opened her mouth like "aaaaaah" and wagged her tongue. Showing him that no child was left behind. She flawlessly swallowed him and juggled his balls at the same time.

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