Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Church Girls are Freaks

"Church girls are the freakiest ones" - a quote I've often heard growing up

What's woody wood, grasshoppers?

That’s a funny statement. I think EVERY female has freak in her. It just takes that one man to bring out those raw emotions waiting to break through and release like "hello!"

I wouldn’t say church girls are the freakiest. But I will say it’s more about rebelling against what was, or is taught, to them if anything.

During my college years, a handful of girls acted like they were Mother Theresa when behind dorm doors they went wild like Mary Magdalene.

I'm not judging

Plenty of girls' profiles on Facebook and Instagram have religious statements about "Serving Jesus"…"Loving the Lord"…blahzay, blahzay

And what’s wild is that I personally know how some of these ladies get down...especially those who party away Sodom and Gomorrah style on Saturdays, and then rinse their sins away in collection plates on Sundays.

But hey, to each their own.

Knocking someone for their contradictions isn't my style. Hell, I contradict myself at times.

HOWEVER, I DO have a problem when people preach to me and others while not having their shit together. Don't talk shit about dirt on my front steps when your sidewalk is filled with garbage.

Random Blog Thought: Tell me why a Pentecostal church is literally next door to a strip club down the street from me...

Okay, back to the subject

I’ve dated Christian sistas, but it’s unfair to judge the entire church community based on my own experiences. But damn!!! They WERE the freakiest out of any type of women I’ve dated

I’ve also dated a Muslim sista before. And while it was harder for her to break out of the shell of staying true to her beliefs, she still…well…did some things she shouldn’t had…you didn’t hear that from me tho

Sooooooo...are church girls the freakiest???


Aight, I’m out like Overalls

Peace and Afro Grease

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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Sneak Preview of You Me Us Them - A Swingers Chronicle (Week 2)

*** Sneak Preview - Week 2 of 10 ***

The shade was real at their girls' night out.

Katt shifted her focus from watching Aiko on the dance floor to Emma and asked, "So, Emma. What are your thoughts about the lifestyle so far?"

Emma took a sip from her glass and smiled. "Fun, fun, fun! I'm having the time of my life."

"Nice. We gotta spend time more often. You've been neglecting me," claimed Katt, as she sat

across from Emma, and next to Sofia who just looked and listened to the exchange.

"I haven't been neglecting you. I figured you've been too busy for me with Niccolo."

"Ha! Please. Niccolo is too consumed with that damn club."

"Okay, I tell you what. Let's do brunch tomorrow."

"You're on."

"I text you tomorrow."

Sofia felt left out. "Where is my invite?"

Katt playfully rubbed Sofia's thigh and insisted, "Emma's my girl. We need us time."

Sofia nodded at the response and threw a curve ball by asking, "What about Niccolo?"

"What about him?" Katt wasn't sure where the question was going.

"What are your rules? Is he allowed to have private sessions?"

"Yes. We're allowed to have one-on-ones. Not sure he'll have one with you tho."

Emma almost choked on her wine from the petty.

"What that's supposed to mean?" Sofia found the remark offensive.

"I'm just not sure if Niccolo would be down to have one-on-ones with someone he doesn't really know. He doesn't fuck the help. No shade." Katt sipped her wine like Kermit with tea.

Katt was right about Niccolo not fucking the help...
...but that statement came from a place of competition moreso a forewarning.

Sofia was equally attractive as Katt. Probably more attractive depending on whom you asked. Sofia's jet-black hair flowed to the middle of her back with a face that made her look 10 years younger to the point where liquor stores and bartenders carded her. Her slimness with curves and perky double D cups made dicks stand at ease whether she wore pencil dresses, sweats and jeggings wherever she went. Those attributes posed a threat to Katt.

Emma jumped in the conversation to break the cat fight between Katt and Sofia. "Sofia, how long you've been in the lifestyle?"

"For a few years; close to ten."

"Awesome sauce. I'm still a newbie. Still learning the ropes. Do you have any advice?"

Sofia sipped on her wine and smirked while thinking of an answer. "Yes, I do, actually. Stay out of drama. Respect the rules. And don't play with a man who has a jealous girlfriend."

The clapback from Sofia forced a “Wow” from Emma.

Katt chuckled from Sofia throwing subs. Well played. She told herself, and continued to not feed into the back and forth with Sofia by sipping her wine and enjoying the music.

Temporarily at least.

(Taken from You, Me, Us, Them by Nah'Sun)

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