Monday, May 11, 2015

Missy King's MayPac Fight Party RECAP

What's woody wood, grasshoppers?

I peeped the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight

And quite frankly...

...I enjoyed it

I'll get to the fight later

Me and a homegirl trooped over to a fight party somewhere in NYC...Missy King hosted the event...she throws jumpoffs in the Tri-State area and had asked me to come thru...I asked a homegirl to join ya bwoy, and it's a good thing I accepted the invite because the food and drinks were bangin!

I made a kon-cock-shun bottle for the event...I fucked up the mix by blending the wrong Vodka and not adding enough pineapple juice...the pineapple made the drink, but I tried another mix from the original blend and killed the chasers

Moral of the story

If it ain't broke, don't fix it

My and my homegirl were the first ones there...Fritz (Missy's side piece) gave us a tour of the make a short tour shorter, I got the feeling that the night was gonna be classic

Then more headz showed up...I downed a few drinks and fucked around and got tipsy before the fight even started...I pumped the brakes on the liquor and passed the cup to Crazy...if you knew Crazy, you'll see why headz in the circle blessed her with that nickname

Santa Cruz vs Cayetano

The under cards were dope, but the crowd at the arena gave them no respect...the joint was empty...damn near a ghost town...I don't know about you, but if I'm droppin' thousands of dollars to see a fight live in-person, you can bet your bottom dollar I'm seeing everything

Then again...

...a few thousand ain't shit to millionaires who wipe their asses with Benjamins

Jaime Foxx is a nut, yo

Click here to peep him sing the "Ol Negro Spiritual" version of the National Anthem

The fight was underway, and the hate for Floyd was strong

A lot of people hated the fight...they felt disappointed...that's cool, but don't be mad @ Money May for boxing the way he usually box

Floyd was being Floyd

If anything...

...folks should blame Manny for not coming up with a game plan 
to make Floyd uncomfortable after a 5-year wait

Everybody are entitled to their opinion about the fight...

...but to say that Floyd's style of boxing is "running" tells me you're either a casual boxing fan or you're saying that out of hate

He's defensively a brilliant boxer...his offense is defense, and he's been doing this for YEARS...that's why I laugh when people say they're disappointed with the fight or "underwhelmed"...they haven't been paying attention...Floyd is not gonna change his style to appease the
public's thirst for blood

And you shouldn't expect every boxer to fight the same way

You can't sell out major boxing events in Vegas, arguably the biggest
 entertainment capital in America, if you're "boring"...I don't care how well you market and promote either got it or you don't

Point blank

You call it "dancing" and "running," but I call it smart, especially when you're in a sport where brain damage is most likely to happen due to multiple hits to the head

That's why the "dancing" argument is comical

To be undefeated after 48 fights with your health still intact after making millions of dollars is a part of winning "The Game"

You don't have to like Floyd as a person...

...but to say he's not one of the greats is ludicrous when Pacquaio landed 19 percent of his shots, which means he missed 81 percent of those punches

Floyd masterfully didn't allow Manny to get his shit off when he was trapped in the corners and on the ropes

I've come to the conclusion that the general public won't appreciate Floyd until he's dead on some Vincent Van Gogh type shit

So I say...

...enjoy greatness while you can

And on that note, I'm Audi

Shout out to Denzel, tho

Peace and Afro Grease

Nah'Sun the Great @