Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Kim Kardashian and the Power of the P.U.S.S.Y

“It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it”Bahamadia from the song True Honey Buns

Famous for doing nothing is what drives today’s society. I’m not knockin anyone’s hustle. I say get it how you live. Just know the pros and cons of your actions.

If dudes are willing to trick off and handcuff broads because they’re under the spell of pussy power, there’s nothing I can do or say about it.

I pop my collar to any woman who gets what she wants even if I disagree with her methods.

Kim Kardashian is like the character Naeta Bug in my novel Thick When the Chances are Slim. Naeta Bug is the type of broad who’ll get paper by any means. She doesn’t mess around with low ballin dope boys. She strives for the big stakes.

The only difference is that while Kim fucks around with Black athletes and entertainers as an Armenian chick, Naeta Bug is a Black woman who fools around with white business owners.

“She don’t fuck with niggas. She only fucks with white boys with long money in the suburbs and up north.”Rico (one of the main characters of Thick When the Chances are Slim)

As a single mother living in the ‘hood, Naeta Bug thrives in survival mode. Kim Kardashian’s father, Robert Kardashian, was O.J.'s lawyer. So you know she grew up with paper.

Would you consider Naeta Bug and Kim skeezers, or equal opportunists?

Kim Kardashian has game. The marriage between her and dude from the New Jersey Nets (his name escapes me and I’m refuse to Google it) was faker than a 3 dollar bill.

They showed no chemistry. None what so ever. And Kim STILL grabbed the media's and public’s attention like steel to magnets.

“I don’t respect tricks. I just respect that bread.”Naeta Bug

Naeta Bug doesn’t care about the men in her life. She’s only out for the gusto. If that means using someone including family members to get what she wants, she’ll do it in a heart beat. And if you read the novel. She does.

Calling her a heartless bitch is a compliment.

Kim Kardashian and Naeta Bug don’t have any talent besides their looks. Sure, Naeta Bug knows how to do hair, but who drives luxury cars and rock designer clothes putting Yaki weave in someone’s hair???

While men get their power from status, women get their power from their level of attraction. And when it comes to Naeta Bug and Kim Kardashian, it’s the power of the P.U.S.S.Y 

“I got my own place, pushing a Beemer, and don’t buy none of my clothes. You should stick with the program.”Naeta Bug

That’s poetry

Friday, January 27, 2012

What Would Dr. King Do At The Club?

I just wanna say the club me and my man had hit up on MLK Day was booty…straight wack.

20 bucks was wasted on some nonsense…I won’t put the club on blast, though…I’m a firm believer of second chances when it comes to clubs (sometimes)

What I WILL do is give you a hint:

The club rhymes with “Sexy Mon” and is located in Midtown Manhattan

You figure out the rest

The DJ was garbage…the drinks were expensive in small ass cups…and the chicks were “okay”

Gimme at least 1 out of the 3 if all of those factors at the club don’t measure up at the same time

The bright spot was…you guessed it, ME

Your favorite author turned socialite


I debut my tie that night…straight player (the tie, not me)

I fell in love with that tie the first time I saw it at my favorite tie store somewhere in Mahattan…I made a pledge to rock nothing but suits when I hit the club…suited and booted in the year dime 2 pennies.

And I’m the quarter dollar, baby pa

And no...I didn't "swagger jack" Neyo...I rocked fedoras before homie got famous

The comments I get from people went from "you look like a pimp" to "you look like Neyo"

Just because I cock my hat "Ace Deuce" means I look like Neyo??? Get the fuck outta here

Oh yeah…model Crystal Bates hosted the party (nice girl)…she appeared in Straight Stuntin magazine and all that good stuff

I knew see wasn’t a chick coming to party at the club that night based on her attire…I approached her, introduced myself, gave her a bookmark, and keep it movin'

You know...networking

I didn’t realize she was Crystal Bates until I saw the pics days later…even if I did, I still would’ve treated her the same way I’d treat a honey without a title

Pretty woman...thick as heaven...Owwwwww!!!

Anyhoo…my man Yemi had left without telling me…he said the party was wack and he had to go to work the next day anyway…the fucked up part was him not telling him he'd left

There I was looking around the club like a madman tryna find them cat...good thing cell phones and texting exist

He claimed he didn’t wanna disturb me because he peeped me talking to a chick (which was true) and didn’t wanna mess up my rhythm

Nice girl, too…real down to earth…but who plays on their Nintendo DS at the club???


Aight, ya’ll…I’m out...have a nice weekend and don't do anything I would do

Nah’Sun the Great

Thursday, January 26, 2012


The fuckery I get from people I come across in my travels is hilarious. I don’t take anything personal (well…depending on my mood and the situation), but sometimes people just need to shut the fuck up

And one of those “shut the fuck up” moments is when people ask, “Can I get your book for free?”

As a then rookie in the book game, I used to allow those six words or any variations of that question bother me. Now I ignore it. If a person is REALLY interested in a product, they wouldn’t ask a silly ass question like that

For the record, there’s no such thing as a recession. I don’t believe that bullshit. Money never runs out. It just goes to a different industry while the former cash cow suffers

The Industrial Age knocked out slavery…then the Information Age knocked out the Industrial Age…times change…you gotta adapt

Survival of the Fittest…Darwinism, baby

I mean shit, look at the negroes who lined up malls across the country to buy 200 hundred dollar Jordans that came out in ’95…you even had a woman who (allegedly) left her child in the car alone just to buy them


The clip reminds of a Boondocks episode...straight up

With those visions and images surfing around my mind, I don’t wanna hear anybody crying about a recession…truth be told, if you really want something, you’ll most definitely figure out a way to get it

A woman who’s currently bouncing from home to home bought my book Thick When the Chances are Slim for her daughter…what she did spoke volumes and proves my theory about this false recession

Now that I think about it, Black folks been in a recession since 1865

And on that note, when you see me on a book tour, don't give me the “Can I get the book for free?” question…either say you’re not interested or you just don’t got it…that’s all

I’m sure you don’t want people to do the same to you when you’re out working hard on the grind

Aight…I’m out


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

No Strings Attached Sex

Before I start, I wanna say Heaven is between a woman’s legs

As your resident perfectionist, sometimes picking the RIGHT book cover design is a pain in the brain. Patience is a bitter plant, but it fruits are sweet.

This is the first draft of the “Thick When the Chances are Slim" book cover

My heart almost jumped out my mouth when I saw this draft. Then again, it’s called a ROUGH draft for a reason,

I gave the illustrator a picture and told him what I wanted. He took it from there…Shout out to Zachary Schoenbaum @ www.umbralust.com

After a few days he drew up this joint

I almost threw up my sandwich…I kept my cool and told him to go back to the drawing board…I needed something to give me a stiffy...whatever this was wouldn’t give a male nympho a hard on

He came back with this…


Not bad…I told him I wanted the swirly things…I also gave him some font styles and color designs for the cover

Due to peer pressure, I told homie to change it…so he did (he didn’t have a choice since I was paying him)

I wanted him to further draw out the woman’s tig ol biddies


I loved it, but I thought the highlighting of the reds were uneven. The reds should draw out a 2D figure of the woman

The women needed more curves and evenness

He drew…

The author title block at the top of the book is on point. So was the font and coloring of the title at the bottom

I showed the drawing to my peeps…they thought the woman looked “too manly”

Oh well 

I told him to play around with the cover…shit got worse 

After getting more negative views than a little bit, I suggested a more curvy woman

I actually thought about going with this one…heads STILL weren’t feeling it

Damn!!!…coming up with an eye catchy book cover drained the life outta me…well...almost 

So far, so good…I loved this one

But sometimes you gotta let go what you love for the greater good

My advisor told me I can do better…so I contacted Zach and tossed him so extra money to start the project over again

I really wasn’t feeling the blue background behind the red…something had to give

Red is the color of sex…I ditched the red and blue idea and went with the combination of red, orange and yellow

I also tossed him some ideas about the shape of the woman

The sketches you see above is based on a famous video vixen/magazine model…you’ll have to figure out the rest

A few modifications and touch ups later, we finally agreed on the cover what you see now

The WE included me, Zach, my advisors, and random people

They don’t call me the people’s champ for nothing

As you can see, writing a book is not just one aspect of publishing. At least when it comes to myself. I’m very precise about how I want things done

The steps of the book is just half of the process…I’m sure you got the gist of everything

Aight, ya’ll…I’m out



Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Yo Mama Got Play-Doh Teeth

I’ll never drink Bacardi Limon mixed with lemonade on a 100 degree day again

2011 Harlem Book fair was brutal…I’m not talking about its half emptiness, but the sun smothered NYC that July weekend

Speaking of half emptiness, the joint wasn’t as packed like the past…people either window shopped or bought books from their favorite authors

Non-established authors had to fend for themselves, but hey, that’s the grind

Major book fairs are usually celebrity driven…I went to HBF (Harlem Book Fair) pretty much to promote “Thick When the Chances are Slim” to create a buzz before its release

Urban/Street fiction authors DOMINATED HBF vendors...the lack of balance was interesting considering that the "serious writing authors" situated themselves inside the Schomburg Library for lectures while the "pulp fictionists" hustled their work outside

A division within the Black literary community...nothing amazes me

Aight, back to the heat...

7 hours in heat almost killed me...real talk...I'll be the house nigga for real....LOL

Drinking over 10 bottles of water didn’t stop the pounding in my head. It was like a drum kick was beating my brain. The headache was no hoe. It seemed like every time I drunk a bottle of Spring water I sweated it out as I ingested

The sun showed no mercy…Mother Nature kicked my ass

I did see some sights during the heatwave

Envy Red is cool peoples…I don’t read fiction books as often, but I did support hers

Her book “Touch” is an entertaining read...easy, nothing heavy

Now THIS is what I call hookin your shit up…I didn’t have a chance to speak to the lady, but I have to pop my collar to her…she knows how to work an angle (her book is about marriage)


I saw these girls last year rockin’ all pink…I forgot their names and camp they belonged to…mainly because they didn’t know who En Vogue was

Kids nowadays don’t know what they missed…oh well…their lost


Styles P promoted/sold his book along with his juice bar in the Bronx…cool guy

Dude is mad short…now I think about it, a lot of emcees are short…whassup with that???

You know Black folks in the hood and fire hydrants go together like weed and cigar wrappers

I started to hop my ass in there, but I wasn’t in the mood to travel back to my rest soaking wet

So I passed...not literally of course


Last but not least… The reason why I love going to Harlem

Buyaka Buyaka!!!!


Nah’Sun the Great

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New York Authors and Their Crackhead Prices

Abracadabra, Sunites

Between writing Part 2 of the Thick series (shame on you if you didn’t cop “Thick When the Chances are Slim”), I’m droppin’ a weekly blog for ya’ll to sharpen my swords.

Without futher ado…I’m gonna chop off heads to kick off the insanity…I’m kinda pissed off right about now.

I’m going in on New York "authors" (emphasis on the quotations) who sell their books for $3 and $5 on the streets. They’re messing up the game for heads like me who don’t push their books for crackhead prices.

This is why the book game is so screwed up in the Rotten Apple. I know my worth, so I’ll be damn to short change myself just for some book sales.

Some people will say, “Established authors sell their books for less than $10, too.”

Newsflash…I’M NOT THEM…I know my worth…so if authors wanna sell their paperbacks for less than ten bucks and eBooks for 99 cents, that’s on them.

Selling my books for 3 dollars is a misrepresentation of my talent as a writer…my mama would slap me if I do some dumb shit like that…LOL

My thing is this…if you REALLY want my book, you’ll cop it for $15 (which is the average price for a paperback book for the most part).

How would you feel if you sold high powered marijuana only to see dudes selling bush weed and messing up the hustling game in your hood?

Not only that, but people accepting low-grade weed and bypassing yours just because “it’s too expensive.”

You’ll be pissed…I know I would.

That’s why I took my show on the road…a popular book vendor in DC REFUSES to sell books less than $15 because she doesn’t want to set the tone for selling cheap books in her city…she saw what happened in NYC, and she’ll be damn to let it happen in DC.

Aight ya’ll…I’m out like 2011

Happy New Year in Colored People Time fashion

Peace and Afro Grease

Nah’Sun the Great