Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New York Authors and Their Crackhead Prices

Abracadabra, Sunites

Between writing Part 2 of the Thick series (shame on you if you didn’t cop “Thick When the Chances are Slim”), I’m droppin’ a weekly blog for ya’ll to sharpen my swords.

Without futher ado…I’m gonna chop off heads to kick off the insanity…I’m kinda pissed off right about now.

I’m going in on New York "authors" (emphasis on the quotations) who sell their books for $3 and $5 on the streets. They’re messing up the game for heads like me who don’t push their books for crackhead prices.

This is why the book game is so screwed up in the Rotten Apple. I know my worth, so I’ll be damn to short change myself just for some book sales.

Some people will say, “Established authors sell their books for less than $10, too.”

Newsflash…I’M NOT THEM…I know my worth…so if authors wanna sell their paperbacks for less than ten bucks and eBooks for 99 cents, that’s on them.

Selling my books for 3 dollars is a misrepresentation of my talent as a writer…my mama would slap me if I do some dumb shit like that…LOL

My thing is this…if you REALLY want my book, you’ll cop it for $15 (which is the average price for a paperback book for the most part).

How would you feel if you sold high powered marijuana only to see dudes selling bush weed and messing up the hustling game in your hood?

Not only that, but people accepting low-grade weed and bypassing yours just because “it’s too expensive.”

You’ll be pissed…I know I would.

That’s why I took my show on the road…a popular book vendor in DC REFUSES to sell books less than $15 because she doesn’t want to set the tone for selling cheap books in her city…she saw what happened in NYC, and she’ll be damn to let it happen in DC.

Aight ya’ll…I’m out like 2011

Happy New Year in Colored People Time fashion

Peace and Afro Grease

Nah’Sun the Great

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