Tuesday, January 29, 2013

...And Here Comes the Bullshit

ESPN had reported an hour ago that a source told Sports Illustrated that Baltimore Ravens All-Pro linebacker Ray Lewis had used deer antler spray to treat his torn tricep injury  

The source is the company that allegedly gave Ray Ray the substance that’s banned from the NFL  

Damn, Ray Ray…not you!  

Say it ain’t so, Ray…Say…it…ain’t...so!

I didn’t know people used deer antler spray to heal wounds…LMAO  

That’s funny as hell  

I don’t believe Ray would be that dumb to take a banned substance, especially since there’s a watchful eye on athletes cheating…Ray’s work ethic is crazy, and I don’t think he’ll jeopardize the legacy he built for a quick pat on the back

The news don’t seem right, family 

It seems like the media are trying to find something to stick on Ray…first, they bring up the Atlanta murder case that happened in 2000, now this…damn, ya’ll…a brotha can NEVER catch a break...LOL

The least they can do is waiting until AFTER the Super Bowl to break the news…then again, as a former journalist major, I’m not mad at the media for breaking the news…they're doing their jobs...they better hope their source is legit, though…real talk  

Anyway, I got faith in my guy Ray…no worries 

I’m gonna keep my eyes on this news

Until then

Peace and Afro Grease

Nah’Sun the Great aka your favorite author

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Why Illmatic is the Most Overrated Hip-Hop Album Ever

“It's ill when, MCs used to be on cruddy shit, 
Took home, Ready to Die, listened, studied shit, 
Now they on some money shit, successful out the blue...” – Notorious BIG, Kick in the Door

For the record, I think Nas’s debut album Illmatic is a classic. The lyrics are on point, and the beats, even though some of them sound dated, are a picture perfect reflection of New York City in the mid-90s

That leads me to point out how the handful of East Coast publications like The Source had praised Illmatic like the second coming of Jesus before the album saw the light of day. Now that I think about it, Nas was promoted as the Messiah, the emcee with the power to snatch the microphone under the limelight away from California’s rap commercial dominance in the early to mid-90s. The problem with labeling Nas as the Messiah was that Illmatic wasn’t the right album to introduce him as one

You see, Russell Simmons was right. He refused to sign Nas to Def Jam because…

A) He thought Nas sounded too much like Kool G Rap during an era when it was criminal to sound like another rapper unlike today

B) Illmatic wouldn’t sell

It took years for Illmatic to hit platinum. Mind you, record sales aren’t important to me as a listener. My favorite albums didn’t sell too well, so don’t even try labeling me as superficial. Illmatic failed to live up to expectations in sales based on media hype, and the album wasn’t the threat or the answer to the dominance of West Coast Hip-Hop at the time

Enter Biggie’s Ready to Die

Ready to Die was more of a threat because the album was not only commercially appealing, but also hardcore enough to appease the die hard Hip-Hop fan. Biggie was one of the few New York MCs who kept it street and still sold records without being accused of a "sell out" regardless of heads gettin' on his case for designer clothes and champagne name drops.  

Illmatic failed to appeal to a wider audience unlike Ready to Die

Ready to Die was catchy enough to grab the casual listener's attention while keeping the die hard rap fans on the edge of their seats which isn’t an easy task to do

The rise of the Notorious BIG and Bad Boy Entertainment prompted rival recording label Death Row Records and its CEO Suge Knight to take notice to the point where Suge called out Puffy in front of the world @ the 1995 Source Awards. Death Row pretty much had the rap game on lock at the time, and Bad Boy threatened their position even though there’s room for everyone in the game to eat 

Ready to Die was transcendent (groundbreaking) and appealed to people who might not listen to rap music. As dope as Illmatic is, the album lacks the power to grab Middle America because it’s too pure. Not to say Ready to Die is watered down, but Illmatic is for Hip-Hop heads who appreciate a great album without radio friendly songs to satisfy their listening experience

Biggie was more of an answer to the West Coast than Nas. Biggie was probably one of the main reasons why Nas flipped his style when he released his sophomore album It Was Written which to me is his best album to date (peep the Kick in the Door rhyme at the top of the blog for the shot at Nas)

And guess what??? 

Illmatic lovers hated It Was Written. Gee, I wonder why. Sometimes I think rap fans wanna see their favorite rappers broke…LOL…straight up. Illmatic showcased Nas as a lyricist while It Was Written highlighted Nas as an ARTIST 

Big difference, people

The mainstream and underground crowds kill me sometimes. They need to learn from each other. Real talk. The mainstream needs to learn why and how underground MCs are more respected for their craft, and the underground needs to learn why and how the mainstream is able to touch a larger audience

Illmatic achieved one of the two. Ready to Die achieved both. Therefore, Biggie was more of the Messiah to bring the East Coast back to the forefront and snatch the crowns off the heads of the West Coast in the mid-90s

Quick shout out to Wu-Tang, Jeru the Damaja, Black Moon, Smiff n Wessun, The Roots, Redman, and Mobb Deep. They also had a hand in the resurrection of the East. Biggie didn’t do it alone, but homie was the front man of the movement

Before I close out this blog, I also wanna point out that I think It Was Written is consistent throughout, and is a good mixture of commercialism with the essence of the “fuck a sell out” mood of Hip-Hop

Heads got on Nas's case about the track Street Dreams...claimed it was "too commercial"...I actually liked the joint...and I wouldn't necessarily pull Nas's card about making that record considering he spat raw lyrics over a "light" beat that I thought was dope

Nas is a great lyricist, but I was never into his music as a whole. Money needs to learn how to pick better beats. As much as I love supreme lyricism, music is a marriage between the beat and the rhyme. Sometimes I believe Nas can’t pick a beat to save his life

I copped Nas’s recent album Life is Good…yes, I bought the album and didn't cop the bootleg...I’ll give that joint 4 pimp sticks outta 5. The start and middle of the joint was cold blooded...I didn’t care too much about the later part of the album

And with that said, I’m Audi 5 stacks

I hope you enjoyed my breakdown

Until then

Peace and Afro Grease

Nah’Sun the Great

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Case of the Fake Girlfriend

What's woody, people?

Here are my predictions about the recent Manti Te'o story that broke the news today about him lying to the public about his supposed girlfriend who died from leukemia:

1. Turns out that college football player Manti Te'o is really gay and used the fake girlfriend to show off his masculinity
2. Then media is gonna focus on gay athletes weeks to come
3. You’re gonna hear the issue of the acceptance of gay athletes in the next few weeks


*grabs popcorn*

Friday, January 11, 2013

Thick 2 UPDATE!!! Reading Causes Orgasms

What’s woody, grasshoppers?

Your favorite author was smart at work with completing Thick 2 of the infamous Thick series. 

Thick in the Nick of Time aka Thick 2 is now in press and is on time for its arrival on January 21st.

I wanna give quick loves and daps to everyone who pre-ordered their copy of Thick 2. I appreciate the support and patience. I’ll email you individually to let you know when your book is on its way. For those who haven’t yet pre-ordered Thick in the Nick of Time, treat yourself to a vacation between pages. 

The $9.99 pre-order sale ends on the day of the book’s release. Don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Clown Shit is Dead Part 2

What’s woody, kinfolk???

I hope ya’ll had a cool and safe New Year’s…you know I did…BANG BANG!!!

I wanna give a quick shout out to the family and friends of Kwasi Olatunji…homie was shot and killed not too far from me over the weekend…I don’t know the details of his murder, but life is too short for beefin’

Crime Scene
9 out of 10 times, violent situations can be squashed by simply walking away…let people have small victories with their egos…you won the war with your life when you ignore dumb shit and live another day

And if you gonna go to war with someone in the club, I suggest that you whoop ass and rush out the joint before the victim you “washed up” retaliate by running to the car for the hammer (that’s “gun” for the ebonically challenged)

Or better yet, the bouncers need to do a better job with checkin' for burners before allowing dudes inside the joint

Click the link below and read the story of this tragedy


What's deep about the death is that Kwasi, the victim's name, in Ghanaian means "Sunday Born" and he died on a Sunday

Spooky shit, ain't it?

Now I got that out the way, leave it me to pop off the lucky '13 to rap about an unlucky person…

…former ESPN analyst Rob Parker

Rob Parker
I don’t wanna get too much into the story, I’ll let you check out the clips below to see for yourself…Rob Parker a few weeks ago on ESPN's First Take had questioned Washington Redskins star quarterback, Robert Griffin the 3rd’s, Blackness

The co-host, Cari Campion, is one fine sista...I'll drink her bath water 3 times a day...Real walkie talkie


Parker said RG3 isn’t a real brotha…but rather a “cornball brotha”


Nigga, please

Parker criticized RG3 because the quarterback is a…

A) Republican

B) His girlfriend is white

C) He prefers to be known as a quarterback instead of just a “Black quarterback”

For the record, I didn’t even know RG3 is a Republican and his girlfriend is white…LOL…those issues shouldn’t matter anyway…Black folks DO NOT think alike as that should go without saying...Blacks aren't the monolithic group that a lot of people love to think

Robert Griffin III with the Heisman
ESPN consequently suspended Rob Parker for 90 days as a result of his comments before firing him today
My thing is this…instead of Rob Parker questioning RG3’s Blackness, he should’ve questioned his barber for fuckin’ up his hairline…Rob Parker’s hairline looks like it's moonwalkin' away from his face

Ol Mack Moon face ass nigga

Oh yeah…I’m sick and tired of the Negroes putting negative stereotypes among each other, and then wanna criticize white folks for doing the same shit…just because RG3 is supposedly a Republican and got a white main squeeze doesn’t mean he’s a fake Black man

Oh...I get it now…I guess you’s a “real nigga” if you sell poison to the community and shoot someone with the same complexion as you, but is fake if you speak properly, carry yourself with dignity, and walk around with class???

Get the fuck outta here, son

The Willie Lynch Syndrome is doing a NUMBER on Black folks in America...LOL

Shit, I don’t wanna be known as just a “Black author”…I’m an AUTHOR…period point blank

Now Rob Parker got his ass fired today by ESPN...I don't wanna see a Black man fired and unemployed...that hurts my heart...but his comments were ignorant as hell...Rob should've pulled RG3 to the side on some O.G. shit and holla'd at him instead of blasting him on national television about not being "down for the cause"

You can't get your Malcolm X on when you're working for "The Man," playboy

Aight, ya’ll…I’m out

Check out the clips below


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Part 1

Part 2