Tuesday, January 29, 2013

...And Here Comes the Bullshit

ESPN had reported an hour ago that a source told Sports Illustrated that Baltimore Ravens All-Pro linebacker Ray Lewis had used deer antler spray to treat his torn tricep injury  

The source is the company that allegedly gave Ray Ray the substance that’s banned from the NFL  

Damn, Ray Ray…not you!  

Say it ain’t so, Ray…Say…it…ain’t...so!

I didn’t know people used deer antler spray to heal wounds…LMAO  

That’s funny as hell  

I don’t believe Ray would be that dumb to take a banned substance, especially since there’s a watchful eye on athletes cheating…Ray’s work ethic is crazy, and I don’t think he’ll jeopardize the legacy he built for a quick pat on the back

The news don’t seem right, family 

It seems like the media are trying to find something to stick on Ray…first, they bring up the Atlanta murder case that happened in 2000, now this…damn, ya’ll…a brotha can NEVER catch a break...LOL

The least they can do is waiting until AFTER the Super Bowl to break the news…then again, as a former journalist major, I’m not mad at the media for breaking the news…they're doing their jobs...they better hope their source is legit, though…real talk  

Anyway, I got faith in my guy Ray…no worries 

I’m gonna keep my eyes on this news

Until then

Peace and Afro Grease

Nah’Sun the Great aka your favorite author

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