Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Erotic Explosion 2015 Hedonism II RECAP

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My Girlfriend

What's woody wood, grasshoppers?

Let me start off by saying I got 3 letters for you...


And I got 4 words for you, too...

...I had a blast

You a lame if you hit up the 5 to 7-day Erotic Explosion Hedonism II trip and don't have a ball

Real talk

Elephant Man foot the bill on the performance side of things...and so did Ginuwine...both guys did their thing on stage; Elephant Man on the beach stage, and Ginuwine on the main stage

Early phase of the beach stage

There were some controversy about Ginuwine's performance, but I'll touch on that later

You know ya boy went buckwild on the resort...in other words, I did my thing...if you're good @ understanding code, you'll know that taking showers and dippin' in the pool weren't the only times I got my dick wet

But sex was only the icing on the cake

The cake is meeting new people, and the cherry on top was getting what I paid for...never a dull moment...never a boring second...if anything, my body couldn't keep up with the rounds of events that went on from the time I woke up, to the second I passed out from gettin' it in @ the nude side

Damn, I'm getting old

Coolin' out with adult star, Rome Major

*** PROS and CONS of my trip ***

I wanna get the Cons out the way first


- The Rooms -

Some rooms were renovated...

...while others weren't

My side of the resort wasn't renovated...my roommate and I had the old joint...the bathroom had baby ant and plumbing issues, but not serious enough for me to spazz about getting another room

I wasn't in the room most of the time anyway, but Hedo needs to do something about those problems instead of sleeping on the fact that the resort is an addicting place to go

- Flakey Females -

Frontin' is part of the game (sadly)...

...but it's funny how chicks talked that jazz about doing all types of freaky shit to me before the trip, only to act like Mother Theresa when they saw me

That's why flirting on Facebook is a waste of time

I only played with one woman whom I was familiar with from the Erotic Explosion Facebook group while the rest of my play partners were total strangers

Funny shit, ain't it?

But like I said, that's part of the game

Shit happens

- Cliques -

The Chicago (Midwest) crews were notorious for sticking together and not branching out to others

It's natural for people to link up with like-minds and those they're comfortable with...

...but I saw the SAME group of people from the Chi chill with each other without interacting much with other crews

The East Coast, Down South, and California crews (shout out to them) mixed and mingled OUTSIDE their comfort zones, but the Chicago headz pretty much stayed to themselves

My advice to the new kids on the block (not only @ Hedo, but in any social setting) is to link up with headz who aren't in cliques to build a support system

I'm the type to get in where I fit in, so the cliques didn't bother me

Because the truth is...

...if your social skills are on point, the cliques won't matter as much

Adapting is everything in life

And now the PROS

- The DJs -

The DJs were A-1...

...enough said

Any DJ who plays joints like Group home's "Living Proof," Tribe's "Bonita Applebum," LL's "Bad," Capone N Noreaga's "Bloody Money," and old school house music gets an automatic A from me

They masterfully blended the old with the new throughout the week without being a slave to the latest trends that sound like they were made for niggaz who fail open book tests

- Mid-day Events -

Joints like the Lifestyle seminar, hosted by Playboy's Lola Bastinado, taught folks how to please themselves and their partner(s), and kept the ball rolling between breakfast and dinner

You also had the option to venture off the resort for an inexpensive fee during the day

I wasn't in the mood to head out, but if I did, I had a wide range of choices, whether the pick was shuttling to downtown Negril, hittin up the local mall or jet skiing

- The Food -

The food was on point...from Jamaican to Japanese...all you can eat...I think I gained 10 pounds during the trip, and that says a lot considering I don't eat much when I'm in the States

My roommate and I made reservations at the Italian spot and at the Hibachi joint...

...and the waiters/waitresses made ya boy feel @ home

The Hibachi joint

Jamaican food at lunch

- Pool Parties -

I'm pissed that I unintentionally deleted this part of the recap...

...and I hate re-writing things

So I'm gonna make this one short

The theme-driven pool parties were off the hook

The naughty games and contests brought freshness to the pool parties instead of the hosts just having folks talk up a storm without them looking forward to anything

The hosts kept the ball of energy flowing between the music...

...and I even saw a big girl do a split

Nobody can say big girls aren't flexible

I would post a pic of that, but you should've been there to see it


Oh yeah...I can't forget about the marching band that paraded on the prude side (the clothing option part of Hedo)...I thought the band was dope

The drums and the horns reminded me of the college Spring Break reunion I never experienced as they marched up and down the beach on some A Different World type shit

That was funky

- The Foam Party -

I didn't expect to enjoy the Foam jumpoff as much as I did

In fact...

...the Foam Party was my favorite out of all parties held at the disco

The joint wasn't as crowded due to a lot of people hittin' the sack early to wake up for their flight the next day, but that didn't stop me from coming out of my shell to wild out during my last night on the resort

- Organization -

The promoters delivered everything that was on the events itinerary

The stage set up on the beach for the Elephant Man concert and the Erotic Spoken Word event impressed the hell outta me

I wanted to do the spoken word event...

...but my mind wasn't there even though my heart begged me to spit on the mic

Spoken word stage on the beach

I'd shut off my brain during the trip, and wasn't in the mood to write and perform


...maybe next year

- Elephant Man and Ginuwine -

Elephant Man on the beach stage

Both performers did their thing...

...and I felt I got my money's worth

Comedian Trey Elliot opened up the Elephant Man set, and funny ass Shoegasm did her thing before Ginuwine had hit the stage

Matter of fact, let me touch on the Ginuwine issue real fast

A few headz (mainly women) felt a certain way about Ginuwine performing a 20-minute set

They felt he should've performed longer

If you ask me...

...I thoroughly enjoyed his show

For one, people should be grateful to see two mainstream artists perform on separate days hosted by independent promoters, especially on a resort that's STILL considered taboo in society

For two, it's not easy bringing celebrities to an event...let alone to perform outside the country they're from...most of them want your right lung, a mortgage payment, the Sega Genesis you got collecting dust in storage, and a Porsche in order for them to show up

For three, I wasn't expecting a long concert-type of show anyway...

...I just went with the flow

Expectation is the mother of disappointment

And last, Ginuwine's catalog of songs isn't that big in the first place

He was charismatic, he interacted with the crowd, and he performed songs that folks wanted to hear

And what that said, I give Ginuwine an "A" for his performance

The crowd didn't give him enough energy to work with even IF he did wanted to perform longer than he was allegedly supposed to do

Effort goes both ways

Point blank

And on that note, I hope you enjoyed my recap

The trip was my best Hedo experience to date, and I wouldn't mind turnin' up again with XPPS (www.xppsent.com)

Presentation and execution are everything...

...and they did their thing (Final Grade: A)

Click on https://vimeo.com/133372025 to watch the promo video for next year

Peace and Afro Grease

Nah'Sun @ www.nahsunblaze.com