Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Crazed Negroes Fight Over Jordans

What's woody wood, grasshoppers?

Now, ain't this a sight to see...

...you got a buncha negroes (NOT Black folks or Moors...big difference in mentality) fighting over jays that came out in the 90s...scrapping over some out-dated sneakers that was re-released for over $200 and as high as $400 in some cases

I bet you most headz fighting over Jordans have never seen him play

The photo above was taken in The Bronx by the way

What's funny is that you used to get clowned for wearing out-dated sneakers...now headz are stretching their pennies to get them...I've seen these same Jordans hanging on light poles like they were worthless, and now headz are killing each other, and themselves, over a pair 

Peep this picture of the Jordan Concord 11's hanging on a light pole in Brooklyn

And you know what...

...I'm not even mad @ Mike, Nike or whoever for high pricing his shoes...if headz are willing to spend their rent money and go broke to cop a pair, why not charge them an arm and leg? We live in America, baby...you strike when the iron is hot and get it when the gettin' is good

Everything starts @ home...kids don't come out the womb beggin' for
Jordans...it's an endless cycle of trying to keep up with the Jones's in the rat race of materialism

And always lose the race at the end of the day

I see kids going to school everyday rocking a crisp pair of Jordans lookin' bummy as hell...clothes all dingy and shit...they probably can't read a lick

Spelling? A monstrosity

Grammar? Too terrible to discuss

Reading? Most barely reading on a 2nd grade level, if that

Priorities are fucked up, yo

On the flip side of the coin...

...when people aren't used to having shit, they wanna feel like they belong in the American Dream...they wanna have something that they can call theirs...it's part of the Dream that might turn into a nightmare if you're not aware of your situation

Everybody is entitled to have something they can call theirs, but shit, it's not a good look when you're living from check-to-check in poverty and broke as hell, but still find ways to cop high priced sneakers that might get worn out in a few months

I cop $300-$400 cashmere wool suits, but shit, that's an INVESTMENT...I got opportunities based on my attire to make me MORE money...shit's real out here, and every penny should counts

But hey...

...what people eat don't make me shit

The Shoe to Die For...literally

Aight, ya'll...I'm out


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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Stop Snitching (ON YOURSELF!)

What's woody wood, grasshoppers?

This story is kinda old, but it's a cold reminder that it's not always good to blast your criminal activities online...you can best believe that them alphabet boys are watching...but we're living in the age of broadcasting everything you do on the internet

And people keep falling into the trap of snitching on themselves for brownie points

This group of chicks called the Get Money Team from Nap Town had snitched on themselves by flossing on Facebook

In the immortal words of the Notorious BIG, "Bad Boys move in silence,"

And in the immortal words of Jay-Z, "You let them other niggas get the fame, SKIP the fame"

Anyway, enjoy

Click here to watch from your phone or on your computer...the news company disabled the embedded feature...BLEH!!!


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Monday, December 16, 2013

40 B.A.R.R.S vs Tori Doe

What's woody wood, grasshoppers?

Another female eMCee battle starring 40 B.A.R.R.S as she catches wreck against Harlem's own Tori Doe

Tori did her thing...

...but she ain't 40


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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Sara Jay Details Porn Industry Decline

What's woody wood?

Peep game courtesy of Vlad TV
I'll fuck the white offa Sara Jay by the way


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Friday, December 13, 2013

How to Make a Woman Squirt

What's woody wood, grasshoppers?

Enjoy the short, but sweet editorial on making that lucky woman happy when you get lucky

Click here to watch from your phone


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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

40 B.A.R.R.S vs Phara Funeral

What's woody wood, grasshoppers?

Peep this female eMCee battle between my baby 40 B.A.R.R.S vs Phara Funeral hosted by Queen of the Ring in Brooklyn, NY @ Zab Judah's gym

40 is 'bout dat life...

...those other broads ain't



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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The REAL Nelson Mandela

Rest In Paradise to Rolihlahla Nelson Mandela, former President of South Africa…a lot of ya’ll only know him during his later years, but Mandela turnt shit up when he was younger…real talk

The fucked up part about Mandela passing away is that you got negroes who’ll spend all week talking about nothingness like fake ass reality shows and this Sharkeisha chick on Facebook, flooding my damn timeline with fuckery, but won’t say shit about a freedom fighter

All you saw was Rest In Peace for a day…

…and it was back to the bullshit moments later

For those who aren’t familiar with Mandela, peep the short documentary below…it’s only 45 minutes long, and it’s worth the watch

As quiet as kept, Mandela is one of the reasons why Hip-Hop was so "conscious" in the late 80s/early 90s before his release from prison after serving 30 years


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Friday, December 6, 2013

Book Industry Drama

What's woody wood, family?

More book industry drama...

This situation is exactly why it's silly for an author to sign under another author's publishing house...

...it's a train wreck waiting to happen

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the nonsense...you know I did #Fuckery



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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Reasons why 50 Cent's Get Rich or Die Tryin' is a CLASSIC

What’s woody, family?

Let me break down 50 Cent’s Get Rich or Die Tryin' CLASSIC album…10 years have past since it’s release, and guess what…

The album STILL goes hard

I’m finna start out by saying GRODT would've been even dope if they would've let Fiddy use "Magic Stick" for the album…THAT would've been crazy, but hey, shit happens


GRODT is a classic NOT because of record sales

It's a classic because of...

A.) The album's impact on the industry and its influence...there were mad remixes of "In the Club"...not to mention the endorsements like video games and clothes that spawned from its success

B.) The album re-shifted rap from sing-songy melodies back to hardcore

C.) The whole album is dope...I can even tolerate a song like "Like My Style" which is probably the ONLY song I'll skip

D.) You FELT the soul of Fiddy's lyrics, whether ignorant or insightful, with the good production that matched the intensity of his rhymes

And for the record...

I'm a "conscious head"...so that says a lot about my liking GRODT

If Fiddy would've replaced "Like My Style" with "Magic Stick," GRODT would've been in my Top 5 Hip-Hop albums of all-time list...real talk

Let me add on again...

A classic album doesn't have to be perfect in my opinion, UNLESS those one or two tracks that might be suspect completely throws off the chemistry of the album

With that said...

GRODT doesn't have that "Oh shit!!!" moment as far as lyricism...he's not Rakim...but you can hear the pain in his voice by the way of the dent from the bullet on his cheek after recently getting clapped

It wasn't what Fiddy said...it was HOW he delivered his rhymes that married the circumstances that surrounded his near-death experience coupled with him hustlin' before the record deal

"Now it's clear that I'm here, for a real reason//Cuz he got hit like I got hit, but he aint fuckin' breathin"

"I grew up without my pops, does that make me bit-ter//I caught cases I copped out, does that make me a quit-ter"

"I let my watch talk for me, my whip talk for me//My gat talk for me, BLAOW! What up, homie?'"

And so on...

Even something simple as "I'll BREAK your face" was effective based on delivery

Fiddy made something that might look wack on paper better...LOL

Snoop's Doggystyle is a classic regardless of not having mind blowing lyrics and a wide range of topics because his flow, which matched his charisma, was incredible along with the beats from Dr. Dre that were dope

GRODT is the Miami Heat of Hip-Hop...

...it's flawed in some areas but overall gets the job done

Aight ya’ll…I’m out


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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin fuckery

What’s woody woody, grasshoppers?

I’m finna keep this short because I’m sick and tired of seeing and hearing about this nonsense on the news 

For all of you living under the rock for the past two weeks, Miami Dolphins football player Richie Incognito punked the shit outta teammate Jonathan Martin by allegedly hazing him…Richie Rich made Johnny boy cough up 15 racks for dinner and left threatening messages on his Twitter

You also have house niggas on the Miami Dolphins saying Richie Incognito, a white man, is an honorary Black man because of his swag, while not relating to Jonathan Martin, a man of mixed heritage, whose family is pretty much affluent in California

J Martin

I’m giving you the cliff note version, but that’s basically the story

To the house niggas on the Dolphins squad: Swag doesn’t make you Black, dumbasses

...in the immortal words of comedian Paul Mooney, “Everybody wants to be a nigga, but nobody wants to be a nigga”

I’m not gonna spend too much time on the foolish thinking from the negro Dolphins for saying white folks are Black because they know how to string together a few slang words that they got from random rap songs

The Black culture is too rich for the stereotypical dumb shit

On another note, J Martin should’ve rocked the shit outta Incognito…there’s one thing to let a prank slide, but there’s another when a man threatens you as a person…all J Martin needed to do was give Incognito a cherry water (bloody mouth) and that would’ve been the end of it


But this cat made it a big deal by leaving the team, and now you got all this madness about locker room bullying on the news

How the fuck do you bully a grown ass man???

I’m a young cat, but I grew up with old school ways…even my mama told me to throw up my dick beaters if someone put hands on me…Incognito is fucked up for punking J Martin and calling the man out his name, but on the flip side, J Martin should’ve squared up and knocked the shit outta duke, or at least tell him to chill the fuck out if he didn't

You should take every chance to legally knock the shit outta someone especially since I’m sure the Dolphins would’ve let J Martin handle his business behind closed doors if he felt threatened

Headz gotta remember that bullies are punks on the low…

…and that’s evident considering Incognito was bullied growing up

Incognito said him and J Martin were homies, but with a friend like that, who needs enemies?


The news said there were a racial element involved, but I think the bullying part is more important than the supposed racial tendencies between Incognito and J Martin

Anyway, I’m about to be out and stay incognito for the week…pun intended

Peace and Afro Grease

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Peep the Richie Incognito below, click here to watch from your phone

Friday, November 8, 2013

40 B.A.R.R.S vs Dutchess (Female eMCee battle)

What’s poppin’, family?

The king is hella busy…I actually had something new to post, but life got its way with sidetracking me…real talk

I’ma post new blogs all week next week…in the meantime, peep the female rap battle between 40 B.A.R.R.S and Dutchess, hosted by Star of the Star and Bucwild fame @ Black Star Music and Videos in Harlem



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Monday, October 21, 2013

A Love Letter to 40 BARRS

What’s poppin’, family?

Ayo, I’m feelin’ this 40 B.A.R.R.S chick…she’s a female battle eMCee from Boston and got bars…bars are lyrics for all you slow muh’fuckas out ‘chea

Peep the "40 for 40 B.A.R.R.S" love letter below, and then peep her most recent battle against Bonnie Godiva on Queen on the Ring at the end of the verse…my baby 40 got bars for DAYS!

Queen of the Ring is a female rap battle league that holds their battles at Zab Judah's gym in East New York, Brooklyn, and is co-founded by Babs Bunny from the MTV's Making of the Band show

Anyway, it's time for the king to get on some romance shit

40 for 40 B.A.R.R.S

40 days, 40 nights when I saw you afar
You’s the chick, that’s the B.eauty A.nd R.appin’ R.avishin’ S.tar
Drunk on your curves like the champagne glasses,
That can never be debated like your undefeated status,

Got me open when you did your thing rhymin’ in that ring,
You the queen so it’s best you're next to a king,

That go together like schemes, personals, punchlines, rebuttals,
Best believe I take the pain away every time I hug you,

Show you that I hold you if you stumble and fumble,
The flow tumble in cold summers I heat you when I meet you,
Greet you when I treat you like a queen before your battle,
To rattle them other bitches I unleash you off the shackles,

And then you come out, the flow gun out,
You dumb out, on lame bitches that’ll die with their tongue out,
I saw you and said, “damn, peep this hottie’s swag,”
You zip ‘em up, we dirty dancin’ over body bags,

BUYAKA BUYAKA sayonara to the soundbwoy,
BARRS over everything I put that on the wedding ring,
The queen and king that's knockin' out the box,
Slow it down, I’m the king that's knockin' out the box,
And it’s real, I keep it one hunnid, no mirage,
Kissin’ hickies on your belly then I give a foot massage,
Back rubs, on some rubba dub dub shit,
Lickin’ your nipples, you wiggle givin’ that love shit,

Your eyes wide closed 'cuz it’s feelin’ like a dream,
Take my time with you like you settin’ up the illest scheme,
Call you on the celly ‘til I run through 40 bars,
Slow it down, feelin’ good runnin’ through in 40 BARRS,

You froze, from head to nose you pose in my bed,
No clothes you chose to let me give it to you ‘til you doze,
I give it to you rough, rugged and raw,
On some G shit, then I flip it gentle and soft,

Lay on top of you whisper freaky shit that’s soundin’ nice,
Make the bed pop and squeak soundin’ like a thousand mice,
And twice, you bussin’ nuts from the fuckin’ and suckin’,
You tappin’ out fast, shakin’ from the pussy eruptions,

The full course meal for your mind, no appetizers,
The protector, the guide, the head, and the provider,
Gimme 40, I’ll give you pearls as your souljah,
I have on crush on you, and I ain’t talkin’ about the soda,

Click here to watch the battle between 40 B.A.R.R.S (rockin' the leopard print joint) and Bonnie Godiva if you're on your phone


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Speaking of Boston, click here to see what me and Malcolm X have in common

Friday, October 18, 2013

Bombs Over Boston

What’s woody wood, grasshoppers?

Before I blaze the pen to write a love letter to battle eMCee 40 B.A.R.R.S, I wanna talk about my trip to Boston 3 years ago for a book signing at Frugal Books in Roxbury

First of all, I was an hour late…blame the Mega Bus…then again, it was my fault that I was runnin’ on real nigga time since I miscalculated the trip from NY to Beantown

Secondly, I paid 20 bucks for a cab ride from South Station to the Mall of Roxbury on MLK Blvd when I could’ve taken the SL5 bus to the bus terminal in Roxbury instead…and of course, MLK is hood as hell…every MLK boulevard, street, avenue or whatever is the grimiest part of a city

A damn shame considering MLK was all about peace

Anyway…I got to the joint, and saw that Frugal Books is placed inside a mini-mall…I’m not gon’ front, I only sold 3 books…Leonard, the manager of the store, didn’t promote the signing properly…he was cool enough to let me keep his cut of the sales to make up for the fact that my book signing bombed due to the lack of promotion

Shout out to Leonard for doing that when he didn’t have to

I didn’t see anything ordinary besides a heroin addict tryna holla at me at the signing…I can tell she was a looker before the addiction, but shorty wasn’t my cup of henny…I waited at a bus stop in front of the Charlame Park Homes after the signing and took a trip to the heart of Roxbury, Malcolm Little’s old stomping grounds before he got his X

Dudes from that hood knew I wasn’t from there, which is funny because every hood can easily separate the strangers from the familiar faces in a heartbeat

I took a quick trip around Roxbury alone…yep, all by myself like a lion in a jungle …I stand 10 toes solid on my own without walking with a crew on some hyena shit for strength

Aimlessly walking around Roxbury led the king to a thick ol' yella lady with killer hips and a half moon of an ass…

…and I’ll leave it at that for now…LOL

The newly furnished homes in Roxbury spelled gentrification…I see gentrification has stuck its head in Beantown…gentrification is pretty much when a neighborhood increases its land value to move out a group of people to introduce another group of people who can afford the land increase

I got tired of the sight-seeing and stood on Blue Hill Avenue to wait for the bus to take me back to the terminal…an elderly woman pointed to a house where a shooting occurred across the street from the bus stop not too long ago…how fitting that I stood on a notorious block where crack sales and shootings were normal like waking up and taking a piss before you eat breakfast 

Thank God the bus came…the lady who drove the bus was at the book signing earlier that day…she didn’t buy a book, and the heifer had the nerve to tell me…

“I would’ve bought a book if I’d known you were the author of the book signing”

That shit didn’t make any sense because:

A) My table was IN FRONT of Frugal books; anyone with an eye or two could’ve seen me


B) I was the ONLY guy selling books in front of the store

Some people just say shit just to spread hot breath among the air

Besides coming across a few stuck up negro broads in downtown Boston and debating whether to spend the little bit of money I made from sales to see comedienne Sommore at a comedy show, I pretty much had nothing to do while waiting for the Mega Bus to troop me back to NY

Aight, that’s the end of my flashback journey in Boston…I wanted to get my party on, but it’s business over bullshit at the end of the day

Now, on to 40 B.A.R.R.S…that's for the next blog


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Monday, October 7, 2013

Food and Sex

What's woody wood, grasshoppers?

Flu season is bumrushing its way to the country, and it's time to fight off the germs and bacteria by eating healthy to boost your immune system, and for guys to get the blood rushing so they can get it up after bustin' that first nut

Your food is your medicine and your medicine is your food...if you're a meat eater, it's good to DETOX to flush out the poisons floating in your body...real talk

Check out the detox and health kits from Tiffany Dionne...I met her @ a fashion show over the weekend...Tiffany was vending with her products and she got some good stuff for the church also known as the human body at the website below

www.bodywrapfitness.com or shoot an email @ info@bodywrapfitness.com for more info


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Friday, October 4, 2013

7 Ways to Eat Good on a Hood Budget

Stic Man from Dead Prez

What's woody wood, grasshoppers?

Times are hard, and headz feel that eating right means coming more out of the pocket...WRONG!...all you gotta do is set your priorities straight by knowing when and where to eat

Stic Man from the rap group Dead Prez laid out 7 ways to get your eat on the healthy way while keeping some change in your pockets...yeah, eating healthy is generally more expensive than fast food because it's not hard to make fake meat, but spending more dough on your body is more important than rockin' Jordans or those new red bottom shoes that'll get worn out with the gangsta lean in a few months

Peep game below, and then peep the bangin' Dead Prez track "Healthy"...you know a song is dope when it's about health, but you still find yourself bobbin' to the beat and the lyrics


Words from Stic Man:

In the work I do in promoting holistic health and fitness through the RBG FIT CLUB, I have run into the following sentiment more than a few times: “I want to eat healthier but it’s too expensive!”. Many people are interested in ways to upgrade their diet without breaking their bank. Well, I can dig it. And since I been striving to sustain the healthy grind in my life personally since way back in the food stamp days, I think I may have a few tips to share.

The following are 7 Ways to Eat Good While on a Hood Budget. But bottom line always remember, we can pay now or pay later (in suffering and doctor bills etc) when it comes to our dietary discipline and choices.

1. Choose Produce not Packages: People think eating healthy is about buying a lot of expensive boxes and packages of processed foods, but that isn’t the case at all.

The cheapest most nutrient dense food in a grocery store in the produce isle. Fresh vegetables and fresh fruits. Trying to buy costly packaged goods, potato chips and sugary juices and all kinds of over processed items, even at a health food store is when the budget starts to soar. When we feel we don’t have time to cook we often go for a lot of “quick fix” items like pizzas and pre-cut bags of French fries and stuff like that. That’s where the money adds up. But if you fill your basket with fresh greens and fruits and some basic staples like rice, noodles, beans you will not only have an optimal basket of nutritious foods … you will have saved a great deal of money of the food bill and subsequent doctor bills. Eat real foods and save real money. If you worried the fruits and veggies will spoil before you eat them, read on to number 2!

2. Cook Big and Save Some for Later: Cooking meals in large batches and freezing the leftovers for later in the week or month can save you a lot of time and money.

Instead of buying fast food or eating out at restaurants, or even cooking a full meal every time you get hungry, it’s way more cost effective and time saving and healthy for you to pull something out of the freezer and warm it up than it is to wash/chop/slice/boil/bake/wait in line/wait to be served etc.

Pre-preparing and freezing weekly sized portions of rice or salad choppings or beans etc will simplify your meal duties. Even if you have to do a little cooking you will still save money and time seven days a week. Spend an hour or so over the weekend like on a Sunday evening preparing food for the week. Then, during the week, all you have to do is pull something out of the freezer and heat it up. Them big Ziploc bags ain’t just for the D-boys! Lol

3. Soup Up your Options: Large vegetable soups over brown rice or whole grain noodles pack in vitamins and nutrients, fill you up and are easy to make and delicious. Also Bean burritos, chili, and bean soup can be easy to prepare, cheap and good for you. Going totally meatless a couple of times a week (or for good) also helps your budget and gives your palate a variety to enjoy. Frozen veggies, which are inexpensive, work great in Soups. Nothing compares to that good and filling, good feeling of a hot and hearty bowl of Soup. Cheap, packed with nutrients, easy to prepare. Its the new “Soup-er” food! Lol!

4. Make A Plan and See Where Ya Values Are:. In the hood, in all honesty, We spend a gang of money on cable, hair dos, sneakers, weed, parties expensive bottles of alcohol,video games, big screen tvs, rims, jewelry, strip club tricking, trendy name brand clothes, car accessories, headphones, cigarettes all kinds of overpriced things. But when it comes to our health, we often skimp and look for the cheapest food we can find.

But in our best interest, We have to value our health above all these other things, and make eating healthy a priority in terms of how we spend the resources we have. Makes no sense to be fronting like a rich person on the outside ,but in reality, in poor health on the inside, right? But it’s easy for any of us to make excuses without looking at at a budget, so that’s where budgeting comes in handy.

Budgets help us see where our money is really going not where we feel like its going. Budgeting is also a master ingredient to financial stability in general, so not only will it help identify funds that can be used toward more healthful food choices; its an essential tool to manage our financial responsibilities better in general. Usually when we make a budget we can see plenty of stuff we can do without to make room for healthier eating choices. You may say “shoot, I dont make enough money to budget it!” lol, but you don’t have to make a lot of money to benefit from budgeting. Budgeting helps what ever we make stretch farther and get more of what we truly value out of what we have. When we values ourselves more than our things we make healthier choices. Budget, prioritize and prosper.

5. Season your Food: Eat fruits and vegetables that are in season, that is! Otherwise you’ll be paying a much higher price. For example, if you live in the north east United States and you want some watermelon in the middle of the Winter of December, it’s gonna have to be shipped from where ever it is in season to your local market and you pay that extra cost. Also, eating foods that are current in their natural growing season helps strengthen your immune system for that season. Seasonal Fruits can be frozen and blended to smoothies. Frozen vegetables also can be used to make a stir fry. They’re convenient and they don’t spoil quickly like fresh fruits and veggies.

6. Join a Co-op or Local Community Garden: You get discounts on your groceries by being a member of grocery store co-ops. In exchange for your minimal volunteer work hours per month, you get your groceries at Co-op member’s only price. Same thing goes for community gardens. And not only that you get to learn a WHOLE lot about nutrition and health being in that kind of environment.

There are many urban farm movements popping up all over the place where folks are going back to the land, utilizing whatever small plots there are right in the hood, to grow food. Participating with these farms are awesome ways to educate ourselves on growing food. Also, there are usually harvest markets where the food is sold for really affordable prices and you can get first dibs by being a community member. Places like DTown Farms and Freedom Freedom in Detroit and Truly Living Well Farms and Habesha Gardens in Atlanta are great examples of gardens in the hood that you can google and “dig” into! If you have even the smallest plot of land in your yard growing your own food from heirloom seeds (non-gmo varieties) is also another way to save on the grocery bills while mastering a very useful and fun survival skill.

My wife Afya, has been a great source of inspiration in this area in our household. You can Follow her instagram (@AfyaIbomu) blog to see our latest harvests. And last but certainly not least….

7. Drink more water. Many times we think we are hungry, it may be actually a sign of thirst.

The fact that it is recommended by holistic healers and medical experts alike that we drink half our body weight in ounces of water each day, it’s safe to say many of us are chronically dehydrated and as Rocko’s song lyric says “we don’t even know it”. When we are drinking enough water it curbs our appetite so we don’t over eat. Drinking water also says us money on all the sugary drinks on the market that are often what we choose to wet our whistles due to the drug effect of the high sugar, high fructose corn syrup content of most beverages sold in the hood. We can save our money and our internal organs by saying no to the liquid sugar caffiene crack juice aka sodas and artificial energy drinks and just sip on nature’s good old original elixir -H20!

oh…Bottle water getting too expensive? Get a basic filter for your tap, some for as low as $20 bucks and like Kendrick Lamar’s song says “pour up, drank!”


Click here to listen from your phone


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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Kanye SPAZZIN' for Pusha T

Funny shit

Click here to check out from your phone

"If Pusha don't use this as the intro to his album, somethin' wrong with him" - SixerFan1500

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Monday, September 30, 2013

Ja Rule and Irv Gotti Breakfast Club Interview

What’s woody wood, grasshoppers?

Peep the 5-part Irv Gotti/Ja Rule Power 105 Breakfast Club interview by clicking the links below, or watching the videos below from your computer, iPad, or any other fancy shit you walk around with nowadays to look online

The interview is very interesting and entertaining considering I think a lot of Ja Rule’s music is trash







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Monday, September 23, 2013

The Best Underground Track in 2013

What's woody wood, grasshoppers?

This "Sound Good" track from Tre is an instant underground classic

I normally don't give out industry co-signs, but this jam is the truth...I heard it on the Star and Bucwild show on Shot 97 and even bought the MP3 from iTunes...

Click HERE to support good music

Headz complain about the music industry, but don't wanna support the shit they like...they rather download it...that's lame...put your money where your mouth is and cop the single...your dollar is a vote

The whole song broke down the industry to the molecule...word


Click HERE to listen from your phone


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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

LEAK!!! Bootleg Clip of Math Hoffa Punching Serius Jones

What's woody wood, grasshoppers?

Of course, someone was lucky enough to catch the punch served by battle eMCee Math Hoffa to Serius Jones @ the Smack/URL (Ultimate Rap League) Summer Madness 3 event that happened in NYC 2 weeks ago

Click HERE if you need a short reference between the two dudes

My quick thoughts on the fuckery...

Math should be banned from the sport...real talk...and that's the only thing I gotta say about duke because the stunt he pulled on stage by punching Serius was some straight up sucka shit

Leave the street shit in the 'hood...it's a fucked up look for the sport of battle rap...then you wonder why niggas stay broke in the gutter...Smack/URL not only lost the Stage 48 venue because of the nigga moment, but also sponsorship for future battles

Dumb shit scares away money...you saw how HBO didn't want anything to do with battle rap after mad fights happened at the Blaze Battle back in 2000...headz forgot about that, huh? 


Anyway...peep the video below courtesy of World Star...and also the next video from Smack, the co-founder of URL, that dropped today (9/17) talking about banning Math

Click HERE to watch from your phone

Click HERE for Smack's comments on Summer Madness 3 if you're watching from your phone


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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fight at Rap Battle Shuts Down Event

Serius Jones


Math Hoffa

What’s poppin’, grasshoppers?

The king is hella busy with writing my 5th book project…I only have a little time to blog…but now I got some free time
on my hands like a wrist watch


Smack/URL (Ultimate Rap League) had hosted their annual Summer Madness 3 rap battle in NYC at Stage 48 this past Sunday…the battle was going great, but then…

…a nigga moment occurred

To make a long story short, battle MC Math Hoffa from Brooklyn, NY, notorious for bullying other MCs, punched Jersey’s own Serius Jones on some nigga shit…Serius is a veteran battle MC and has a history with Math…both dudes don’t really like each other, and the small time violence was evident of those feelings

The aftermath of those two punches from Math had sent shockwaves throughout the battle rap culture: Smack/URL lost the Stage 48 venue because of the fuckery, Math might find himself blackballed from other rap leagues, and his actions carries on the stereotype that rap events are violent…he couldn’t control his feelings and fucked up

Serius came through the battle on some pimp shit with 3 buck nekkid chicks wearing nothin’ but body paint and g-strings….from my interpretation of the punch story between Math and Serius, Math said a rhyme during the battle, and Serius mockingly said, “Woooo!” because the crowd didn’t respond to Math’s rhyme

I guess Serius saying “Woooo!” on some Ric Flair shit had triggered Math’s fist to kiss Serius’s jawbone

Clip of the Punch

This isn’t Math’s first time punching a guy in a battle…check out the video below in his battle against Philly’s own J Dose

But Math just lost his composure with Serius

Check out Serius Jones’s side of the story…Math posted a vlog on YouTube and later took it down for whatever reason…I liked Math, but he did some sucka shit by not only punching Serius while Serius wasn’t looking, but also putting a black eye on the culture, no pun intended

Peep the other videos after the Serius joint

By the way...URL doesn't plan on releasing the Serius/Math battle


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Click here to read about what supposedly happened between Serius and Math from someone who was @ Summer Madness 3

Click here to watch Serius's side on the punch from your cell phone

Click here to watch Math punch Dose from your cell phone

Click here to watch Math's side of the Dose punch from your cell phone

Thursday, September 5, 2013

2013 West Indian Day Parade and Pics RECAP!!!

What’s woody wood, grasshoppers?

The king got it in @ the West Indian Day Parade jumpoff in Brooklyn on Labor Day…the parade popped off on Eastern Parkway in Crown Heights…a lot of negroes acted too pussy to hit up the parade…they feared gettin’ shot, stabbed, or beat down at the joint

Not meeeeeee

You only live once, and I’m not the one to let fear run my life…I’m not on some tough guy shit, but I have heart…and with that said, I got it crackin’, baby

I met up with my homegirl on Ralph Avenue and we trekked to Rockaway Boulevard to catch up with the lady masqueraders before they paraded on Eastern Parkway

You know I had to get mines before they celebrated, but I saw something funny as hell on my way to Rockaway and Sutton Ave…

...I saw THIS!

Obama Fried Chicken?
Anyway…my homegirl and her friend snapped some flicks of me and the ladies rockin’ their cute lil outfits…I passed out bookmarks after taking flicks with them…yes, I mix business with pleasure, baby
Life is too short for the shy shit

Rockaway got crowded after awhile…po po showed their asses by blocking off the streets, tryna regulate shit…the whole NYPD showed up in Brooklyn…I even peeped a couple of officers I usually see in Queens…real talk

I breezed past the fake ass police barrier and took more flicks of the ladies…man, oh, man…the ladies were THICK as hell, fam

You would’ve thought I died and went to Heaven


The last shorty is BAD…
…bad meaning GOOD for the slow muh’fuckas

(Blogger's edit as of 9/21/15: I found out her name is Sibongile "Symba" Cummings from a chick in a Facebook group I'm in)

The parade started late…ninjas swagged on that Colored People time shit…didn’t matter to me, tho…I had a ball

The floats started on Rockaway and curved up the street before busting that left on Eastern Parkway…I never got behind the steel barriers…fuck, no…I blended with the masqueraders by marching with them down the parkway

I was in the THICK of things…no pun intended

The Sesame Flyers band

Shorty twerked on the stilts...amazing

The Jamaican band
The Haitian band

The Grenadian band

The folks of Grenada did their thing, lookin’ like Muslim ninjas and shit…LOL

The Haitians owned Eastern Parkway…they rolled DEEP…the Jamaican float was okay...JUST okay…I’m very disappointed because at one point in history, when you thought of West Indians in New York, you thought of those Garveyites aka Jamaicans

I see the game ain’t the same
But the band that had everyone jumpin’ out their pants and humpin’ each other like cats in heat were the Freak NY Mas band...they blasted the music and charged the crowd on 10 when the DJ cued in the Bunji Garlin Ready for the Road joint (Click here to listen)...and guess what...

I got it in with them

Freaks NY Mas band

You know I got shit JUKIN'!!!…jukin’ is Chicago slang for "TURN UP"…I got behind any chick I got my hands on and grinded on some ass cheeks…and guess what, most of them went with the program
And no dudes hated either…everybody got it in…everybody had a ball…and I didn’t see or hear any dumb shit like gun shots, stabbings, or killings that stereotypically goes on during the parade on the Parkway
But I DID see two butch broads fight on the sidewalk behind the barrier over a cheeseburger…yep…two dykes throwing jabs over that red meat
A damn shame, ain’t it?
Liquid sunshine drip dropped on the parade…the drizzle didn’t stop the party…the sky cleared, but by that time I called it a day around 4pm…I was beat

I almost missed the whole parade...my homegirl thought the parade ended at 6pm...the joint ended around 2...if it wasn't for me doing my thing while they got some grub, I would've fucked around and missed the whole damn thing

Word on the street is that the city of New York keep raising the prices to charge floats/bands...the cost of putting together a band is costing an arm and leg...that's why only a few bands showed up

I won't be surprised if a corporation show up to sponsor the parade and change the joint to "The (insert company here) West Indian Day Parade"

Everything under the sun is going corporate now

Aight, ya’ll…it’s been real
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Soca Kay, Me, and Frenchy