Tuesday, September 17, 2013

LEAK!!! Bootleg Clip of Math Hoffa Punching Serius Jones

What's woody wood, grasshoppers?

Of course, someone was lucky enough to catch the punch served by battle eMCee Math Hoffa to Serius Jones @ the Smack/URL (Ultimate Rap League) Summer Madness 3 event that happened in NYC 2 weeks ago

Click HERE if you need a short reference between the two dudes

My quick thoughts on the fuckery...

Math should be banned from the sport...real talk...and that's the only thing I gotta say about duke because the stunt he pulled on stage by punching Serius was some straight up sucka shit

Leave the street shit in the 'hood...it's a fucked up look for the sport of battle rap...then you wonder why niggas stay broke in the gutter...Smack/URL not only lost the Stage 48 venue because of the nigga moment, but also sponsorship for future battles

Dumb shit scares away money...you saw how HBO didn't want anything to do with battle rap after mad fights happened at the Blaze Battle back in 2000...headz forgot about that, huh? 


Anyway...peep the video below courtesy of World Star...and also the next video from Smack, the co-founder of URL, that dropped today (9/17) talking about banning Math

Click HERE to watch from your phone

Click HERE for Smack's comments on Summer Madness 3 if you're watching from your phone


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