Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mayweather-Cotto Mansion Fight Party RECAP PART DEUX

What's woody, grasshoppers?

Check out the visual of the mansion fight party hosted by Team Gator...if you missed the written review by yours truly, CLICK HERE and check out the blog I posted awhile back about the joint

For now...enjoy

Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Small Chronic Break

Aight, people

I'm taking a quick break from the blog...got some major writing to do for Thick in the Nick of Time

Some of you are hittin up Miami Beach for Memorial Day Weekend...CLICK HERE for a RECAP blog I posted awhile back for the Do's and Don'ts of Freaknik

'cuse me...I meant Urban Beach Week...heh heh

I know I said I'll probably post some pics from my time in South Beach during Memorial Day Weekend...I'll keep those to myself...what happened in Miami, STAYS in Miami 

We have enough attention whoring on the internet as it is...I don't wanna contribute to the cause

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Nah'Sun the Great

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

She Showed Me Her Tattoo

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaack


Last Saturday I needed to get out the house…the original plan was to bang out a few chapters of Thick in the Nick of Time…the warm weather made me lazy…and plus, I’m not the most creative person when I feel like I’m forced to do something

So I hit up the 12 Plus Entertainment party @ Diva Lounge in SOHO Manhattan (that means South Of HOuston Street for you Non-New Yorkers) 

Houston Street in Manhattan is not pronounced like the city “Use-Ton”…it’s pronounced “House-Ton”  

12 Plus is a promotional party for thick and sexy women and guys who love them…I swooped by and passed out bookmarks of THICK

As I passed out bookmarks, one thing I noticed is that older women are more likely to keep the bookmarks than women under 30…chicks under 30 usually just sit the flyers down on the table or drop them on the floor…I’m not offended by that because I actually had people pick up the bookmarks and hit me up on Facebook 

I just know NOT to give young broads bookmarks…even something simple as passing out flyers is a marketing strategy

I was one of the few dudes among scores of women at the party as Ke’Na, the promoter, was happy to see another guy come through

And once again, I was suited and booted


My get-up attracted this young lady playing poker on her phone by the bar…I eased up on shorty and teased her about playing games on the phone at the freakin club 

ME: What’s your name?

GIRL: Do you wanna know my model name or my real name?

ME: (looks at her with one eyebrow lifted) C’mon, girl. I wanna know your real name

GIRL: (gives me her real name)…my model name is Paw Print


Then she proceeds to show me her tat


Shorty from Jersey was bout it bout it with hers…no hate from me

She said there weren’t enough guys at the party (True), and she needed to keep herself occupied (False)…I say false because a party is what you make it unless it’s extremely wack to the 5th power…the 12 Plus party was good enough for folks to enjoy themselves

The DJ was on point and the drinks were good and cheap…we even formed a Soul Train line later in the night…NICE!

Paw Print would later show me the “lustful” tat on her thigh


Once again…no hate from ya boy…me likey 

I chopped it up her between the times I passed out bookmarks 

Dancing with this other chick I know made me miss a fight between two chicks by the front door

Make a short story shorter, these Spanish chicks came through the party and violated…one of them put up a middle finger in the background of a picture taken by another group of girls and all hell broke loose after that

That’s the story I got *shrugs*

Half the club dipped out after that scuffle…I don’t blame them…but hey, I wasn’t gonna let that ruin my night

I’ll hit up another 12 Plus party again…the promoters were cool peoples...a MAJOR PLUS...I heard the party that they threw last month was packed…that didn’t matter to me as long as I get out the house and inhale some fresh NYC polluted air

I hate crowded clubs anyway

Aight ya’ll…I’m out




Friday, May 11, 2012

Mayweather-Cotto Mansion Fight Party RECAP

I’m back on my bullshit, people…the next book I’m writing is whoopin my time into shape…but I had time to squeeze in a quick blog before I go hard again


Last Saturday I hit up a Mansion party hosted by Team Gator (Shouts out to Bryant and Peoples) somewhere in the jungles of Connecticut…I say “somewhere” because trees surrounded the mansion along with dirty roads leading to the joint


We partied in the middle of nowhere like the letter H

Slap yourself if you didn’t catch that punchline

Taking the train to Brooklyn was a story itself…from this dude stopping me to ask where I copped my fedoras to a chick “psst psst” me, I knew that was the start of a wacky night

One thing I give Brooklyn chicks credit is that they’re GANGSTER when it comes to letting dudes know they’re feeling them

Anyway…I took the Brooklyn bus to the Connecticut mansion (Shouts out to Rameek)…10 buses rolled out from various parts of NYC in total…and let me tell you, the liquor was flowing faster than an Asian Tsunami on that bus

Chicks were CHOOSING HARD, too…not a lot of stuck up broads on my Brooklyn bus...if they felt you, they’ll let you know

As you can see below, you wouldn’t blame them


Folks were drunk before they got to the mansion…the joint was wild…not for nothing, my trip would’ve been fine on the strength of the bus ride to the spot…the party itself was the icing on the cake

We got there at around 10:30pm…just before the main event…I didn’t give a fuck about the fight…I just wanted to get away from the city for a hot minute and pass out bookmarks to promote THICK

One of the promoters had suggested I bring copies of Thick When the Chances are Slim…I only brought 3 joints…Carrying around a knapsack of books at a party was out the question…so I brought a light load…you know I had to mix grinding with pleasure

I’m pissed off at myself for not bringing more books…a group of women at a table actually snapped at me because I ran out of books…which is funny because that never happened to me at a party…chicks usually play broke whenever I sell books at parties…that’s the main reason why I only brought 3

There was this one dude who diet hated on the king…he said something slick to me (which I don't specifically recall), and I fired back with, “Stop cup cakin’,” because he was all up on this chick on the couch upstairs

He answered, “This is the type of girl you cup cake with.”

I started to comeback with, “Naw, player…she should be cup cakin’ on YOU,”…I stopped myself and chucked him a thumbs up as to say “okay”…I wasn’t in the mood to roast him

A tap was good enough

Besides that, I got love from everybody…this other cat handed me a cigar out of respect even though I don’t smoke…I’ll use the cigar for a photo shoot or somethin’


The only issue I had about the whole party is that the busing going and leaving could’ve been better organized, and the party ended abruptly around 2:30am because a fight almost broke out outside the mansion

You know how niggas get sometimes…always wanna fuck up a good thing

But damn, at least the DJ or someone could’ve let folks know that the party was about to wrap up…one last song or somethin’…shit….LOL

I give the mansion party a 9 out of 10…shouts out to Team Gator once again for the mini-vacay…I honestly enjoyed myself, which says a lot because I don’t party hard like that anymore

Aight ya’ll…I’m out like Cotto


Love those Fishnets...Owwwwww!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Naked in Newark

What’s woody, grasshoppers?

I thought about bangin out another chapter of THICK 2…but I decided to bless ya’ll with another blog

The Newark Book Fair was this past Saturday…the joint was cool…didn’t have intentions to sell books…passing out bookmarks, hitting up lectures and making connects filled up my day

Besides Derrick Rose tearing his ACL against the 76ers in the playoffs at the same time I was there, my day was kool and the gang

Of course, you knew I had to pre-game with a bottle of henny in a juice bottle


I got my drank on @ Mansa Mussa’s lecture…he’s a collage artist based in New York…I’m not a lecture type of guy, but dude was interesting…we dialogued a couple times about artists quitting their day jobs to pursue their dreams

Artists should only quit their day jobs IF they have a killer hustling mentality…shyness will leave you broke and starving…if you’re not the type to run up on folks to promote and sell your product, then stay at your 9 to 5 until you at least make the same amount of money you’re making with your dream

Build your dynasty…patience is a bitter plant but its fruits are sweet

Speaking of dynasty, author Wahida Clark sure as hell knows how to hook up her tent…she got prime real estate and attracted a good crowd at her tent from time to time…she’s not a New York Times Best Selling author for nothing


I chopped it up with author JM Benjamin and copped his book…I think dude thought I was the police or something when I took pictures of him and others @ the event…he kept nervously looking around before I approached him.  

You know what….I don’t blame him…I would’ve reacted the same way…especially from someone rockin’ shades…heh heh


Some of you may know that I hate authors…hate is a strong word, but a substitute of being a loner in the game…I’m not in the book industry to make friends…sharing ideas and giving good advice to my colleagues are fine…I’m just not looking to "buddy buddy" with anyone…I’m not writing for popularity

I say that because I only vibe with a few authors…Erick S Gray is one of them…

Women gravitate toward this cat…I told him that this shorty I used to mess with saved a picture of him with his shirt off in the bathroom, and put it on her BlackBerry Messenger profile avatar…I jokingly told him that I was pissed because I thought I was her favorite author…LOL


The event attracted a good amount of folks, but not enough for these people to bring mad cases of books to sell…Gawd-Lee...I'm not even mad @ their high expectations...better safe than sorry


I’m against paying for vending @ book fairs…the vibe and energy @ the Newark book fair was so relaxing that I might break that principle and cop a table next year…it’s only 75 bucks, early bird special…I can make my money back with that fee and then some

I’ll most likely have two books out by then…Thick When the Chances are Slim and Thick in the Nick of Time

Aight ya’ll…I’m out

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