Thursday, May 3, 2012

Naked in Newark

What’s woody, grasshoppers?

I thought about bangin out another chapter of THICK 2…but I decided to bless ya’ll with another blog

The Newark Book Fair was this past Saturday…the joint was cool…didn’t have intentions to sell books…passing out bookmarks, hitting up lectures and making connects filled up my day

Besides Derrick Rose tearing his ACL against the 76ers in the playoffs at the same time I was there, my day was kool and the gang

Of course, you knew I had to pre-game with a bottle of henny in a juice bottle


I got my drank on @ Mansa Mussa’s lecture…he’s a collage artist based in New York…I’m not a lecture type of guy, but dude was interesting…we dialogued a couple times about artists quitting their day jobs to pursue their dreams

Artists should only quit their day jobs IF they have a killer hustling mentality…shyness will leave you broke and starving…if you’re not the type to run up on folks to promote and sell your product, then stay at your 9 to 5 until you at least make the same amount of money you’re making with your dream

Build your dynasty…patience is a bitter plant but its fruits are sweet

Speaking of dynasty, author Wahida Clark sure as hell knows how to hook up her tent…she got prime real estate and attracted a good crowd at her tent from time to time…she’s not a New York Times Best Selling author for nothing


I chopped it up with author JM Benjamin and copped his book…I think dude thought I was the police or something when I took pictures of him and others @ the event…he kept nervously looking around before I approached him.  

You know what….I don’t blame him…I would’ve reacted the same way…especially from someone rockin’ shades…heh heh


Some of you may know that I hate authors…hate is a strong word, but a substitute of being a loner in the game…I’m not in the book industry to make friends…sharing ideas and giving good advice to my colleagues are fine…I’m just not looking to "buddy buddy" with anyone…I’m not writing for popularity

I say that because I only vibe with a few authors…Erick S Gray is one of them…

Women gravitate toward this cat…I told him that this shorty I used to mess with saved a picture of him with his shirt off in the bathroom, and put it on her BlackBerry Messenger profile avatar…I jokingly told him that I was pissed because I thought I was her favorite author…LOL


The event attracted a good amount of folks, but not enough for these people to bring mad cases of books to sell…Gawd-Lee...I'm not even mad @ their high expectations...better safe than sorry


I’m against paying for vending @ book fairs…the vibe and energy @ the Newark book fair was so relaxing that I might break that principle and cop a table next year…it’s only 75 bucks, early bird special…I can make my money back with that fee and then some

I’ll most likely have two books out by then…Thick When the Chances are Slim and Thick in the Nick of Time

Aight ya’ll…I’m out

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  1. Rosana Mamita HernandezMay 3, 2012 at 7:22 PM

    my table was right behind you when you took the pick of the boxes of books which were btw given away free, i was behind the stage! lol, good read!

    1. I should got me a book...heh heh

      Thanks for the love