Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tyler Perry Movies are the Devil

What’s woody, grasshoppers???

Today marks the day when millions of Americans are hitting the polls to cast their vote for either President Obama or Mitt Romney

The only thoughts I have is that the public should exercise their right to vote, but SHOULD NOT place all responsibilities on the shoulders of the President present and future...they ain't mommy and daddy

The real change comes from the face you see when you look in the mirror everyday whether ugly or beautiful

Now, look

I’m not gonna trash Tyler Perry…in all fairness, I’ve never seen any of his movies or stage plays to come up with a valid opinion…I don’t think his movies are my cup of henny

I may be wrong, but hey, I’m not in the mood to consistently watch a man play the role of a woman…Madea movies remind me of those old minstrel shows that got mad love in the chit’lin circuit back in the day…that’s why I struggle with popping in a Madea DVD or any of his other joints that have nothing to do with gangster granny

Now that I think about it, 98 percent of the movies that are out nowadays don’t grab my attention…so it's not just TP movies...I’m more of a documentary kinda guy

Who knows, I might have a change of heart one day...a lady friend is begging me to watch a Madea joint with her to show me the "inspiration" and "messages" in his movies

In defense of Tyler Perry, I’m using this time to holla at the complainers…you know, the people who claim they hate reality shows, but watch it anyway, or the type who shit on Tyler Perry movies without supporting anything else

Yes, those types of people

Speaking of reality shows…

I’m not knocking anybody who watches them, and I don’t think people who enjoy them as well as TP movies are less intelligent

Heck, I enjoy gangster flicks like Goodfellas, Pulp Fiction, New Jack City, Menace II Society, blahzay blahzay

I just think it’s funny that the same people looking down on reality shows are DEDICATED to watching every episode to the point of giving play-by-play analysis on their Facebook timelines on some Madden shit (the main reason why I know about the content of shows like Love and Hip-Hop)

It’s like talking shit about porn stars but masturbating to their videos

They say reality shows are guilty pleasures...but guilty pleasures are taken by small dosages…otherwise, it’s not a guilty pleasure anymore

Back to the subject…

There’s room for Tyler Perry movies…he found his market and he's rightfully capitalizing off it...a good stage play is recession proof…stage plays racked up a grip of money during the Great Depression of the 1930s

If you’re not the type to watch a Tyler Perry movie, support joints like The Great Debaters or historical documentaries like Hidden Colors instead of complaining


Don’t be like that person who says “music today sucks” but don’t take the time to support your favorite artists by downloading their music for free

Just like the polls, a dollar is a vote…remember that

I’m out


Nah’Sun the Great


I edited this piece on November 6th...yes, I can read calendars

Friday, October 26, 2012

...'Cuz only a dog wants a bone

What’s woody, grasshoppers???

Treat yourself to a copy of my novel Thick When the Chances of Slim

If there’s a book that’s better than mine, that means I haven't written it yet

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Thanks for the love and support


Nah’Sun the Great

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Black and Ugly


What woody, folks???

I thought about posting something about Tyler Perry, but I’ll blog about him either tomorrow or Monday

For now, I copied and pasted a short, but deep observation between Black men and Black women in America from a Facebook buddy of mine...hit me up on Facebook @

Read EVERYTHING because this shit hits home...once again, I didn't write this joint, but I thought it was "deep"

Black Men & Black Women:

Early Human Life

Men had more than one wife and carried order, woman obeyed and never challenged authority.


Slavery Era

Men were forced into oppression and even under a hawk's eye showed power that even the opposition couldn't deny nor understand, so the Black man was made subject as an example of what that power can do when challenged by an upper hand. It placed fear into the minds of the woman and the soul of the unborn fetuses

Mid-Slavery Era

Harriet Tubman, a GREAT WOMAN who followed the failed but triumphant attempt of a great Man known as Nat Turner. She understood that her strengths can be accommodated by that example of a Strong she led, not astray!

Late 1800s-Early 1950s

Black Families were now together holding up, making a strategy together surviving as a unit. The mother played her part and the Father (though black balled then) still carried the torch. No sassing, no disruptions, ORDER!

Mid 1950s-Mid 60s

Brothers standing together

Sisters supporting a movement understanding that the poison that condemns the Brothers also takes affect on them…the back bone is in use now. (Still Order)

Late 1960s-1973

Radicals making a choice to be heard, and now bringing the Women into the forefront …giving them a voice, as that voice is as powerful as the hands of a giant and is as sharp as a razor blade. She was the support and the other half keeping it bonded…he was the mind, she was the body, and together they were Soul. (Order)

Drug and High Poverty climax era (mid 70s-early 90s)

This was the re-up of the Willie Lynch Theory, his theory was to eliminate the power (unity) of the Black nation by destroying the man and rebuilding the Female.

Reverse the roles of the household by taking what little they have and only allowing it back by sacrificing the father, thus how project life and welfare really took like fish to water. In that era there were 8 times the amount of fatherless children and non-wedded black women in America. Drugs took the place of their sanity and what grew from that was a new species of uncontrolled mishaps we all know as criminals now....

…Syrup and Crack Babies

This was where they figure…destroy them from the inside out. Turn the women against the men, the child against the mom, and the elder is irrelevant now which equals out to the amount of liquor stores, churches, and casket homes being built in our community, not to mention the amount of new White police no older than your son giving order to you now. Is this not sickening to you? (No Order by nature)

Modern Day Era

Women have been so used to the hand outs given to them as a gift and a curse, bottom line before I continue…

Black Women and Asian Men are the leading faces in the lonely yet successful category. First they take the trust and faith you had in your Kings in exchange for chicken scratch that you owned all along. They then materialize you with false and temporary happiness only to put you in a box away from you true self and being.

They fucked your minds up so badly that you either go in search of comfort from another woman or they mentally pump testosterone in you until you believe you're Men so much until you become a laughing stock behind closed doors.

They Destroyed the Man, only to entrap the Woman and control the Child.

This is still slavery!

Promote yourselves righteously, Queens…and that of the ignorance coming from a lost brother will change the flick of his tongues from stupidity to wisdom. Just think about it, they love it when we as brothers downgrade you, (every white man wants a black woman as his fantasy anyway) they love it when we act ignorant and expose each other (makes for great television)…

…but when we uplift each other and stand together, it’s looked at as Fiction (they categorized the Cosby's fictional family life in TV Guide in the 80s…look it up)…the realistic yet stereotypical Good Times sitcom was looked at as genius!! This is puzzling, and even in that James was under pressure, but he had order…when he finally got his just do to get his family out the gutter THEY KILLED HIM OFF THE SHOW!!

This separation was planned, and now with this stupid ass fashion of today, we are surely doomed, ladies and gentlemen. They separate us through education, fashion, employment and even now in some parts DEMOGRAPHIC!

They have it now to where if a brother even speaks to a sister she may get the nerve to not acknowledge it, but if it’s her turn speaking to him it’s a smile and nod. This is proof that the system of separation has formed and accomplished itself by using the one true thing that’s sacred to all men as a culprit…



Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How to Stop Dating Frustration for Dummies PART 1

I wanna drop a quick jewel between writing chapters to my upcoming novel Thick in the Nick of Time aka THICK 2

If you engaged in steady flows of texting and phone convos with someone, and suddenly that person stops calling and texting... believe they found someone else and put you on the back burner, sweet pea

Charge that person to the game and move on

Sincerely yours,

Your Favorite Author


Nah'Sun the Great 

12/12/12 #SaveTheDate

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Infamous Bus Driver Uppercut

What's woody, grasshoppers???

I know everybody and their mamas peeped the killer uppercut from the fist of Zeus straight outta C-Town...shouts out to Bone Thugs...ha ha!

Bone Thugs are famous rappers from Cleveland for the Hip-Hop challenged folk out 'chea

You know what...

I thought about playing devil's advocate, but since Shidea Lane (she put herself on blast) displayed a lack of responsibility on a couple of Facebook posts, I said "fuck it" and rolled with the punches

You see...

I don't condone servin the honey dips an Ike Turner special...unless my life is in danger, I'll shake the shit outta a broad if she comes out swingin'...especially when I know she can get her ass lit up by yours truly

The problem is that scandalous broads like the one in the clip always think it's okay to do shit like this; disrespectin' men and hittin' them 'cuz they know a man can't hit back or shouldn't ever hit a woman

As a woman, you can't pop off on some gangster shit like another man would, and then wanna fall back on the fact that you're a female when your ass get lit up

Nevermind spittin' on a man like this young lady of the highest forms of disrespect

I'm not gon' lie...that Jim Crow uppercut was casket clean

Axel from Streets of Rage don't have shit on him (shouts out to all my video game heads)

I don't think he should've gotten fired...Suspended? Yes


The girl hit him FIRST, not only that, but WHILE he was driving; endangering the other passengers

Young folks nowadays don't have respect for themselves and others...she got what she deserved...point blank

As a 25 year old, she's old enough to know when to get off the bus or walk away!

It's a bully move on the passenger's part because they know the driver can't defend him or herself without reprecussions from the job

Bus drivers go thru hell, kid

I remember waiting for the N6 in Hempstead, Long Island, and this lady started hitting her crutches on the bus driver because he wouldn't open the back door once they got to the terminal (which isn't allowed)

In front of her daughters!

As far as the chick in the vid, clearly she was in the wrong and showed her ass

It's purely self-defense. If she can't defend herself against someone bigger and/or stronger than her, then she needs to shut up with the ignorance and be more respectful

She wanted to be a man and got treated like one...dude knocked the femininity back in her...she's one of those types that'll say "I fight like a nigga, and I'll fight a nigga"

That's what happens.

A bystanders screamed "she's a female" after the uppercut, but why didn't they asses tell ol girl to calm down before the throw down?

Oh, I forgot, they were busy laughing and filming the rachet...LOL

People said the driver should've called the cops

She was too wild to be was gonna turn physical regardless

She should've taken a seat instead of trying to act hoodrat with it after not paying her fare


Aight ya'll...I'm out

Be safe out on deez skreets


Nah'Sun the Great


The media are some slick mofos by cuttin' the clip and starting it just before the uppercut to paint the picture of a mad bus driver


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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Speed Dating with Curvy Girls

I caught the short end of the stick...

...yep, they caught The Great One slippin'

Date Curves held a speed dating event this past Summer for the taping of the Curvy Girls reality show now airing on the NuVo TV and Hulu websites...the women outnumbered the men (as normal) at the event, and 3 of the 4 stars of the show attended...I saw some cuties at the event but didn't take any of them serious

Curvy Girls is pretty much the full figured version of Sex in the City that follows the lives of Denise, Rosie, Lornalitz and Ivory on their wild quest for fashion model stardom

What I DID know was that the camera crew taped the speed dating event for a reality show held @ The West 3rd Common in lower Manhattan NYC scheduled for a Fall release

What I DIDN'T know was that the show was gonna portray the guys @ the event as losers who weren't worth Lornalitz's and Ivory's time on some "lookin' for love in the wrong place" type shit

In all fairness, I trashed Lornalitz (she bored me) and Ivory (for BitchAssNess) when the camera crew interviewed me after my speed dating rounds with them...what's strange is that they picked me to post-interview about what I thought of the girls out of all the guys there...funny shit 

I thought Ivory and Lornalitz had IQs of cucumbers

What's fucked up is that the show edited out my roasting of them in the post-interview...Hahahahaha

Instead the producers, directors or whoever was in charge of the episode made it seem like the guys at the speed dating joint were flunkies and poo-butts (old school term for loser)

And you know what...

I took it like a sport

All in all, I had fun...would I do it again???


You only live once...and the "let's make these guys turn out to be losers" editing of the episode is funny to me and taught me a valuable lesson:

Never allow anyone control your image and how you're portrayed

Shit...I'm a good lookin' loser...the brother rockin' the grey suit with the matching hat is yours truly...Ivory and Lornalitz should've been lucky to inhale the same molecules I'm breathing

I'll fuck the dog shit outta Rosie and Denise, tho...they can get this work...real talk

I didn't see Rosie that night and Denise wasn't there

By the way...

...I wasn't serious in the segment with Ivory (I said my name was Ebony for cryin' out loud)...hell, I wasn't serious the whole's a reality show...I was just foolin' around on some goof ball shit

It is what it is

*makes animal noises*

Go straight to the 15-minute mark of the show if you don't feel like watching the entire episode

Aight ya'll...I'm out


Nah'Sun the Great


Shout out to the makers of Curvy Girls and everybody involved in the project for showcasing plus size/full figured women in a beautiful light...much love


Speaking of big girls...check out my interview with OOSA Book Club by clicking

Click here to watch the Nude Attitude episode from your phone if the video below isn't working

Monday, October 8, 2012

Kill the Heckler

Heckler - Someone who baits, provokes, or hounds

I have an interesting story to tell...

On a flight this past Saturday to Chicago to celebrate my born day (b-day was yesterday and I'm STILL accepting gifts)...I ran across a heckler on the plane

I won't use the word "hater" because for one, that term is too strong for the situation...and two, "hater" is overused like a hooker from Hunts Point

As the grinder I am, I passed out bookmarks to a few folks on the plane, even this cute ass stewardess, I mean flight attendant, rockin a short, honey blond hair style

This crazy lady sitting a row ahead of me to my right asked me some ridiculous questions in the middle of my discussing THICK to a lady sitting ahead of her

Crazy Lady: Something's funny going on. Are you sure this is a book?

Me: Yes, I wrote it

Crazy Lady: Did you write this book?

Me: Yep

Crazy Lady: Let me see some ID. Your name's not Nah'Sun

She really took it there

I pulled out my book and showed it to the lady in front of her, the lady who originally asked me about the bookmark that led us to discuss THICK

Crazy Lady continued with the heckling...

Crazy Lady: What do you mean by 'only a dog wants a bone'?

Me: Real men want women with some cushion for the pushin

Crazy Lady: I don't know...I'm just asking...something's funny about this...I don't think you wrote the book

Me (jokingly): You don't think a Black man can write a book because society says so?

Yeah, I took it there even though I probably shouldn't...but hey, I threw a jab at the Italian lookin' lady...she was clearly missing a few sandwiches at the picnic

Crazy Lady: I guess you're good considering you got a book out

Me  (Thinking to myself): There's a lot of people who don't deserve the author title, DUMBASS

I wasn't in the mood to fuel the fire of debate...I kept that thought in the dungeons of the mind

What's funny is that Crazy Lady thought I was using the bookmark to holla at the lady sitting ahead of her...I'm glad the lady shut that theory down by mentioning I'd given the bookmark to a few heads on the flight

The flight landing sucked...damn near snapped my neck...and I trooped through Midway with my carry-on luggage

I stopped to check my messages after leaving the security check-point exit, and this dude stepped to me...he asked about the book...dude was on the flight and heard the spat between Crazy Lady and I

I gave Seth (the guy's name) a bookmark and told him to hit me up...we shook hands and went our way

Moral of the story is...

Fuck what people might say or think of you...always carry yourself with dignity and your head high because you never know who's listening...don't take hecklers personal...some people hate their lives and project their frustration on you

I knew Crazy Lady wasn't right based on her erratic drunk-stroll through the terminal after she got off the plane...LOL

And with that said, I'm out like shout


Nah'Sun the Great

Home Sweet Home