Thursday, October 25, 2012

Black and Ugly


What woody, folks???

I thought about posting something about Tyler Perry, but I’ll blog about him either tomorrow or Monday

For now, I copied and pasted a short, but deep observation between Black men and Black women in America from a Facebook buddy of mine...hit me up on Facebook @

Read EVERYTHING because this shit hits home...once again, I didn't write this joint, but I thought it was "deep"

Black Men & Black Women:

Early Human Life

Men had more than one wife and carried order, woman obeyed and never challenged authority.


Slavery Era

Men were forced into oppression and even under a hawk's eye showed power that even the opposition couldn't deny nor understand, so the Black man was made subject as an example of what that power can do when challenged by an upper hand. It placed fear into the minds of the woman and the soul of the unborn fetuses

Mid-Slavery Era

Harriet Tubman, a GREAT WOMAN who followed the failed but triumphant attempt of a great Man known as Nat Turner. She understood that her strengths can be accommodated by that example of a Strong she led, not astray!

Late 1800s-Early 1950s

Black Families were now together holding up, making a strategy together surviving as a unit. The mother played her part and the Father (though black balled then) still carried the torch. No sassing, no disruptions, ORDER!

Mid 1950s-Mid 60s

Brothers standing together

Sisters supporting a movement understanding that the poison that condemns the Brothers also takes affect on them…the back bone is in use now. (Still Order)

Late 1960s-1973

Radicals making a choice to be heard, and now bringing the Women into the forefront …giving them a voice, as that voice is as powerful as the hands of a giant and is as sharp as a razor blade. She was the support and the other half keeping it bonded…he was the mind, she was the body, and together they were Soul. (Order)

Drug and High Poverty climax era (mid 70s-early 90s)

This was the re-up of the Willie Lynch Theory, his theory was to eliminate the power (unity) of the Black nation by destroying the man and rebuilding the Female.

Reverse the roles of the household by taking what little they have and only allowing it back by sacrificing the father, thus how project life and welfare really took like fish to water. In that era there were 8 times the amount of fatherless children and non-wedded black women in America. Drugs took the place of their sanity and what grew from that was a new species of uncontrolled mishaps we all know as criminals now....

…Syrup and Crack Babies

This was where they figure…destroy them from the inside out. Turn the women against the men, the child against the mom, and the elder is irrelevant now which equals out to the amount of liquor stores, churches, and casket homes being built in our community, not to mention the amount of new White police no older than your son giving order to you now. Is this not sickening to you? (No Order by nature)

Modern Day Era

Women have been so used to the hand outs given to them as a gift and a curse, bottom line before I continue…

Black Women and Asian Men are the leading faces in the lonely yet successful category. First they take the trust and faith you had in your Kings in exchange for chicken scratch that you owned all along. They then materialize you with false and temporary happiness only to put you in a box away from you true self and being.

They fucked your minds up so badly that you either go in search of comfort from another woman or they mentally pump testosterone in you until you believe you're Men so much until you become a laughing stock behind closed doors.

They Destroyed the Man, only to entrap the Woman and control the Child.

This is still slavery!

Promote yourselves righteously, Queens…and that of the ignorance coming from a lost brother will change the flick of his tongues from stupidity to wisdom. Just think about it, they love it when we as brothers downgrade you, (every white man wants a black woman as his fantasy anyway) they love it when we act ignorant and expose each other (makes for great television)…

…but when we uplift each other and stand together, it’s looked at as Fiction (they categorized the Cosby's fictional family life in TV Guide in the 80s…look it up)…the realistic yet stereotypical Good Times sitcom was looked at as genius!! This is puzzling, and even in that James was under pressure, but he had order…when he finally got his just do to get his family out the gutter THEY KILLED HIM OFF THE SHOW!!

This separation was planned, and now with this stupid ass fashion of today, we are surely doomed, ladies and gentlemen. They separate us through education, fashion, employment and even now in some parts DEMOGRAPHIC!

They have it now to where if a brother even speaks to a sister she may get the nerve to not acknowledge it, but if it’s her turn speaking to him it’s a smile and nod. This is proof that the system of separation has formed and accomplished itself by using the one true thing that’s sacred to all men as a culprit…



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