Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tyler Perry Movies are the Devil

What’s woody, grasshoppers???

Today marks the day when millions of Americans are hitting the polls to cast their vote for either President Obama or Mitt Romney

The only thoughts I have is that the public should exercise their right to vote, but SHOULD NOT place all responsibilities on the shoulders of the President present and future...they ain't mommy and daddy

The real change comes from the face you see when you look in the mirror everyday whether ugly or beautiful

Now, look

I’m not gonna trash Tyler Perry…in all fairness, I’ve never seen any of his movies or stage plays to come up with a valid opinion…I don’t think his movies are my cup of henny

I may be wrong, but hey, I’m not in the mood to consistently watch a man play the role of a woman…Madea movies remind me of those old minstrel shows that got mad love in the chit’lin circuit back in the day…that’s why I struggle with popping in a Madea DVD or any of his other joints that have nothing to do with gangster granny

Now that I think about it, 98 percent of the movies that are out nowadays don’t grab my attention…so it's not just TP movies...I’m more of a documentary kinda guy

Who knows, I might have a change of heart one day...a lady friend is begging me to watch a Madea joint with her to show me the "inspiration" and "messages" in his movies

In defense of Tyler Perry, I’m using this time to holla at the complainers…you know, the people who claim they hate reality shows, but watch it anyway, or the type who shit on Tyler Perry movies without supporting anything else

Yes, those types of people

Speaking of reality shows…

I’m not knocking anybody who watches them, and I don’t think people who enjoy them as well as TP movies are less intelligent

Heck, I enjoy gangster flicks like Goodfellas, Pulp Fiction, New Jack City, Menace II Society, blahzay blahzay

I just think it’s funny that the same people looking down on reality shows are DEDICATED to watching every episode to the point of giving play-by-play analysis on their Facebook timelines on some Madden shit (the main reason why I know about the content of shows like Love and Hip-Hop)

It’s like talking shit about porn stars but masturbating to their videos

They say reality shows are guilty pleasures...but guilty pleasures are taken by small dosages…otherwise, it’s not a guilty pleasure anymore

Back to the subject…

There’s room for Tyler Perry movies…he found his market and he's rightfully capitalizing off it...a good stage play is recession proof…stage plays racked up a grip of money during the Great Depression of the 1930s

If you’re not the type to watch a Tyler Perry movie, support joints like The Great Debaters or historical documentaries like Hidden Colors instead of complaining


Don’t be like that person who says “music today sucks” but don’t take the time to support your favorite artists by downloading their music for free

Just like the polls, a dollar is a vote…remember that

I’m out


Nah’Sun the Great


I edited this piece on November 6th...yes, I can read calendars

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