Thursday, October 11, 2012

Speed Dating with Curvy Girls

I caught the short end of the stick...

...yep, they caught The Great One slippin'

Date Curves held a speed dating event this past Summer for the taping of the Curvy Girls reality show now airing on the NuVo TV and Hulu websites...the women outnumbered the men (as normal) at the event, and 3 of the 4 stars of the show attended...I saw some cuties at the event but didn't take any of them serious

Curvy Girls is pretty much the full figured version of Sex in the City that follows the lives of Denise, Rosie, Lornalitz and Ivory on their wild quest for fashion model stardom

What I DID know was that the camera crew taped the speed dating event for a reality show held @ The West 3rd Common in lower Manhattan NYC scheduled for a Fall release

What I DIDN'T know was that the show was gonna portray the guys @ the event as losers who weren't worth Lornalitz's and Ivory's time on some "lookin' for love in the wrong place" type shit

In all fairness, I trashed Lornalitz (she bored me) and Ivory (for BitchAssNess) when the camera crew interviewed me after my speed dating rounds with them...what's strange is that they picked me to post-interview about what I thought of the girls out of all the guys there...funny shit 

I thought Ivory and Lornalitz had IQs of cucumbers

What's fucked up is that the show edited out my roasting of them in the post-interview...Hahahahaha

Instead the producers, directors or whoever was in charge of the episode made it seem like the guys at the speed dating joint were flunkies and poo-butts (old school term for loser)

And you know what...

I took it like a sport

All in all, I had fun...would I do it again???


You only live once...and the "let's make these guys turn out to be losers" editing of the episode is funny to me and taught me a valuable lesson:

Never allow anyone control your image and how you're portrayed

Shit...I'm a good lookin' loser...the brother rockin' the grey suit with the matching hat is yours truly...Ivory and Lornalitz should've been lucky to inhale the same molecules I'm breathing

I'll fuck the dog shit outta Rosie and Denise, tho...they can get this work...real talk

I didn't see Rosie that night and Denise wasn't there

By the way...

...I wasn't serious in the segment with Ivory (I said my name was Ebony for cryin' out loud)...hell, I wasn't serious the whole's a reality show...I was just foolin' around on some goof ball shit

It is what it is

*makes animal noises*

Go straight to the 15-minute mark of the show if you don't feel like watching the entire episode

Aight ya'll...I'm out


Nah'Sun the Great


Shout out to the makers of Curvy Girls and everybody involved in the project for showcasing plus size/full figured women in a beautiful light...much love


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Click here to watch the Nude Attitude episode from your phone if the video below isn't working


  1. Interesting though really speed dating is dumb in general and anyone that takes it seriously needs help the growl thing made me laugh lol

    1. That was my first speed dating experience that happened to be filmed for a reality show...yeah, it shouldn't be taken seriously...but hey, you never know

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