Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Infamous Bus Driver Uppercut

What's woody, grasshoppers???

I know everybody and their mamas peeped the killer uppercut from the fist of Zeus straight outta C-Town...shouts out to Bone Thugs...ha ha!

Bone Thugs are famous rappers from Cleveland for the Hip-Hop challenged folk out 'chea

You know what...

I thought about playing devil's advocate, but since Shidea Lane (she put herself on blast) displayed a lack of responsibility on a couple of Facebook posts, I said "fuck it" and rolled with the punches

You see...

I don't condone servin the honey dips an Ike Turner special...unless my life is in danger, I'll shake the shit outta a broad if she comes out swingin'...especially when I know she can get her ass lit up by yours truly

The problem is that scandalous broads like the one in the clip always think it's okay to do shit like this; disrespectin' men and hittin' them 'cuz they know a man can't hit back or shouldn't ever hit a woman

As a woman, you can't pop off on some gangster shit like another man would, and then wanna fall back on the fact that you're a female when your ass get lit up

Nevermind spittin' on a man like this young lady of the highest forms of disrespect

I'm not gon' lie...that Jim Crow uppercut was casket clean

Axel from Streets of Rage don't have shit on him (shouts out to all my video game heads)

I don't think he should've gotten fired...Suspended? Yes


The girl hit him FIRST, not only that, but WHILE he was driving; endangering the other passengers

Young folks nowadays don't have respect for themselves and others...she got what she deserved...point blank

As a 25 year old, she's old enough to know when to get off the bus or walk away!

It's a bully move on the passenger's part because they know the driver can't defend him or herself without reprecussions from the job

Bus drivers go thru hell, kid

I remember waiting for the N6 in Hempstead, Long Island, and this lady started hitting her crutches on the bus driver because he wouldn't open the back door once they got to the terminal (which isn't allowed)

In front of her daughters!

As far as the chick in the vid, clearly she was in the wrong and showed her ass

It's purely self-defense. If she can't defend herself against someone bigger and/or stronger than her, then she needs to shut up with the ignorance and be more respectful

She wanted to be a man and got treated like one...dude knocked the femininity back in her...she's one of those types that'll say "I fight like a nigga, and I'll fight a nigga"

That's what happens.

A bystanders screamed "she's a female" after the uppercut, but why didn't they asses tell ol girl to calm down before the throw down?

Oh, I forgot, they were busy laughing and filming the rachet...LOL

People said the driver should've called the cops

She was too wild to be was gonna turn physical regardless

She should've taken a seat instead of trying to act hoodrat with it after not paying her fare


Aight ya'll...I'm out

Be safe out on deez skreets


Nah'Sun the Great


The media are some slick mofos by cuttin' the clip and starting it just before the uppercut to paint the picture of a mad bus driver


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