Tuesday, February 24, 2015

When Losing Your Luggage Goes Right

Losing your luggage at the airport is a bitch...

...especially when you're in a foreign country

The red-eye flight that me and my homegirl, Missy, took from JFK to Jamaica wasn't the problem...neither was the group of Guyanese headz wildin' out in the line before boarding the plane...I'll act a fool if I was hittin up a wedding in Jamaica, too

The problem was someone NOT watching the luggage they took from the baggage claim

Missy and I got to the airport at MoBay (that's Montego Bay for you non-traveling muh'fuckas), and everybody got their luggage safe and sound...

...except her

Horny, hungry, thirsty, tired and burning to take a shower, I waited with Missy for damn near 3 hours at the airport doing everything we could to look for her suitcase...I'm talkin' 'bout the suitcase with a pink panty string tied to the handle...how could you NOT notice that when you take a suitcase???

Between drinking overpriced soda and trading mouth-to-mouth backwash with Missy (freaky, but fun), I broke the cobwebs of boredom by asking headz in large groups if they were hittin' up Hedo after they stepped to the lobby from their plane

I ran into my homie QueeZe at the airport check-in for the shuttle to Hedo...he started posting in my Facebook group not too long before the trip...

...and he rolled DEEP with his crew from Atlanta

Never met the guy, so I played eeny, meeny, miny, moe between him and Dee Jay, another cat that flew with them who had the same complexion as him

I didn't pick QueeZe...

...I picked Dee Jay, and felt silly doing that in front of their crew

Me: Are you QueeZe?

Dee Jay: Naw, I'm not

Me: Ooooooh shit! My bad. (Looks around the crew). Oh, YOU must be QueeZe!

QueeZe: Yeeeeah, homie. I'm QueeZe. You think all light skinned niggaz look the same (laughs)

He recognized me from the group as "Wavy" and we kicked it for a while before they jetted to the shuttle

Him and his crew were part of Mocha Fest for the trip, and my crew was Stimulation Overload (Click HERE for details)


...I entertained myself by talkin' to any chick I thought were going to Hedo

Ya bwoy got the jump on 'em before the other guys from the resort

*sinister grin*

Life is chess, not checkers

I met a group of tenderonis from Atlanta...they were diggin' the kid, and I dug them...not the type to overcook my welcome, I shot the shit with them for a few odd minutes and kept it movin'

Doing shit like that kept me busy

Fast forward from my makeshift meet and greet at the lobby, Missy finally found her luggage

And guess who had it?

The GUYANESE headz!!!

Missy from the jump had a feeling that they were too wild to realize they took the wrong suitcase...and she was right...then we waited for another 30 minutes...a few of them decided to take their sweet ass time to drop off the suitcase from the hotel

A ball of fury had pushed me to G-check two dudes from the Guyanese crew for taking too long to drop off the luggage

The airport complemented Missy with a drink and a beef patty for the wait...

...and I "got nothin' but face in ass" (old school phrase for nothing!)

The two hour shuttle from MoBay to the Hedonism II resort in Negril isn't bad...I love sight-seeing...why?

Because I get to see shit like this...

Fast forward again to the first night at Hedo...

...the after-party at the nude Jacuzzi at the resort

The resort was a ghost town...I saw nobody...everybody were either fuckin' in their rooms or chillin' in the nude Jacuzzi

Horny as hell, I went on the prowl...normally I'm laid-back, letting the fun cum to me...but a hard dick that's dry ain't a good look when you're on a sex resort

And lo behold...

...one of the shorties from ATL that I met at the airport just so happen to stroll by the disco around 2am, heading to the nude pool

We got it in...not once...but twice

We fucked on the grass area by the hammocks near the bathrooms, and later I nutted on her face in the Blow Job Cave

Funny thing is, playing with her publicly got me more pussy...everybody from that night forward knew about us...and that was unintentional

Some guy from Ireland even suggested to his wife that she suck me off

Crazy shit, ain't it?

Shorty from ATL said one of the main reasons why she played with me was on the strength of my approach...like I had sense...not some bum ass dude who thinks with his dick

You know, the type who acts like they get no pussy back home

Anyway, me and the chickawana took the show back to my room...I asked shorty if she was bi-sexual on the way there...she gave me a "kinda" type of answer

She was frontin'

I introduced shorty to my roommate (NOT Missy) and they got wild with it moments later...

...then it was my turn

She stayed just a few doors down from us with her roommate...I lost track of time...the sun beat us to the punch, and I walked shorty to her room

She wanted round 4 on the booze cruise to Rick's Cafe on the other side of Negril for her Mocha Fest crew to watch us fuck

I didn't make it...

...I was deadbeat tired

*** The moral of the story is ***

First impressions are everything

Peace and Afro Grease

Nah'Sun @ www.nahsunblaze.com