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Long Island Hates J Cole

What's woody wood, grasshoppers?

Looks like J Cole had ruffled some feathers...some cats on Long Island feel a way about him joking on their hood...peep the vid below

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And ever since then...

...a million and one diss tracks about J Cole from Long Island rappers have flooded the internet

Most of them, if not all, are wack as hell...let's keep it a stack...attention whoring ain't gangsta

On the other hand...

...I can understand why they wanna get at Cole about the joke he made on stage

If someone disses your hood, you're expected to get at them by all means

The problem is, J Cole cracks jokes about someone being from the town where he's's part of his harm, no foul

Not only that...

...the J Cole diss tracks I heard are garbage truck wack juice

Which brings me to Reek Da Villain, formerly of the Flipmode Squad

As the most well-known rapper from Long Island of his generation, the self-proclaimed "King of Long Island" took it upon himself to lead the charge against Cole

Peep the video below (CLICK HERE to peep on your phone)

If you ask me, the track is lukewarm

Dude missed a golden opportunity to bring all eyes on his hood by NOT droppin' a classic diss track against one of the biggest names in Hip-Hop

Hey... worked for Tim Dawg when he dropped "Fuck Compton"

I personally believe that headz are using this opportunity to get some publicity by dissing Cole, because if they were REALLY serious about disliking him on the strength of the joke, they need a reality check to cash and buy a life

By the way...

...Long Island is NOT soft

I repeat

Long Island is NOT soft

Don't get it fucked up, there's more to Strong Island than wine, fishing, and the iced tea

I remember when my ex-girlfriend's mother had told me Long Island was soft before I went off to college...

...she's from Brooklyn

So my first impression of L.I. before hittin up a Spring open house at a school in Hempstead was a lily white suburb on the outskirts of the Rotten Apple


Maaaaaaaaan, I was shell shocked when I stepped off the Long Island Rail Road @ the Hempstead Terminal

The Stead looked HOOD as hell, and still is

I remember telling this dude from Baltimore at a ski trip awhile back to stop sleepin' on Long Island when it comes to that street shit as he thought shit didn't pop off in the 'burbs

Shout out to Hempstead, Uniondale, Roosevelt (Exit 21), Freeport, Amityville, Wyandanch, Brentwood, Central Islip, New Cassell, Elmont, Huntington, and Riverhead

Oh yeah...

...Reek dissed Fayetteville on the track, too

Fayetteville, North Carolina (where J Cole is from) isn't a walk in the park...I'm not the one to glorify violence, but them cats in the country don't play...real talk

Just like how Reek might feel a way about headz under-estimating Long Island's gangster, I think he might wanna pause about Fayetteville as well

Them country boys get busy

And on that note...

...I'm out

Peace and Afro Grease

Nah'Sun the Great @


One love to Dejah Joyner...

...the 12-year-old girl girl who got killed in her home @ Hempstead  Heights last week by a stray bullet

The L.I. cats that's fuckin' around makin' diss tracks about J Cole should put their time and energy to rap about squashing the fuckery that goes on in their hood

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Loaded Lux vs Charlie Clips RECAP

Loaded Lux vs Charlie Clips

What's woody wood, grasshoppers?

We finally got what we've been waiting for...

Loaded Lux vs Charlie Clips

I RECAPPED this jawn because I didn't give a fuck about the other battles on the URL (Ultimate Rap League) Summer Madness 5 card

I'm just keepin' it a stack

Besides the fuckery during the coin toss and between rounds, this jawn is classic

Straight up

The battle had everything: bars, flow, personals, drama, freestyle, jokes and crowd reaction

So let's get down to it

ROUND 1 (6:50 start in the clip)

Lux came out swinging...his flow was on point with schemes for days...out of all Lux's rounds in the battle, this is my favorite from the one they nicknamed "Beloved"

And the funny thing is...

...I think a lot of his rhymes had went over a lot of folks' headz at first listen including mine

Alot of headz didn't peep why Lux repeated Clips's name before he started his round

People in a game use two pencils and shape them to a cross and say, "Charlie Charlie, are you there?" to see if the demon spirit is real...if there's no response, the spirit is fake...Lux is low key calling Clips a fraud

They also slept on Lux's other punches and schemes in the first

1. "As much flack as you got from not being in L.A. with them sneakers"

2. The Pizza Scheme...

3. Sending a message taking characters (Twitter)

4. Suited up, forever slacks. Prep...

5. Tits. Broad layers...

"Just cuz you got tits, bra (bruh), don't mean you be thinking in +broad (a chick) layers+"

6. Bootleg. Copy that, Clips a fraud...

"You got to look at how the +bootleg cut+ if you +copy+ that, this +Clips+ a fraud//this +pictures+ off"

7. Pillsbury doughboy/Boys N the Hood line...

8. Sike I lied... (Hollow Da Don trademarking Clips's slogan)

9. Cell phone scheme (Sprint, TMobile, Sim)

"You can't tell that to a nigga without a car, just him//And his +T-mobile+ the minute you roll over, try to play you like a +Sim+ (the video game/sim card)//That was him//All the ex-producers and managers planning to be in my +top five fave+ friends//'til they figured they ain't got drive for the long run that's when they came to +Sprint+//but this a marathon we in"

10. Ben Stiller line..

11. Audi logo/Bandages scheme

"This is what happens when these niggas get mentally famished//and can't handle it//their mental feeds be fishing, they can't manage it//'cuz they ain't bread (bred) for this type of meet (meat), but you could hook up the sandwiches//I mean, look, you got what ever type of advantages//Could be damages//Standing in your lobby thinking how he//Put his rounds together that's a sign, that nigga Audi//I been planning this//to rap (wrap) circles around a body, nigga, you're lucky it could be bandages"

12. Malcolm with the rifle line (click the photo below for a better read)

13. "Raisin on a nigga like dried prunes"

But what blew my mind was how I missed the schizophrenic scheme and the reason why Lux had changed clothes before his round

"You can say I'm a preacher, a Panther, Rich Porter, a YMCA dancer//Whatever, they gonna laugh, you're entertaining//I just figured in the age//Where trigger fingers turn to Twitter fingers//Don't be sending a message, take a certain number of characters to explain it//Like how me, myself, and I, already dangerous, but schizophrenic//You with a Harlem hustler, that will black out with the shotguns on the stages//I kill you in front of mom free of charge, and then pay for your whole funeral arrangements (click the photo below for a better read)

Don't get it fucked up, tho...

...Clips did his thing, too (14:11 start in the clip)

The first was also his strongest in my opinion

The more entertaining Clips rocked the crowd...they were clearly on his side...his flow was easier to follow, and he threw a haymaker when he rhymed...

"Oh, you talkin to me while the crowd goin' crazy, you don't know to work the heckler//Stomach shot, paramedics surprised, they don't know how to work the stretcher//He said 'Harlem Hospital giving beds out,' that'll work whatever//But the hole so big, Harlem Hospital and Presbyterian gotta work together!"

1. The God Blessing scheme

2. The Clips wannabe Loaded (Lux) scheme

3. The Fabolous line

4. The paralyze line

5. Home's Improvement/Ceiling line

6. The Puma line

7. Battle on the roof/Ass bettin'

The Uber and the Will Smith lines were questionable... pay AFTER the ride with Uber, and the movie was I Am Legend, NOT Independence Day


(Lux 23:30 start in the clip)

Lux schemed heavy in the second round, and got the crowd on his side with a more simpler and comical approach

Dude even busted out in a freestyle twice with the Wavy and hospital lines

Peep the highlights from Lux's second...

"These type niggas, they for y'all, that's like that show on Starz// Nah, I'm into authentic Power//When in an hour you ain't gotta act like,"50 cent ain't enough", so disrespect? You allow it// How you talkin' principle (principal) shit? Well, I never attended Howard// But as a student of the game, I know you can't just claim to be a man and not put on those trousers// I watched you gun talk a nigga for 3 minutes straight, my nigga, bullet showers//We just want to know where was the tech when Big Cheese kept your 7 hundred and fifty dollars"

"This happens when you get to guessin' at the debates//Chess is what I play//And if Coutour (Clips's girlfriend) know the game, she know it's over once a nigga get +checked+ in front of his +mate+"

"I came to fight, fat boy, sleeves up//I roll up on this nigga like a pants cuff//Break his whole dance up//Pop Lock//I wanna hold tall Couture, handsome//How long u gone cockblock?//'What's the time, Smack?'//Why yo fake shooters always worried bout the shot clock?//you stop watch ass nigga, prolly a laptop over backshots//That flabby bag ain't built to last//you get in, pull the trigger fast//This BLACK ass not BLACK OPS//You a Charlie CLIPS, I'm FULLY LOADED//You just a trailer in my movie, SNAPSHOT//Ain't no future in frontin', BACKDROP//You in here with the main attraction, MASCOT"

A lot of people thought Lux's second round was his dopest

Me personally...

...I thought his second was light compared to the first

His finish wasn't as strong as the first

Oh yeah, Lux also dissed Smack on the low

"You (Clips) the only nigga in battle rap with a 360 deal, nigga//You let this hairy nigga play J. G. Wintworth" (referring to Smack)

People didn't even catch that low key diss

Now on to Charlie

(Clips 29:50 start in the clip)

Clips once again entertained the crowd with the Don't Be a Menace joke

For those who don't know, Lux became known as a conscious eMCee since his battle with Calicoe, and a few headz have been mocking him about his style change ever since

That's why Clips played on the joke with the kufi and glasses, acting like the righteous character from the movie

That shit Clips did was funny as hell, tho...

...I can't lie

The Lux impression he pulled was hilarious and hella entertaining

I think Clips lost his luster in this round...his rhymes were "eh"...the jokes were cool, but I thought Clips did better with incorporating jokes WITH the bars in the first round

And I think that's why the crowd booed Clips before he finished his second

The Roy Rogers/Popeyes line was dope, tho

Now on to the third and last round

Round 3

(Lux 38:35 start in the clip)

If anyone had Lux and Clips tied at this point, I think this round was the most defining moment of the battle

This round was the most personal...

...and Lux most definitely brought heat to Clips

We just gon' share that half a square while we wait here and park at the scene//this the spot where Rex popped off, and didn't accomplish a thing//I'm taking shots//but I'ma stop off at every bar in between//What Arnold got, the schwarzr-nigga strong on the machine//pull up sharp, when I come out the rock like Arthur the king 

Lux's rhyme scheme in those bars were crazy

What got me open was when he spat... 

You and yo punk ass daddy a couple of chatty pattys, nigga//Acting catty, meow//Math was swinging, you was standing there playing caddy//I thought you was a killer, Charles? LeRay//I thought Chuckie wasn't no joke?, He just think he DeRay//You might be a DJ, the way you turn on niggas in the jam you in//You switched on Cor & Chamberz, after you let they man get whipped//Dammit Clips//I know +comedians+ don't do candid script//And you a funny acting ass nigga, too, but that wasn't no +stand up+ shit


And then the paperwork about Clips's pops snitching on The Lynch Mob, the drug crew that operated on Lenox Ave and 142nd Street in Harlem...according to documents, a Feds magazine article, and former members of the crew, Clips's pops, Charles "Fat Leon" Brown, cooperated with the government and then reneged on the deal at the stand which got him LIFE in federal prison

Lux name drops Farris Phillips and Lou Simms in the round, former members of The Lynch Mob who copped pleas instead of flippin' on the crew (click the photos below for a better read)

Lux used that angle to say how Clips shared the same charactistics as his pops by throwing fellow battle eMCees Cortez and D Chamberz under the bus during his battle against Hollow Da Don 

And the funny thing is, what made Lux's 3rd round hit home was when Clips told the world the private convo he had with Verb about how to battle Lux in that same round

"The apple don't fall far from the tree" - Lux

If Smack didn't stop Lux from rhyming the second time, I think he would've destroyed Clips...real talk...from what I saw, Lux was about to say some shit to burn Clips's soul if he already didn't before the round ended

I've never seen a serious looking Clips rattled during a battle 

Then it was on Clips (Clips
 50:20 start in the clip)

Clips tried to rebuttal Lux's claims of his pops snitchin' by saying how Faybach's pops's was a snitch, too

Faybach is the light skinned cat who brought out the paperwork of Clips's pops supposedly cooperating with the government in the battle

I think Clips took too long with trying to rebuttal Lux's 3rd round...he should've stuck with the program by using at least four bars to address the issue, and then going back into his writtens...he didn't start cookin' until late in the round, but by then, it was too late

I got the mind of a Martin Luther//Look at me, king, you should be proud of me//And I shall overcome, on your girl's lips while she's mouthin' me//I Had a Dream, that all these people in the front row was comin' out for me//And how ironic, they watchin me lose my mind from the balcony

That scheme from Clips was hard

The time limit killed the battle, but I still thought the joint was saw everything, rhymes, drama, fuckery, personals and crowd participation, and with that said...

...I gave Lux the battle 3-0 (no bodybag) 

Lux had a FOCUS; a main idea (assassinate Clips's character persona)...

...Clips, on the other hand, stirred up jokes, punchlines and rebuttals in a pot of gumbo and cooked up his rounds

At first, I said the battle was debatable...I had Clips winning round 1 with Lux bagging the 2nd and 3rd...the more I watched the battle, I got Lux edging the 1st (that round was the most debatable to me)

If anybody got Clips, I wouldn't be mad...I just felt Lux's material more...Clips won in the room, but Lux's style is timeless to the point where he never gets old on repeated watches because you constantly catch hidden jewels you never caught in the first few views 

"+Dead+ niggaz are always +late+" - Lux using a metaphor of a clock and a battle emcee dying on stage (when someone dies, you call them the late (insert name here)

Some headz might say you shouldn't have to watch a battle numerous times to pick a definitive winning, but to be honest with you...I don't think Lux is necessarily aiming to win in the room

He's rapping to the camera, not the crowd...battle rap to him is a legacy...and the method to the madness of giving the audience more for the future is what brings freshness to his battles

The comedy from Clips had me laughing...on the flip side, you can't play games with a lyricist like Lux whose pen game is superior...even though I got Lux beating Hollow Da Don 2-1, I still think Hollow legitimately cracked the code on how to beat Lux (if you say Hollow had won) by not trying to out-rap Lux

You gotta use angles to get over on Lux because lyrically too advanced to beat

Aight, family...I gotta finish this new book I'm cookin''s been whoopin' my ass the past few months, but I see the finish line in my horizon

Peace and Afro Grease

Nah'Sun the Great @

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