Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Truth About Trayvon Martin PART 2

What's woody wood, grasshoppers?

Check out this joint...it's good shit

Peace and Afro Grease

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Virgin Who Slept with a Million Women Part 2

What’s woody wood, grasshoppers???

Ya favorite author was back on his bullshit two weeks ago in Atlantic City…I got my party animal on with DJ Supa Dave and the lovely TC on the party bus from NY to AC…the party bus was crunk even though about 10 more people came last year 

It’s all wood, though…I STILL got it in

The liquor was flowing, and the females were right…I’m not gonna get too much into what occurred on the 2 hour bus ride to Atlantic City…let’s just say the ladies on the bus didn’t call me Phreak Nasty for nothin'

When I get it in…I GET IT IN, baby

Just like my homie with ol’ girl below

So we get to The Pool After Dark jumpoff at Harrah’s around 11pm, and the bouncers were on some fuck boy shit, talkin’ about I couldn’t bring my bag inside the club area…I STILL got my knapsack inside the joint with my towel and trunks in case I wanted to get my swim on

Let’s just say I got on my McGyver shit and slid through the entrance with no hassle

Paulie from Jersey Shore was the DJ with his long neck ass…I wasn’t diggin’ the music, then again, I don’t even remember the shit he played…I was too busy checkin’ out the chicks from Jersey and Pennsylvania

To keep it funky with you, I had a better time on the party bus going there and back than the actual party @ Harrah’sHarrah’s was too Hollywood for me…not to mention that most of the females at the joint were either too high siddity, stuck on themselves, or lookin’ for a come up

One nice lookin curvy chick from DC was rockin' a bone white dress with no panties on and had asked the king if I had a hotel room

That was a code question for, "Let a bitch hold somethin' so we can fuck"

Nice girl, but I wasn’t trickin’ for shit...she was hustlin' along with her homegirl...ain't nothin wrong with that, but I wasn't the one 

Oh yeah, I almost got kicked out the club for takin’ flicks of the dancer below…shorty was bad as hell…she didn’t care, but one of the fuck boy bouncers did

Dude told me not to take a flick of her…I did anyway…I switched the phone set-up from picture to camera and got 3 seconds of film of the chick until the guys around me were like…

“Yo…yo…put that away…they gonna kick you out”

So I did…I wasn't trippin'...I didn’t pay money for the trip just to get kicked out the joint even though I wasn’t feeling the atmosphere

Shout out to all the guys and girls on the party bus…let’s do it again, but not at Harrah’s…LOL…real talk

We should’ve instead hit up the all-black party at Club Revel that's also in Atlantic City...I heard that joint was CRUNK that night, but fuck it...hindsight is always crystal clear when you dwell on the past

Aight, ya’ll…it’s been real…I’m Audi 5 stacks


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