Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Virgin Who Slept with a Million Women

Fashionably Grimey

Abracadabra, grasshoppers

As you may know, I travel on the regular and get my party animal on between writing books and blogging…it’s therapy for the mind…kinda like washing away your sins...kinda


Last Saturday I got it in on a party bus to Connecticut with the birthday folks; DJ Supa Dave of NYC and Triscia aka TC of Da Gems…I heard they needed more guys for the trip...I took one for the team and paid for my FIRST party bus ride


I think I'd inadvertently changed my whole swag by rockin' overalls JUST FOR THE TRIP…yep, I ordered some baggy overalls and copped a pair of Timberlands on the strength of the bus ride

In the immortal words of a phrase that I sometimes hate hearing from people, “Don’t judge me.”

Fuck that, JUDGE ME…LOL 

Dressing casual is not my know how I do...I gets suited and booted...I figured I'll do something different and go Wild Wild West on ninjas

Speaking of the bus ride needing more guys, the ratio between women and men was BANANAS…no sausage fest on this trip…YES!!!...ya boy was like a kid in a candy store with a serious sweet tooth

Out of 33 party heads who went, 9 were dudes and 3 of them were wifed up

That’s a first because dudes usually go crazy when they find out chicks are ridin' out on a trip…then again, dudes act cheap nowadays…so I’m not surprised

That left guys like me with the beauty of handling more than I can hold…I love those odds, don’t you?

A lot of dudes I know NOW wanna hit up next year's trip after I told them the ratio...funny hate runs my blood...spreading the love is what I do

As I think about it, I don’t think the women cared about the number of guys on the bus...they still GOT IT IN…with the liquor flowing and the booty music pumpin from the speakers, the ratio didn’t matter

The shorties still got buck

I won’t even talk about the infamous stripper'll just have to come to the next trip and see for yourself

I have flicks raunchier than this…I’ll keep those joints to myself…what happens on the party bus, STAYS on the party bus

You gotta come through next year for the party bus/pool's gonna be poppin', baby pa

And fellas, the women were on stuck up attitudes either…if you play your cards right, you’ll have a good time…no reason to act thirsty in a bus full of women who just wanna let their hair loose and relax

Me and a honeydip on the trip

Okay, I digress a bit

We left NYC from Abellas @ 2pm and got to the seafood spot in Connecticut @ around 6:30pm…the all-you-can-eat buffet came with the party bus package…I’m not good at all-you-can-eat joints…I’m a one plate type of dude

More power to the people who took advantage of endless meals with 3 trips or more to the buffet...better them than me

It’s funny how the cooks grabbed live lobsters and threw them in hot water before cooking them…they even rubber banded their claws as they served them

I really don’t eat lobster…I took a bite of the core and called it a day…I opted for chicken fingers, home fries, and chocolate cake instead…that dish was good enough for the champ

To keep it oh so real with you, I didn’t go on the trip to eat…the desire to get away and experience partying on a bus drove me to bring out my wild side for the night

Anyway, the restaurant had animals and shit playing in the barn beside it…I don’t know what kinda animals they were…they looked like baby camels or some shit

I thought one of them was gonna hop the fence and start chasing my Black ass around the joint

After we got our eat on, we headed to the Foxwoods Casino

The casino spot was the final stop before heading back to NYC…I took a cat nap on the bus and walked off the food around the casino to keep myself energized for the ride home… everyone caught the itis on the trip to the casino EXCEPT for one guy

I couldn’t understand how Shaqwan (one of the partygoers) possessed so much damn energy to clown around after eating

Dude cracked jokes and damn near danced his way on the bus to the casino…I gotta try whatever Ginseng he’s taking because I was knocked the fuck out during the ride

We got to the spot at around 10:00pm with only an hour and 30 minutes to play the machines

Me personally, I hardly gamble

I pretty much strolled around the casino watching other people bet their dreams away in slots…Shopping was an option, but their retail section sucked…Calling four stores a "retail area" is a slap in the face...I pretty killed time by charging my phone and chopping it up with Janae (one of the partygoers)

She didn’t gamble on the machines as well

I gave in by playing “the penny machines” before we bounced…there's nothing to speak of because I didn’t win shit…the machine basically ate up my 5 dollars


Some people on the trip had won…screw them…LOL

Aight, ya’ll…that’s the trip in a nutshell…of course this is just the PG-13 version…the bus ride was more WILD than I’m letting loose, no pun intended

Once again…what happens on the party bus, STAYS on the party bus




You'll leave with a Colgate Smile


  1. NahSun. You summed The Pg version of The trip in a nutshell:-).

    1. You know how I do

      They just gotta see for themselves


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