Tuesday, June 12, 2012

If it Ain't Thick...It Ain't Right

Me and founder of Curves...Larry Love
It’s been a long time…since I left you…without a dope blog to step to

I’m half way done with Thick in the Nick of Time…aka THICK 2…the book is taking my time away from blogging…now I’m back better than ever

Last Saturday I hit up a hotel party @ the Meadowlands with the good folks at Curves BBW (Big Beautiful Women for the slow muh’fuckas)…that was after I got lost taking the New Jersey transit…FUCK!

I took the NJ transit from NY Penn Station to transfer for the train to Kingsland at Secaucus…to make a long re-routing short, I hopped on the wrong train with a buncha soccer fiends heading toward MetLife Stadium to watch Brazil vs. Argentina


The conductor helped a brother out by taking me back to Secaucus free of charge…I had to wait for an hour until the next train arrived

I didn’t see any Brazilian dimes on the train to the Meadowlands…the conductors told me they saw a few…I guess I gotta hit up Brazil and see for myself

Aaaaaah yes…Carnival @ Rio De Janiero…I gotta step up my Portugese so I won’t be a fish outta water if I do hit that up

I finally got to the hotel after walking 20 minutes from the Kingsland stop…I probably lost 10 pounds in the process…that walk ain’t no hoe…but hey, I loved the exercise amidst sweating like after-sex


The pool party was cool…got the chance to politic with DJ Ricky Rick and Larry Love

Ricky Rick and I chopped it up about how Cubans felt about Fidel Castro (Rick's Cuban American)…I don’t have knowledge about Castro’s reign in “Coo-ba”…that’s why I love hearing different points of views about the country

What’s funny is that I get conflicting views about Castro…Cuban Americans generally don’t like Castro while Latinos outside of “Coo-ba” favor him for the most part…I think that’s an interesting dynamic

Okay, enough with the socio-politics…the pool water was cold as hell, and I bounced before it rained…I did get my drink on, though…heh heh

Taking a quick nap after the pool party energized me for the Lual party


I got up around 11pm to shower, got suited and booted, and hit up the party…I purposely rested through the Heat/Celtics game…I didn’t wanna watch Boston lose…they should’ve never taken Game 6 for granted by not crushing the Heat at the Garden when given the chance…Oh well, shit happens

Speaking of crushed, I’m sure Pacquiao feels like shit after the judges robbed him without a gun and fucked him without Vaseline…I don’t like Pac-roids, but dude clearly WON the fuckin’ fight against Bradley

I think the fight was fixed like a car outta the mechanic shop…um, I take that back…a lot of mechanics don’t know what the hell they’re doing

Anyway, you get the point

Ricky Rick, Evon, and Larry did a good job by showing the fight on the projector screen in the ballroom while blending the music and the sounds from the tube together…after the fight, I danced a bit and got my two-step on

I also caught up with some head olds and met some newbies

Mari, Me, and Madinah
Not a lot of people booked rooms @ the hotel that night…I think I was one of the few who did…trains from New Jersey to NYC don’t run after a certain time…and since the party had ended around 2am (Jersey sucks for that), I booked a room

Eh, no biggie…I read a book to keep myself company in the hotel lobby before hitting the sack with Law and Order on TNT serving as background noise…that show has become an unofficial ritual for me to fall out to whenever I call it a night on road trips

And no, I didn’t bring a woman back to the room to fuck…it wasn’t that type of party…at least for me

Anyway…I had fun…chopped it up with some newbies as well as catching up with a few of my readers…shouts out to Gi Gi, Karen and Deborah aka Lucy


Nah’Sun the Great