Monday, October 8, 2012

Kill the Heckler

Heckler - Someone who baits, provokes, or hounds

I have an interesting story to tell...

On a flight this past Saturday to Chicago to celebrate my born day (b-day was yesterday and I'm STILL accepting gifts)...I ran across a heckler on the plane

I won't use the word "hater" because for one, that term is too strong for the situation...and two, "hater" is overused like a hooker from Hunts Point

As the grinder I am, I passed out bookmarks to a few folks on the plane, even this cute ass stewardess, I mean flight attendant, rockin a short, honey blond hair style

This crazy lady sitting a row ahead of me to my right asked me some ridiculous questions in the middle of my discussing THICK to a lady sitting ahead of her

Crazy Lady: Something's funny going on. Are you sure this is a book?

Me: Yes, I wrote it

Crazy Lady: Did you write this book?

Me: Yep

Crazy Lady: Let me see some ID. Your name's not Nah'Sun

She really took it there

I pulled out my book and showed it to the lady in front of her, the lady who originally asked me about the bookmark that led us to discuss THICK

Crazy Lady continued with the heckling...

Crazy Lady: What do you mean by 'only a dog wants a bone'?

Me: Real men want women with some cushion for the pushin

Crazy Lady: I don't know...I'm just asking...something's funny about this...I don't think you wrote the book

Me (jokingly): You don't think a Black man can write a book because society says so?

Yeah, I took it there even though I probably shouldn't...but hey, I threw a jab at the Italian lookin' lady...she was clearly missing a few sandwiches at the picnic

Crazy Lady: I guess you're good considering you got a book out

Me  (Thinking to myself): There's a lot of people who don't deserve the author title, DUMBASS

I wasn't in the mood to fuel the fire of debate...I kept that thought in the dungeons of the mind

What's funny is that Crazy Lady thought I was using the bookmark to holla at the lady sitting ahead of her...I'm glad the lady shut that theory down by mentioning I'd given the bookmark to a few heads on the flight

The flight landing sucked...damn near snapped my neck...and I trooped through Midway with my carry-on luggage

I stopped to check my messages after leaving the security check-point exit, and this dude stepped to me...he asked about the book...dude was on the flight and heard the spat between Crazy Lady and I

I gave Seth (the guy's name) a bookmark and told him to hit me up...we shook hands and went our way

Moral of the story is...

Fuck what people might say or think of you...always carry yourself with dignity and your head high because you never know who's listening...don't take hecklers personal...some people hate their lives and project their frustration on you

I knew Crazy Lady wasn't right based on her erratic drunk-stroll through the terminal after she got off the plane...LOL

And with that said, I'm out like shout


Nah'Sun the Great

Home Sweet Home

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