Friday, September 21, 2012

The Art of Stick Ups Without a Gun


Looks like someone picked an apple from the cherry tree

To make a long story short, word on da street is that several authors that attended the Word on Da Street book fair hosted by Lisa Tyrrell Perry-Amos are fuming over what occurred last weekend

Authors are screaming foul about her allegedly jerking them outta bread

According to those who attended, Lisa was supposed to secure the Underground Atlanta for the book fair…the Underground claimed that Lisa never picked up the paperwork to secure the event…Lisa claimed she’d sent the paperwork to the Underground, and they didn’t make good on the contract by not delivering tables on the day of the event

Confusion is spreading like wildfire about what happened and what didn’t

You had a buncha authors fending for themselves in Atlanta after spending bread and traveling cross country to get their grind on

Now I’m reading on Facebook about threats of lawsuits and authors pressing to get their money back (Gotta love cyber drama)

Whether true or false...

The situation that occurred in Atlanta this past Saturday should teach aspiring and current authors as well as promoters a lesson of doing research before spending your hard earned dollars on events

The game can be ugly at times

I'm not taking sides because the outcome is still up in the air…I’m just gonna put things in perspective by criticizing the event ITSELF…NOT the person behind it

I knew from the RIP that the event was gonna have problems, and my point of view has nothing to do with Lisa’s character

1) There were TOO MANY authors on the same bill

You can't hustle on the same block and expect to make at least half of what you put in

I'll NEVER do book signings with a grip of authors on the same bill when the event is relatively unknown locally


2) The event was too new with someone who's not originally from there running the show

It takes a hot minute for a new venture to jump off...The Great Pyramids of Kemet (Egypt) weren't built in a day

A wise man once told me to "do the knowledge," which means stepping back and observing before saying or making a move

I don't know what exactly went wrong, but the best thing that the authors involved can do is charge that lesson to the game and move on after letting off steam

And for promoters to make sure their business is trump tight with a PLAN B when the milk goes sour

Don't worry about losing money...things happen for a reason...everyone gets fucked over at one point

The test is HOW you bounce back from a fuck over with or without vaseline

Aight, ya’ll

I’m out


Nah’Sun the Great 

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