Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Loaded Lux vs. Calicoe RECAP!!!


The Loaded Lux vs. Calicoe battle that took place at Summer Madness 2 in NYC this past August was one of the BEST battles I’ve seen
The 3-round battle showcased wits, charisma and personal verbal beatdowns that intrigued me to watch the joint for a 2nd time…I RARELY watch battles for a second time…that should tell you something
Lux came through the joint rockin’ a suit, brought out a casket, a hearse, and his people dressed in black. The concept was to mourn Calicoe’s funeral in an MC burial as they plastered his face on an obituary
For one, I though the concept was hot and creative…and two, Lux’s preacher-at-the-church style fits the images that he brought forth on stage
Calicoe won the first round…he rhymed first and came stronger than Lux…Lux choked the first round…me personally, I think he choked on purpose because he went HARD on the 2nd and 3rd
You really need an ear for metaphors and wordplay to dig Lux’s style of rhyme…not saying Calicoe is a lesser MC than Lux because he’s dope, but if you’re used to the elementary flow that’s popular on the radio nowadays, a lot shit that Lux spit is gonna flow over your head
The 3rd verse that Lux spit is EPIC

Calicoe lost the crowd in the 2nd round...he let some of the boos get to MC is suppose to ignore that shit and keep rockin'

I’m not the one to post my favorite lines from both MCs in the battle…I don’t have time on my hands to do that shit…I’ll let you see for yourself

All I'm gonna say is...



Nah’Sun the Great


Lux deserves an acting job...he played the preacher theme to the T


Click here for the lyrics of the battle

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