Friday, May 11, 2012

Mayweather-Cotto Mansion Fight Party RECAP

I’m back on my bullshit, people…the next book I’m writing is whoopin my time into shape…but I had time to squeeze in a quick blog before I go hard again


Last Saturday I hit up a Mansion party hosted by Team Gator (Shouts out to Bryant and Peoples) somewhere in the jungles of Connecticut…I say “somewhere” because trees surrounded the mansion along with dirty roads leading to the joint


We partied in the middle of nowhere like the letter H

Slap yourself if you didn’t catch that punchline

Taking the train to Brooklyn was a story itself…from this dude stopping me to ask where I copped my fedoras to a chick “psst psst” me, I knew that was the start of a wacky night

One thing I give Brooklyn chicks credit is that they’re GANGSTER when it comes to letting dudes know they’re feeling them

Anyway…I took the Brooklyn bus to the Connecticut mansion (Shouts out to Rameek)…10 buses rolled out from various parts of NYC in total…and let me tell you, the liquor was flowing faster than an Asian Tsunami on that bus

Chicks were CHOOSING HARD, too…not a lot of stuck up broads on my Brooklyn bus...if they felt you, they’ll let you know

As you can see below, you wouldn’t blame them


Folks were drunk before they got to the mansion…the joint was wild…not for nothing, my trip would’ve been fine on the strength of the bus ride to the spot…the party itself was the icing on the cake

We got there at around 10:30pm…just before the main event…I didn’t give a fuck about the fight…I just wanted to get away from the city for a hot minute and pass out bookmarks to promote THICK

One of the promoters had suggested I bring copies of Thick When the Chances are Slim…I only brought 3 joints…Carrying around a knapsack of books at a party was out the question…so I brought a light load…you know I had to mix grinding with pleasure

I’m pissed off at myself for not bringing more books…a group of women at a table actually snapped at me because I ran out of books…which is funny because that never happened to me at a party…chicks usually play broke whenever I sell books at parties…that’s the main reason why I only brought 3

There was this one dude who diet hated on the king…he said something slick to me (which I don't specifically recall), and I fired back with, “Stop cup cakin’,” because he was all up on this chick on the couch upstairs

He answered, “This is the type of girl you cup cake with.”

I started to comeback with, “Naw, player…she should be cup cakin’ on YOU,”…I stopped myself and chucked him a thumbs up as to say “okay”…I wasn’t in the mood to roast him

A tap was good enough

Besides that, I got love from everybody…this other cat handed me a cigar out of respect even though I don’t smoke…I’ll use the cigar for a photo shoot or somethin’


The only issue I had about the whole party is that the busing going and leaving could’ve been better organized, and the party ended abruptly around 2:30am because a fight almost broke out outside the mansion

You know how niggas get sometimes…always wanna fuck up a good thing

But damn, at least the DJ or someone could’ve let folks know that the party was about to wrap up…one last song or somethin’…shit….LOL

I give the mansion party a 9 out of 10…shouts out to Team Gator once again for the mini-vacay…I honestly enjoyed myself, which says a lot because I don’t party hard like that anymore

Aight ya’ll…I’m out like Cotto


Love those Fishnets...Owwwwww!!!

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