Wednesday, May 16, 2012

She Showed Me Her Tattoo

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaack


Last Saturday I needed to get out the house…the original plan was to bang out a few chapters of Thick in the Nick of Time…the warm weather made me lazy…and plus, I’m not the most creative person when I feel like I’m forced to do something

So I hit up the 12 Plus Entertainment party @ Diva Lounge in SOHO Manhattan (that means South Of HOuston Street for you Non-New Yorkers) 

Houston Street in Manhattan is not pronounced like the city “Use-Ton”…it’s pronounced “House-Ton”  

12 Plus is a promotional party for thick and sexy women and guys who love them…I swooped by and passed out bookmarks of THICK

As I passed out bookmarks, one thing I noticed is that older women are more likely to keep the bookmarks than women under 30…chicks under 30 usually just sit the flyers down on the table or drop them on the floor…I’m not offended by that because I actually had people pick up the bookmarks and hit me up on Facebook 

I just know NOT to give young broads bookmarks…even something simple as passing out flyers is a marketing strategy

I was one of the few dudes among scores of women at the party as Ke’Na, the promoter, was happy to see another guy come through

And once again, I was suited and booted


My get-up attracted this young lady playing poker on her phone by the bar…I eased up on shorty and teased her about playing games on the phone at the freakin club 

ME: What’s your name?

GIRL: Do you wanna know my model name or my real name?

ME: (looks at her with one eyebrow lifted) C’mon, girl. I wanna know your real name

GIRL: (gives me her real name)…my model name is Paw Print


Then she proceeds to show me her tat


Shorty from Jersey was bout it bout it with hers…no hate from me

She said there weren’t enough guys at the party (True), and she needed to keep herself occupied (False)…I say false because a party is what you make it unless it’s extremely wack to the 5th power…the 12 Plus party was good enough for folks to enjoy themselves

The DJ was on point and the drinks were good and cheap…we even formed a Soul Train line later in the night…NICE!

Paw Print would later show me the “lustful” tat on her thigh


Once again…no hate from ya boy…me likey 

I chopped it up her between the times I passed out bookmarks 

Dancing with this other chick I know made me miss a fight between two chicks by the front door

Make a short story shorter, these Spanish chicks came through the party and violated…one of them put up a middle finger in the background of a picture taken by another group of girls and all hell broke loose after that

That’s the story I got *shrugs*

Half the club dipped out after that scuffle…I don’t blame them…but hey, I wasn’t gonna let that ruin my night

I’ll hit up another 12 Plus party again…the promoters were cool peoples...a MAJOR PLUS...I heard the party that they threw last month was packed…that didn’t matter to me as long as I get out the house and inhale some fresh NYC polluted air

I hate crowded clubs anyway

Aight ya’ll…I’m out




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