Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fight at Rap Battle Shuts Down Event

Serius Jones


Math Hoffa

What’s poppin’, grasshoppers?

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Smack/URL (Ultimate Rap League) had hosted their annual Summer Madness 3 rap battle in NYC at Stage 48 this past Sunday…the battle was going great, but then…

…a nigga moment occurred

To make a long story short, battle MC Math Hoffa from Brooklyn, NY, notorious for bullying other MCs, punched Jersey’s own Serius Jones on some nigga shit…Serius is a veteran battle MC and has a history with Math…both dudes don’t really like each other, and the small time violence was evident of those feelings

The aftermath of those two punches from Math had sent shockwaves throughout the battle rap culture: Smack/URL lost the Stage 48 venue because of the fuckery, Math might find himself blackballed from other rap leagues, and his actions carries on the stereotype that rap events are violent…he couldn’t control his feelings and fucked up

Serius came through the battle on some pimp shit with 3 buck nekkid chicks wearing nothin’ but body paint and g-strings….from my interpretation of the punch story between Math and Serius, Math said a rhyme during the battle, and Serius mockingly said, “Woooo!” because the crowd didn’t respond to Math’s rhyme

I guess Serius saying “Woooo!” on some Ric Flair shit had triggered Math’s fist to kiss Serius’s jawbone

Clip of the Punch

This isn’t Math’s first time punching a guy in a battle…check out the video below in his battle against Philly’s own J Dose

But Math just lost his composure with Serius

Check out Serius Jones’s side of the story…Math posted a vlog on YouTube and later took it down for whatever reason…I liked Math, but he did some sucka shit by not only punching Serius while Serius wasn’t looking, but also putting a black eye on the culture, no pun intended

Peep the other videos after the Serius joint

By the way...URL doesn't plan on releasing the Serius/Math battle


Nah’Sun the Great @

Click here to read about what supposedly happened between Serius and Math from someone who was @ Summer Madness 3

Click here to watch Serius's side on the punch from your cell phone

Click here to watch Math punch Dose from your cell phone

Click here to watch Math's side of the Dose punch from your cell phone

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