Thursday, September 5, 2013

2013 West Indian Day Parade and Pics RECAP!!!

What’s woody wood, grasshoppers?

The king got it in @ the West Indian Day Parade jumpoff in Brooklyn on Labor Day…the parade popped off on Eastern Parkway in Crown Heights…a lot of negroes acted too pussy to hit up the parade…they feared gettin’ shot, stabbed, or beat down at the joint

Not meeeeeee

You only live once, and I’m not the one to let fear run my life…I’m not on some tough guy shit, but I have heart…and with that said, I got it crackin’, baby

I met up with my homegirl on Ralph Avenue and we trekked to Rockaway Boulevard to catch up with the lady masqueraders before they paraded on Eastern Parkway

You know I had to get mines before they celebrated, but I saw something funny as hell on my way to Rockaway and Sutton Ave…

...I saw THIS!

Obama Fried Chicken?
Anyway…my homegirl and her friend snapped some flicks of me and the ladies rockin’ their cute lil outfits…I passed out bookmarks after taking flicks with them…yes, I mix business with pleasure, baby
Life is too short for the shy shit

Rockaway got crowded after awhile…po po showed their asses by blocking off the streets, tryna regulate shit…the whole NYPD showed up in Brooklyn…I even peeped a couple of officers I usually see in Queens…real talk

I breezed past the fake ass police barrier and took more flicks of the ladies…man, oh, man…the ladies were THICK as hell, fam

You would’ve thought I died and went to Heaven


The last shorty is BAD…
…bad meaning GOOD for the slow muh’fuckas

(Blogger's edit as of 9/21/15: I found out her name is Sibongile "Symba" Cummings from a chick in a Facebook group I'm in)

The parade started late…ninjas swagged on that Colored People time shit…didn’t matter to me, tho…I had a ball

The floats started on Rockaway and curved up the street before busting that left on Eastern Parkway…I never got behind the steel barriers…fuck, no…I blended with the masqueraders by marching with them down the parkway

I was in the THICK of things…no pun intended

The Sesame Flyers band

Shorty twerked on the stilts...amazing

The Jamaican band
The Haitian band

The Grenadian band

The folks of Grenada did their thing, lookin’ like Muslim ninjas and shit…LOL

The Haitians owned Eastern Parkway…they rolled DEEP…the Jamaican float was okay...JUST okay…I’m very disappointed because at one point in history, when you thought of West Indians in New York, you thought of those Garveyites aka Jamaicans

I see the game ain’t the same
But the band that had everyone jumpin’ out their pants and humpin’ each other like cats in heat were the Freak NY Mas band...they blasted the music and charged the crowd on 10 when the DJ cued in the Bunji Garlin Ready for the Road joint (Click here to listen)...and guess what...

I got it in with them

Freaks NY Mas band

You know I got shit JUKIN'!!!…jukin’ is Chicago slang for "TURN UP"…I got behind any chick I got my hands on and grinded on some ass cheeks…and guess what, most of them went with the program
And no dudes hated either…everybody got it in…everybody had a ball…and I didn’t see or hear any dumb shit like gun shots, stabbings, or killings that stereotypically goes on during the parade on the Parkway
But I DID see two butch broads fight on the sidewalk behind the barrier over a cheeseburger…yep…two dykes throwing jabs over that red meat
A damn shame, ain’t it?
Liquid sunshine drip dropped on the parade…the drizzle didn’t stop the party…the sky cleared, but by that time I called it a day around 4pm…I was beat

I almost missed the whole homegirl thought the parade ended at 6pm...the joint ended around 2...if it wasn't for me doing my thing while they got some grub, I would've fucked around and missed the whole damn thing

Word on the street is that the city of New York keep raising the prices to charge floats/bands...the cost of putting together a band is costing an arm and leg...that's why only a few bands showed up

I won't be surprised if a corporation show up to sponsor the parade and change the joint to "The (insert company here) West Indian Day Parade"

Everything under the sun is going corporate now

Aight, ya’ll…it’s been real
Nah’Sun the Great @


Soca Kay, Me, and Frenchy

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