Friday, August 30, 2013

Battle Rap For Dummies

What’s woody wood grasshoppers?

I’m gonna start posting a couple blogs about battle rap in the coming days leading up to the SMACK/URL Summer Madness 3 event in NYC…Summer Madness 3 is the Super Bowl of battle rap…but there’s A LOT of controversy involved

One part of that controversy involves Loaded Lux, who many consider one of the top tier, if not THEE best, battle MC…one thing’s for sure, he’s a legend, and after his monumental battle with Detroit’s own Calicoe, his stock has risen

I’ll explain about Lux in the next blog

But for now, let me introduce my readers who aren’t familiar with battle rap the match between Loaded Lux vs. Calicoe at last year’s Summer Madness

Click here to watch from your phone

Click on the links below AFTER you watch this battle…you’ll thank me…LOL

Battle breakdown 1  

Battle breakdown 2 


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