Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Black Power Is For Black Women

What’s woody wood, grasshoppers?

Besides the grossly overrated Kendrick Lamar verse that’s buzzing today in cyberspace, the other foolish phenomenon that’s distracting the American Negro is the internet-based Black Power Is For Black Men craze that was started by whatever her name is

The hash tag #BlackPowerIsForBlackMen is pretty much saying how Black men are eating from the fruits of male privilege in America…

…but the last time I checked, mass incarceration, getting beat and shot while handcuffed, hung from trees, racially profiled, police stopping and frisking Black males on the street without probable cause, and being viewed as a criminal through the media aren't exactly privileges that anyone wants

Damn…the American Negro STAYS losing…the focus had went from attacking Paula Deen for saying "nigger" (she WON the discrimination here to read), and George Zimmerman with the system that defended him, to Negroes mentally fighting each other over an issue that EVERY nationality goes through

The message was flipped from #JusticeForOurYoungBoys to #BlackPowerIsForBlackMen in a 3-week span

Wow…that’s deep…it really is

No wonder slavery had lasted for 400 years…oh, I get it now…buck dancing, moonshine, and watermelon were more important than freedom…I swear, man...niggas got the attention span of a 1-year old…LOL


This internet craze got all the Black feminists, womanists, or whatever they call themselves, their panties in a bunch, trying to intellectualize their bitterness and hurt from all the years of dating dusty niggas that weren’t shit in the first place

They got hurt because they were blinded by the "swag," and now they wanna spark a revolution on some Sofia from The Color Purple type shit against a group of men who are just as powerless as they are in America

So to make light of the sit'ation, I decided to poke fun of this joke ass movement with a satire…a tongue-in-the-ass-cheek of a dirty stripper type of joke

I call this one Black Power Is For Black Women


…when you get ass implants to twerk for YouTube hits

…using phone sex to get to the next level in Candy Crush

…sweet talking bus drivers for free rides

…getting in the club for free before midnight

…cheering when Olivia Pope steals Fitz from his white wife

…you’re a virgin when you go to a new town

…when the pastor tricks off the church collection on you

…you expect to get free drinks at the club

…buying outfits and taking them back the next day because you kept the receipt

…getting away with dressing like Nicki Minaj because you think Harriet Tubman is ugly

...a hoe is a housewife once she finds religion

…none of the Basketball Wives are married, but you’re a wife anyway

…you think World Star views will make you famous

…you got Indian in your blood because you permed your hair

…you watch Scandal but hate Tyler Perry for casting Kim Kardashian for a movie role

…you mess up your kids' credit score before they turn 18

…it’s okay to retire as a stripper

…you use the word “independent” because Beyonce said it

…you march for gay rights because they make better male friends

And last but not least…

…cheering Zimmerman on because he killed the nigga who looks like your baby daddy

Aight ya’ll…I’m out


Nah’Sun the Great aka King of Thick Girl novels @

Ha ha @ the niggers...they don't forgive, but they always FORGET!


  1. this is really pathetic.

    1. I agree...

      ...whether you're talking about my blog or that broke ass "movement" I blasted

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