Wednesday, August 21, 2013

SMACK/URL Summer Madness 3 Card and Predictions

What's woody wood, grasshoppers?

This year's SMACK/URL Summer Madness 3 rap battle event is held in New York City @ Studio 48 on Sunday, September 8th, 2013 #BarsOverNames

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I'm pissed that Loaded Lux and Hollow Da Don aren't battling...Lux wants 40k to battle Hollow, and SMACK (the co-founder of URL) isn't having it...But hey, I can't knock the man for his asking price

Lux's performance @ last year's Summer Madness was here for my recap about his battle with Calicoe

Speaking of Calicoe, homie is back in full effect after fighting off alleged dog fighting charges...I don't feel like giving you the background story behind can Google that shit to see for yourself

Anyway...check out the Summer Madness 3 card and predictions below (based on 3 rounds)

Arsonal vs K-Shine

Prediction: Arsonal 2 - K Shine -1

Ars is too nasty for Shine...point blank 

Math Hoffa vs Serius Jones

Prediction: Math 3-0

Math really has a grudge against Serius, and based on Serius's performance at last year's Summer Madness against Charlie Clips, he really hasn't changed his flow

Big T vs. O-Red

Prediction: O-Red 3-0

O-Red is a beast, and Big T is too inconsistent for my liking

Calicoe vs. T-Rex

Prediction: Calicoe 2-1

A hungry Cal will edge Rex...barely 

JC vs. John John Da Don

Prediction: JC 3-0

JC is dope...I'm not really feeling John John...duke is corny to me

Tay Roc vs. Ill Will

Prediction: Ill Will 2-1

A toss up, but I give Ill the edge

Daylyt vs. Swave Sevah

Prediction: Daylyt 2-1

Daylyt is a dope lyricist and highly entertaining without the bullshit antics he's known for, and Swave is raw as well, but I don't think he has enough ammo for the weirdo

Jaz the Rapper vs. Ms. Hustle

Prediction: Me fuckin' the shit outta both of 'em

The first female battle in URL history will not get a prediction from me...yes, I'm on my male chauvinist shit tonight

Aight ya''s been real


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