Thursday, August 29, 2013

Miley Cyrus Killed Twerking

What’s woody wood grasshoppers?

I just found out that Oxford had added “twerking” to the dictionary...ain’t that a bitch…you had those Twerk Team chicks puttin’ in work on YouTube for years only to get outshined by Miley Cyrus who wasn’t even twerkin’ right…LOL

I guess white folks gotta do something before it becomes validated

What Miley did on stage with Robin Thicke at the MTV Video Music Awards is what we used to say in the 80s…SKEEZIN’…I’ve seen white chicks twerk better than Miley…now that I think about it, even better than Black chicks from Ghettoville USA

And yet, the media wanna associate what she did on stage as “acting Black”…fuck outta here…Black folks don’t claim hoodrat-ish behavior, so why the fuck would they acknowledge twerkin’ as “acting Black”?

Just go on YouTube and search for Twerk Team if you wanna see some real twerkin’

Even though the so-called vulgur dance, Baikoko, is similar to twerkin’ and has roots in East Africa, twerkin’ is more like that distant cousin who no one wanna claim when it comes to African dance tradition...Baikoko is seen as performing art, whereas twerkin' is viewed as a mating call for thirsty dudes...I'll let you decide for yourself

Click here to see the Baikoko dance moves that’s similar to twerkin’ if you're on your phone

I have no problem with chicks twerkin’…I just think Miley Cyrus WASN’T twerkin’ with that pancake ass of hers on stage…you have to be a SPECIAL kinda twerker to make my temperature rise...not some ol' hoodrat or country bumpkin like Cyrus

Real twerkin’ is poetry in motion, baby…act like ya know

Speakin’ of Robin Thicke, it seemed like this year’s VMA was the year of the swagger jack

Justin Timberlake was the wannabee Michael Jackson…Robin Thicke jacked Marvin Gaye’s swag …Miley Cyrus bootleg twerkin’ caught America by storm…shit, even Macklemore ran Hip-Hop that night

Fuck “the new Black”…white is “the new Soul”…Ha ha!

Shout out to Elvis Presley

Click here to listen and watch the Marvin Gaye track "Got to Give it Up" aka the original "Blurred Lines" if you're on your phone

It’s funny that Hampton University, a historical Black university, had banned twerkin’ on campus…no one made a fuss about twerkin’ until Miley’s poor showing on stage…it’s almost like how society didn’t take crack serious in the 80s until folks in the suburbs started smokin’ that glass dick

CLICK HERE to read the story about Hampton U twerk banning

I don’t wanna spend too much time on this subject…if you wanna read some juicy controversy about Miley and her so-called twerkin’, CLICK HERE…trust me, it’s a GOOD article, and I don’t even like Black feminists and their joke ass movement like that...but hey, I don't discriminate on thought-provoking writing

One more thing…

Many of you know I love big girls regardless of skin complexion, but the chick wearing the bear costume on stage was wildin'…matter of fact, that whole performance was a straight up minstrel show…the only thing missing was Miley wearin’ Black face along with 2 Chainz and K Lamar buck dancing around eating watermelon

I’m not gon’ lie…the sista got a PHAT ass…if she takes off that clown ass bear costume, we’ll be cool like a polar bear’s toe nails

I’m gonna leave you with Charlemagne tha God’s thoughts about Miley…enjoy

Click here to watch if you're on your phone 


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