Thursday, December 5, 2013

Reasons why 50 Cent's Get Rich or Die Tryin' is a CLASSIC

What’s woody, family?

Let me break down 50 Cent’s Get Rich or Die Tryin' CLASSIC album…10 years have past since it’s release, and guess what…

The album STILL goes hard

I’m finna start out by saying GRODT would've been even dope if they would've let Fiddy use "Magic Stick" for the album…THAT would've been crazy, but hey, shit happens


GRODT is a classic NOT because of record sales

It's a classic because of...

A.) The album's impact on the industry and its influence...there were mad remixes of "In the Club"...not to mention the endorsements like video games and clothes that spawned from its success

B.) The album re-shifted rap from sing-songy melodies back to hardcore

C.) The whole album is dope...I can even tolerate a song like "Like My Style" which is probably the ONLY song I'll skip

D.) You FELT the soul of Fiddy's lyrics, whether ignorant or insightful, with the good production that matched the intensity of his rhymes

And for the record...

I'm a "conscious head" that says a lot about my liking GRODT

If Fiddy would've replaced "Like My Style" with "Magic Stick," GRODT would've been in my Top 5 Hip-Hop albums of all-time list...real talk

Let me add on again...

A classic album doesn't have to be perfect in my opinion, UNLESS those one or two tracks that might be suspect completely throws off the chemistry of the album

With that said...

GRODT doesn't have that "Oh shit!!!" moment as far as lyricism...he's not Rakim...but you can hear the pain in his voice by the way of the dent from the bullet on his cheek after recently getting clapped

It wasn't what Fiddy was HOW he delivered his rhymes that married the circumstances that surrounded his near-death experience coupled with him hustlin' before the record deal

"Now it's clear that I'm here, for a real reason//Cuz he got hit like I got hit, but he aint fuckin' breathin"

"I grew up without my pops, does that make me bit-ter//I caught cases I copped out, does that make me a quit-ter"

"I let my watch talk for me, my whip talk for me//My gat talk for me, BLAOW! What up, homie?'"

And so on...

Even something simple as "I'll BREAK your face" was effective based on delivery

Fiddy made something that might look wack on paper better...LOL

Snoop's Doggystyle is a classic regardless of not having mind blowing lyrics and a wide range of topics because his flow, which matched his charisma, was incredible along with the beats from Dr. Dre that were dope

GRODT is the Miami Heat of Hip-Hop...'s flawed in some areas but overall gets the job done

Aight ya’ll…I’m out


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