Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Crazed Negroes Fight Over Jordans

What's woody wood, grasshoppers?

Now, ain't this a sight to see...

...you got a buncha negroes (NOT Black folks or Moors...big difference in mentality) fighting over jays that came out in the 90s...scrapping over some out-dated sneakers that was re-released for over $200 and as high as $400 in some cases

I bet you most headz fighting over Jordans have never seen him play

The photo above was taken in The Bronx by the way

What's funny is that you used to get clowned for wearing out-dated sneakers...now headz are stretching their pennies to get them...I've seen these same Jordans hanging on light poles like they were worthless, and now headz are killing each other, and themselves, over a pair 

Peep this picture of the Jordan Concord 11's hanging on a light pole in Brooklyn

And you know what...

...I'm not even mad @ Mike, Nike or whoever for high pricing his shoes...if headz are willing to spend their rent money and go broke to cop a pair, why not charge them an arm and leg? We live in America, baby...you strike when the iron is hot and get it when the gettin' is good

Everything starts @ home...kids don't come out the womb beggin' for
Jordans...it's an endless cycle of trying to keep up with the Jones's in the rat race of materialism

And always lose the race at the end of the day

I see kids going to school everyday rocking a crisp pair of Jordans lookin' bummy as hell...clothes all dingy and shit...they probably can't read a lick

Spelling? A monstrosity

Grammar? Too terrible to discuss

Reading? Most barely reading on a 2nd grade level, if that

Priorities are fucked up, yo

On the flip side of the coin...

...when people aren't used to having shit, they wanna feel like they belong in the American Dream...they wanna have something that they can call theirs...it's part of the Dream that might turn into a nightmare if you're not aware of your situation

Everybody is entitled to have something they can call theirs, but shit, it's not a good look when you're living from check-to-check in poverty and broke as hell, but still find ways to cop high priced sneakers that might get worn out in a few months

I cop $300-$400 cashmere wool suits, but shit, that's an INVESTMENT...I got opportunities based on my attire to make me MORE money...shit's real out here, and every penny should counts

But hey...

...what people eat don't make me shit

The Shoe to Die For...literally

Aight, ya'll...I'm out


Nah'Sun the Great @ www.nahsunblaze.com