Friday, October 18, 2013

Bombs Over Boston

What’s woody wood, grasshoppers?

Before I blaze the pen to write a love letter to battle eMCee 40 B.A.R.R.S, I wanna talk about my trip to Boston 3 years ago for a book signing at Frugal Books in Roxbury

First of all, I was an hour late…blame the Mega Bus…then again, it was my fault that I was runnin’ on real nigga time since I miscalculated the trip from NY to Beantown

Secondly, I paid 20 bucks for a cab ride from South Station to the Mall of Roxbury on MLK Blvd when I could’ve taken the SL5 bus to the bus terminal in Roxbury instead…and of course, MLK is hood as hell…every MLK boulevard, street, avenue or whatever is the grimiest part of a city

A damn shame considering MLK was all about peace

Anyway…I got to the joint, and saw that Frugal Books is placed inside a mini-mall…I’m not gon’ front, I only sold 3 books…Leonard, the manager of the store, didn’t promote the signing properly…he was cool enough to let me keep his cut of the sales to make up for the fact that my book signing bombed due to the lack of promotion

Shout out to Leonard for doing that when he didn’t have to

I didn’t see anything ordinary besides a heroin addict tryna holla at me at the signing…I can tell she was a looker before the addiction, but shorty wasn’t my cup of henny…I waited at a bus stop in front of the Charlame Park Homes after the signing and took a trip to the heart of Roxbury, Malcolm Little’s old stomping grounds before he got his X

Dudes from that hood knew I wasn’t from there, which is funny because every hood can easily separate the strangers from the familiar faces in a heartbeat

I took a quick trip around Roxbury alone…yep, all by myself like a lion in a jungle …I stand 10 toes solid on my own without walking with a crew on some hyena shit for strength

Aimlessly walking around Roxbury led the king to a thick ol' yella lady with killer hips and a half moon of an ass…

…and I’ll leave it at that for now…LOL

The newly furnished homes in Roxbury spelled gentrification…I see gentrification has stuck its head in Beantown…gentrification is pretty much when a neighborhood increases its land value to move out a group of people to introduce another group of people who can afford the land increase

I got tired of the sight-seeing and stood on Blue Hill Avenue to wait for the bus to take me back to the terminal…an elderly woman pointed to a house where a shooting occurred across the street from the bus stop not too long ago…how fitting that I stood on a notorious block where crack sales and shootings were normal like waking up and taking a piss before you eat breakfast 

Thank God the bus came…the lady who drove the bus was at the book signing earlier that day…she didn’t buy a book, and the heifer had the nerve to tell me…

“I would’ve bought a book if I’d known you were the author of the book signing”

That shit didn’t make any sense because:

A) My table was IN FRONT of Frugal books; anyone with an eye or two could’ve seen me


B) I was the ONLY guy selling books in front of the store

Some people just say shit just to spread hot breath among the air

Besides coming across a few stuck up negro broads in downtown Boston and debating whether to spend the little bit of money I made from sales to see comedienne Sommore at a comedy show, I pretty much had nothing to do while waiting for the Mega Bus to troop me back to NY

Aight, that’s the end of my flashback journey in Boston…I wanted to get my party on, but it’s business over bullshit at the end of the day

Now, on to 40 B.A.R.R.S…that's for the next blog


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