Monday, October 21, 2013

A Love Letter to 40 BARRS

What’s poppin’, family?

Ayo, I’m feelin’ this 40 B.A.R.R.S chick…she’s a female battle eMCee from Boston and got bars…bars are lyrics for all you slow muh’fuckas out ‘chea

Peep the "40 for 40 B.A.R.R.S" love letter below, and then peep her most recent battle against Bonnie Godiva on Queen on the Ring at the end of the verse…my baby 40 got bars for DAYS!

Queen of the Ring is a female rap battle league that holds their battles at Zab Judah's gym in East New York, Brooklyn, and is co-founded by Babs Bunny from the MTV's Making of the Band show

Anyway, it's time for the king to get on some romance shit

40 for 40 B.A.R.R.S

40 days, 40 nights when I saw you afar
You’s the chick, that’s the B.eauty A.nd R.appin’ R.avishin’ S.tar
Drunk on your curves like the champagne glasses,
That can never be debated like your undefeated status,

Got me open when you did your thing rhymin’ in that ring,
You the queen so it’s best you're next to a king,

That go together like schemes, personals, punchlines, rebuttals,
Best believe I take the pain away every time I hug you,

Show you that I hold you if you stumble and fumble,
The flow tumble in cold summers I heat you when I meet you,
Greet you when I treat you like a queen before your battle,
To rattle them other bitches I unleash you off the shackles,

And then you come out, the flow gun out,
You dumb out, on lame bitches that’ll die with their tongue out,
I saw you and said, “damn, peep this hottie’s swag,”
You zip ‘em up, we dirty dancin’ over body bags,

BUYAKA BUYAKA sayonara to the soundbwoy,
BARRS over everything I put that on the wedding ring,
The queen and king that's knockin' out the box,
Slow it down, I’m the king that's knockin' out the box,
And it’s real, I keep it one hunnid, no mirage,
Kissin’ hickies on your belly then I give a foot massage,
Back rubs, on some rubba dub dub shit,
Lickin’ your nipples, you wiggle givin’ that love shit,

Your eyes wide closed 'cuz it’s feelin’ like a dream,
Take my time with you like you settin’ up the illest scheme,
Call you on the celly ‘til I run through 40 bars,
Slow it down, feelin’ good runnin’ through in 40 BARRS,

You froze, from head to nose you pose in my bed,
No clothes you chose to let me give it to you ‘til you doze,
I give it to you rough, rugged and raw,
On some G shit, then I flip it gentle and soft,

Lay on top of you whisper freaky shit that’s soundin’ nice,
Make the bed pop and squeak soundin’ like a thousand mice,
And twice, you bussin’ nuts from the fuckin’ and suckin’,
You tappin’ out fast, shakin’ from the pussy eruptions,

The full course meal for your mind, no appetizers,
The protector, the guide, the head, and the provider,
Gimme 40, I’ll give you pearls as your souljah,
I have on crush on you, and I ain’t talkin’ about the soda,

Click here to watch the battle between 40 B.A.R.R.S (rockin' the leopard print joint) and Bonnie Godiva if you're on your phone


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  1. Aye yo...WTF...this some stalkerish shit! RT!

    1. You call it stalkerish...

      ...I call it showing love to a female eMCee who gets busy in the ring

      Take it how you want