Thursday, January 26, 2012


The fuckery I get from people I come across in my travels is hilarious. I don’t take anything personal (well…depending on my mood and the situation), but sometimes people just need to shut the fuck up

And one of those “shut the fuck up” moments is when people ask, “Can I get your book for free?”

As a then rookie in the book game, I used to allow those six words or any variations of that question bother me. Now I ignore it. If a person is REALLY interested in a product, they wouldn’t ask a silly ass question like that

For the record, there’s no such thing as a recession. I don’t believe that bullshit. Money never runs out. It just goes to a different industry while the former cash cow suffers

The Industrial Age knocked out slavery…then the Information Age knocked out the Industrial Age…times change…you gotta adapt

Survival of the Fittest…Darwinism, baby

I mean shit, look at the negroes who lined up malls across the country to buy 200 hundred dollar Jordans that came out in ’95…you even had a woman who (allegedly) left her child in the car alone just to buy them


The clip reminds of a Boondocks episode...straight up

With those visions and images surfing around my mind, I don’t wanna hear anybody crying about a recession…truth be told, if you really want something, you’ll most definitely figure out a way to get it

A woman who’s currently bouncing from home to home bought my book Thick When the Chances are Slim for her daughter…what she did spoke volumes and proves my theory about this false recession

Now that I think about it, Black folks been in a recession since 1865

And on that note, when you see me on a book tour, don't give me the “Can I get the book for free?” question…either say you’re not interested or you just don’t got it…that’s all

I’m sure you don’t want people to do the same to you when you’re out working hard on the grind

Aight…I’m out


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