Friday, January 27, 2012

What Would Dr. King Do At The Club?

I just wanna say the club me and my man had hit up on MLK Day was booty…straight wack.

20 bucks was wasted on some nonsense…I won’t put the club on blast, though…I’m a firm believer of second chances when it comes to clubs (sometimes)

What I WILL do is give you a hint:

The club rhymes with “Sexy Mon” and is located in Midtown Manhattan

You figure out the rest

The DJ was garbage…the drinks were expensive in small ass cups…and the chicks were “okay”

Gimme at least 1 out of the 3 if all of those factors at the club don’t measure up at the same time

The bright spot was…you guessed it, ME

Your favorite author turned socialite


I debut my tie that night…straight player (the tie, not me)

I fell in love with that tie the first time I saw it at my favorite tie store somewhere in Mahattan…I made a pledge to rock nothing but suits when I hit the club…suited and booted in the year dime 2 pennies.

And I’m the quarter dollar, baby pa

And no...I didn't "swagger jack" Neyo...I rocked fedoras before homie got famous

The comments I get from people went from "you look like a pimp" to "you look like Neyo"

Just because I cock my hat "Ace Deuce" means I look like Neyo??? Get the fuck outta here

Oh yeah…model Crystal Bates hosted the party (nice girl)…she appeared in Straight Stuntin magazine and all that good stuff

I knew see wasn’t a chick coming to party at the club that night based on her attire…I approached her, introduced myself, gave her a bookmark, and keep it movin'

You know...networking

I didn’t realize she was Crystal Bates until I saw the pics days later…even if I did, I still would’ve treated her the same way I’d treat a honey without a title

Pretty woman...thick as heaven...Owwwwww!!!

Anyhoo…my man Yemi had left without telling me…he said the party was wack and he had to go to work the next day anyway…the fucked up part was him not telling him he'd left

There I was looking around the club like a madman tryna find them cat...good thing cell phones and texting exist

He claimed he didn’t wanna disturb me because he peeped me talking to a chick (which was true) and didn’t wanna mess up my rhythm

Nice girl, too…real down to earth…but who plays on their Nintendo DS at the club???


Aight, ya’ll…I’m out...have a nice weekend and don't do anything I would do

Nah’Sun the Great


  1. Ahaha. Yea man... you look sharp. So sorry about the whole Neyo thing. I can imagine that getting ridiculously annoying. BTW I'm not sure when you said or wrote it but now I have a habit of saying "pimp giggle". Thanks...

  2. The Neyo and “you look like (insert random Black music artist here)” is ridiculously annoying

    I would change my style…but those fedora hats are too damn expensive…LOL

    Oh well…I gotta live with it…especially since I’ve been rockin fedoras since 2005