Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Yo Mama Got Play-Doh Teeth

I’ll never drink Bacardi Limon mixed with lemonade on a 100 degree day again

2011 Harlem Book fair was brutal…I’m not talking about its half emptiness, but the sun smothered NYC that July weekend

Speaking of half emptiness, the joint wasn’t as packed like the past…people either window shopped or bought books from their favorite authors

Non-established authors had to fend for themselves, but hey, that’s the grind

Major book fairs are usually celebrity driven…I went to HBF (Harlem Book Fair) pretty much to promote “Thick When the Chances are Slim” to create a buzz before its release

Urban/Street fiction authors DOMINATED HBF vendors...the lack of balance was interesting considering that the "serious writing authors" situated themselves inside the Schomburg Library for lectures while the "pulp fictionists" hustled their work outside

A division within the Black literary community...nothing amazes me

Aight, back to the heat...

7 hours in heat almost killed me...real talk...I'll be the house nigga for real....LOL

Drinking over 10 bottles of water didn’t stop the pounding in my head. It was like a drum kick was beating my brain. The headache was no hoe. It seemed like every time I drunk a bottle of Spring water I sweated it out as I ingested

The sun showed no mercy…Mother Nature kicked my ass

I did see some sights during the heatwave

Envy Red is cool peoples…I don’t read fiction books as often, but I did support hers

Her book “Touch” is an entertaining read...easy, nothing heavy

Now THIS is what I call hookin your shit up…I didn’t have a chance to speak to the lady, but I have to pop my collar to her…she knows how to work an angle (her book is about marriage)


I saw these girls last year rockin’ all pink…I forgot their names and camp they belonged to…mainly because they didn’t know who En Vogue was

Kids nowadays don’t know what they missed…oh well…their lost


Styles P promoted/sold his book along with his juice bar in the Bronx…cool guy

Dude is mad short…now I think about it, a lot of emcees are short…whassup with that???

You know Black folks in the hood and fire hydrants go together like weed and cigar wrappers

I started to hop my ass in there, but I wasn’t in the mood to travel back to my rest soaking wet

So I passed...not literally of course


Last but not least… The reason why I love going to Harlem

Buyaka Buyaka!!!!


Nah’Sun the Great

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