Tuesday, January 24, 2012

No Strings Attached Sex

Before I start, I wanna say Heaven is between a woman’s legs

As your resident perfectionist, sometimes picking the RIGHT book cover design is a pain in the brain. Patience is a bitter plant, but it fruits are sweet.

This is the first draft of the “Thick When the Chances are Slim" book cover

My heart almost jumped out my mouth when I saw this draft. Then again, it’s called a ROUGH draft for a reason,

I gave the illustrator a picture and told him what I wanted. He took it from there…Shout out to Zachary Schoenbaum @ www.umbralust.com

After a few days he drew up this joint

I almost threw up my sandwich…I kept my cool and told him to go back to the drawing board…I needed something to give me a stiffy...whatever this was wouldn’t give a male nympho a hard on

He came back with this…


Not bad…I told him I wanted the swirly things…I also gave him some font styles and color designs for the cover

Due to peer pressure, I told homie to change it…so he did (he didn’t have a choice since I was paying him)

I wanted him to further draw out the woman’s tig ol biddies


I loved it, but I thought the highlighting of the reds were uneven. The reds should draw out a 2D figure of the woman

The women needed more curves and evenness

He drew…

The author title block at the top of the book is on point. So was the font and coloring of the title at the bottom

I showed the drawing to my peeps…they thought the woman looked “too manly”

Oh well 

I told him to play around with the cover…shit got worse 

After getting more negative views than a little bit, I suggested a more curvy woman

I actually thought about going with this one…heads STILL weren’t feeling it

Damn!!!…coming up with an eye catchy book cover drained the life outta me…well...almost 

So far, so good…I loved this one

But sometimes you gotta let go what you love for the greater good

My advisor told me I can do better…so I contacted Zach and tossed him so extra money to start the project over again

I really wasn’t feeling the blue background behind the red…something had to give

Red is the color of sex…I ditched the red and blue idea and went with the combination of red, orange and yellow

I also tossed him some ideas about the shape of the woman

The sketches you see above is based on a famous video vixen/magazine model…you’ll have to figure out the rest

A few modifications and touch ups later, we finally agreed on the cover what you see now

The WE included me, Zach, my advisors, and random people

They don’t call me the people’s champ for nothing

As you can see, writing a book is not just one aspect of publishing. At least when it comes to myself. I’m very precise about how I want things done

The steps of the book is just half of the process…I’m sure you got the gist of everything

Aight, ya’ll…I’m out




  1. Great entry. Felt like i.was on the journey too, lol. I'm all ”Oh HELL naw Zach!” Lol

    self proclaimed male nympho.....

  2. LOL...for real

    He's a dope illustrator besides the mishaps