Friday, March 2, 2018

The 7 Levels of Disrespect by Tariq Nasheed

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1. Combativeness - Level 1

This is when your "lady" starts being combative just for the sake of being difficult.

For example, if you say "I want us to go eat Italian food tonight," she'll say, "I want to eat Chinese food!" or if you say, "I want us to watch a action movie tonight," she’ll say, "I want to watch a comedy!"

2. Slick comments - Level 2

This is when your "lady" says random slick comments when you two have a normal conversation 

For example, if you say something like, "I'm thinking of writing a book", she'll say, "yeah, right. Like you could do that." Or "I'm thinking of starting my own business," she'll say, "yeah, right. With your dead end job, how are you going to do that?"

3. Insults - Level 3

This is when your "lady" starts attacking your manhood and go for the gusto. 

For example, she'll say, "you're a little bitch," or "you're not a man, you're a pussy," "you're an idiot," etc. 

She'll say those things with a playful demeanor and a smile on her face, but the more you let this go unchecked her demeanor becomes less and less playful. She'll test you to see how far she can push the envelope.

4. Public Embarrassment - Level 4

This is when your "lady" will create a drama scene in front of a lot of people at a restaurant, in front of her family, and any social spot; at times she might even hit/slap you because most of the time the law will side with the female. It's considered somewhat politically incorrect to check a female in public.

5. Slander - Level 5

This is when your "lady" throws dirt and salt on your name by saying malicious, false, and defamatory reports, or even slander against your good name with her friends and family (and even YOUR family). 

For example, she'll say something like, "he's terrible at sex. He's such a bitch. I cheat on him and he has no idea." Or "he treats me like he's my fucking mother." (When she's treating you like a son.)

6. Infidelity - Level 6

This is when your "lady" becomes so bold with her disrespect that she'll start to have multiple sex partners. At times she'
ll sit there and talk with her "friend" on the phone in front of you so she can get her weak ego boosted. And at times she might even bring her "friend" around you while you and her fuck biddy share the same vibe in the same room. 

7. Set-up for Robbery/Murder - Level 7

This is the most dangerous of them all.

By now the guy has no clue of what's going on, unless he's the biggest simp in the world. This is when your "lady" becomes influenced by the guy(s) or gal(s) she's having sex with and starts to plot for your downfall.

At times she'll have you set up to be jumped and robbed by her fuck buddies or his friends. It can get so crucial that she might even plot for your demise. TV shows like Forensic Files have stories like churchgoing housewives caught trying to hire a hitman to kill their husband to cash in on the insurance money.

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