Wednesday, February 28, 2018

How to Avoid Drama from Couples in the Lifestyle

What's woody wood, grasshoppers?

Drama at parties usually occurs between couples and singles. Mainly because singles violate by not adhering to code of conduct like asking before touching and things of that nature. Sooooooo I decided to give folks an alley-oop before shit gets ugly at a party

1. Stay out the inbox if you already know your target is boo'd up

2. If you're a guy, approach the male of the couple, and if you're a chick, approach the female of the couple, for the okay to play with their significant other

3. Ask the person's status even if you think they're single

And if they lie about being single, it's not your fault (shit like that happens) 

4. Ask about, and know their rules

5. Respect their rules even if you think their rules are goofy

6. Don't kiss and tell in groups about how good (or bad) the sex was in the session

7. Avoid messy ass couples

8. Ask about their do's and don'ts 

9. The person in the couple is NOT your significant other

I've seen instances where singles, and couples, wanna claim someone else's main squeeze...LOL...smh

10. Interact and get to know the couple so they could get more comfortable with swapping or a single play

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