Monday, March 12, 2018

Sneak Preview from You, Me, Us, Them – Double Penetration

"Follow me, boys." Katt led them inside the guest house that already had a huge oval bed in the middle of the living room.
Rose petals led them from the door to the bed. Candlelights dimmed the room a shade away from complete darkness as the twins grabbed each side of her sleeves to undress her. The fishnet body suit was collar-less; exposing her shoulder and cleavage for easy access to take off. The twins grabbed a breast for themselves and sucked them until she got wet.
She palmed their heads while feeling chills simmer up and down her spine. Her toes tingled. Her wetness desired them. She backed away and pulled down their boxer drawers one-by-one. Breathing deep while fantasizing about taking them both. Dropping to her knees with both hands holding their dicks to slob back and forth. Fondling one of their balls while tongue wagging the other and flawlessly sucking the tip without teeth. She damn near made them cum from head.
One of the twins backed off.
"What's wrong? Too much?" She smiled and stood from her knees to crawl on the bed like a kitten.
Damien had spread her legs wide to eat the pussy while Dominick took turns with sucking her titties. Her senses pulled her in all directions. She was delirious. Melting from multiple hands feeling her up and down. Leaving no inch of her body untouched. Pampered by the fantasy of playing with twins ever since she laid eyes on them at a previous party. She finally got her wish and then some.
She got up and told one of the twins to, "Lean back."
She opened a pack of condoms and placed one inside her pussy. She gripped the condom and hopped on top of his stiffness. Rolling the latex down his cock without hands as he lied under her.
"Wow. Now that's talent." The twin couldn't believe his eyes while the brother below her was speechless.
"Come here, big boy." She beckoned the twin who made the comment over to them.
She gave him a blow job while riding his brother. She enjoyed the thick of his dick tapping her jaw while deep throating him. That wasn't enough to satisfy her freak-o-meter. She yearned for more. She spat his dick out her mouth and ordered him to, "Grab the lube and condom. I want you to fuck me in my ass. I'm feeling adventurous tonight."
The twin jumped off the bed and fished through his shorts to grab a condom. He enjoyed the sight of her riding his brother as he lubricated the latex. He hopped back on the bed and told her to "bend over," for him to slide in the asshole as she rode his brother wild.
He spat on her asshole and squeezed the tip of his dick. Wiggling his way in her starfish. Slow, steady, and gentle. Taking his time as her muscles relaxed from him not rushing to enter. He jerked in and out halfway inside so she could get used to him. Once her asshole molded itself to his size, he slipped all the way in the north star and matched his brother's rhythm.
As he thrust forward...
...his brother thrust upward.
"Oh wow." Her mouth widened from the sensation of them in both holes.
She got turned on from her body sandwiched between them. A never-ending euphoria that flipped the switch of sensitivity. Their sweat pressed against hers. Painting an aphrodisiac masterpiece on the flesh. She came on the strength of the twins manhandling the holes between her legs. Yelling for them to fuck her harder.
"You better not stop, you fucking bastard. Fuck me, motherfucker. Fuck me until you cum. If you don't, I'm telling everybody you can't fuck.!" She taunted the twins as she wished a third partner was there to shut her up with a dick in her mouth.
The twin on top repeatedly slapped her ass and grunted from the goodness that squeezed him virgin-tight. He spread her ass cheeks apart and lifted off his knees. Mounting over her froggystyle for deeper penetration while his brother below grabbed her waist to hold her still. Rabbit fucking her at the same rate as his brother.
She spoke in tongues with no control over her body.

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