Friday, August 24, 2012

Facebook Spammers

It’s been a hot minute since I blessed ya’ll with a post

I’ve been traveling…shaking hands and kissing babies #NoPedo


...which leads us to Facebook Spammers

Aaaaaaah yes…those pesky self promoters who want you to buy everything they have to offer

I rarely post about my books on Facebook or anywhere else on cyber space except for when I’m:


A) Throwing an event


B) Appearing as a guest on a radio show


Most of my Facebook friends already have my books or know I write for a living…posting links about my books is a waste of time…I’ll rather use that energy to talk about other things to create a demand for what I'm cooking up

There’s nothing like the good ol fashion way of marketing and promoting like hitting the streets…making a personal connection with readers is priceless…you’ll starve to death relying on the internet to eat…not saying you won’t make money, but don’t count your chickens before they hatch by putting all your eggs in one basket

I ignore shameless self promoters like dudes begging me for change when they’re rocking fresh Jordans…get the fuck outta my face with that shit, son!

To keep it funky with you, people are more likely to buy your product when OTHER PEOPLE talk about it…word of mouth works when the next man or woman big you up…NOT when you big yourself up

That’s why It’s important to tell your supporters to post, or at least talk about what you’re offering to the public to bring you more fans…the more people who “LIKE” the links, pictures or statuses they post about what you’re doing, the more people (who’s not on your friends list) will see your work

I got book sales that way…let other people do the dirty work for you…it sure beats annoying the hell outta people by dickriding your own shit

Aight, ya’ll…I’m out


Nah’Sun the Great

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