Sunday, August 5, 2012

Team Gator Bus Ride/Day Party to Club 40/40 Atlantic City

Abracadabra, my people

The good folks @ Team Gator are throwing a bus ride to Club 40/40 Atlantic City...the trip is $60 per get $20 cash back to get your gamble on at the Trump Casino...which means you get 20 dollars back once you get on the bus

$60 is due Friday, August 10th

Hit up Peoples @ 646-208-3334 or Bryant @ 917-204-7047 for ticket info

CLICK HERE to check out my review of the Mayweather/Cotto fight at a mansion party Team Gator had hosted in Connecticut a few months back

Promo video for the Day Party is below the flyer

Love...Peace...and SOOOOOOOOOOUL!!!

Nah'Sun the Griz-zate

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